Keep It Simple / 7-8-06

I live a very quiet life and my experience in working on handguns has taught me a great deal.  I have learned lessons through out the years that keeping things very simple and uncomplicated are best.  A prime example is John Brownings excellent design of his 1911 pistol and his Browning Hi Power.

You can really get into trouble if you stray to far from the basic design as so many people have in order for them to make more money.  Sadly its always about money,  most factory barrels are more accurate than you are.  Just browse through a Gunsmithing book of after market parts and you will see what I am talking about.  Many of these after market parts are quite good but there is not much truth when they say it just drops in.

I see no reason to look to improve something that is not broken.  On the other hand I can justify steel firing pins over “TITANIUM” firing pins.  Some important items have a great deal of merit.  I for one do not like ring or oval type hammers on a pistol.  With me being left handed I seldom use a safety and I rely on other safety measures to avoid an accidental discharge.

One of the very biggest mistakes many of you are making is the purchase of a used firearm over the internet where the owner claims its mint or new.  I see more people being lied to and taken all the time.  Unless you personally know the history of that particular gun you want to buy and or know the owner who bought it new,  I SUGGEST THAT YOU DO NOT BUY ANY FIREARM THAT IS USED,  SIGHT UNSEEN.  AS SMART AS YOU THINK YOU ARE,  YOU WILL BE TAKEN.

I know this internet has changed our way of life,  mine included,  but I never let it get out of hand.  With our world in such trouble and with the UN trying to erase your 2nd ammendment,  I suggest you concetrate on the basics of simplicity.

BEFORE you ever purchase a firearm find out about parts availability because unless you can buy parts you may just outsmart yourself and wind up with a paper weight.  I like Glocks and Beretta 92f’s for a high capacity property handgun.  Parts are available for both.  There are many people now carrying revolvers and they are quite popular even at this point in time.

I suggest you do not use any ammunition that is made with STEEL CASES as you may find it can ruin your breech face and or chip your extractor.  Your life is too valuable to take chances,  there are no bargains in the end.  Keep your guns clean as your life depends on it and get a good supply of Militec metal conditioner.


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