Why I Settled on 9x19mm

I wanted to write a commentary like this for a long time. I am asked this question all the time in emails and phone calls about why I just do not carry a 1911 pistol like many other SMITHS.

I have owned quite a few 45 acp pistols in the past and I have never been impressed with ball ammunition the way these other people have. I think what cured me was about 35 years ago I had first hand experience at seeing a car door that was shot using a 45 acp ball cartridge, it made one large dent and nothing more. Having seen this and having put my life on the line carrying a 1911 pistol that jammed every other shot cured me once and for all.

Of course now I can make a 1911 design run flawlessly but I could not have done it 35 to 40 years ago. Also there has been a major advancement in bullet technology, which not only includes the projectile but the powder and quality cartridge cases and especially primers.

To this day many SMITHS do not even understand the need to work on the breech face and how critical the extractor is in every handgun. An extractor plays a very importantant part in the feeding cycle that many do not understand. I remember the famous FBI shooting in Miami many years ago and there would have been a different out come in my opinion had the Federal agents been allowed to carry and use the 9mm cartridges that are made today for Police work with the advanced bullet technology and hyper velocities that the new powders can achieve.

I carried and used all kinds of weapons and calibers, in the early days many people just carried 380acp ball ammo in their carry gun as there were many handguns chambered for that round. It was a poor choice then using ball ammo and it remains a very poor choice today.

My 9x19mm handgun is completely capable of settling an argument very quickly in a social encounter providing I do my part in placing the bullet in a vital area. I have had this discussion with some very influential people along with many famous gun writers.

My friend John Taffin still uses the SW 3913 that I did for him many years ago. John is the very last of the all time great gun writers of my generation as most have passed on like my good friend the late Tom Ferguson of Gun World fame.

Of the superb gun writers of todays generation my friend Stephen Camp does excellent write ups regarding evaluation of ammunition. I think that Steve is tops and he is a very honorable man. I could not imagine anyone doing better reviews on handguns and ammunition than Mr. Camp. http://www.hipowersandhandguns.com

A person must look at the current ballistics of todays 9x19mm cartridges such as made by Corbon and a few others. These 9mm cartidges of today have more foot pounds of energy than any 45 acp ball ammo, but do not take my word for it, check it out on your own.

It all started with Super Vel cartridges a very long time ago, but now things are even better because of the advancements that have been made. Of course the military is somewhat unhappy using the 9mm ball cartridge, their hands are tied, they are not allowed to use a hyper velocity cartridge like I do. I am convinced if they used a +P+ cartridge there outlook would be entirely different.

My favorite carry ammunition is the 100 grain Corbon bullet that is called Powerball. This specific load gives a velocity of 1475 feet per second and about 475 foot pounds of energy, I am going by memory so I know I am in the ball park. The reason I really like this performer is because the synthetic ball in the bullet insures reliable feeding.

I get a kick out of some of these macho old folks that just brag about their 45 acp ball ammo and how devastating it is, they really believe this as Jeff Cooper has been writing about the 45 caliber for as long as I can remember. Just read the current FBI reports about calibers vs one shot kills and you will be shocked.

I change with the times because I am open minded. "IT IS WHAT IT IS" and I can not change technology, that is the very reason I look to other industry product to see if it will apply to my world of refinement. Having a weapon that is not refined internally is not for me, but there are exceptions such as me carrying a NAA mini revolver that has been gone over by my friend Wayne Martin. Then I have complete faith in carrying a small revolver that I will never take apart.

At this time I know that the US Military is going to be looking at 45 acp pistols and that is fine if they could leave the politics out of the testing and final orders. You got to always remember that many lobbyist and people in power pray to a different G-D named Benjamin Franklin.

I am different as my soul is not for sale at any price.

I am quite pleased with my HK P7 M8 and my Glock 19 to carry anywhere. I have no reservations or afterthoughts about what it can do as long as I do my part regarding BULLET PLACEMENT. I hope you have liked this commentary and I am going to use this new blogger very often because its so reliable and the people are very nice.

Remember 9mm is readily available and that must be considered a major factor.
DISCLAIMER: This commentary reflects my personal viewpoint and opinions only.



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