This is 1939

I have been trying to tell all of you for a very long time that this is the beginning of the end as we know it. It certainly is not the end of the World but as per Bible Prophecy things are going to change.

I want you to ask yourself if you were G-D and looked down at this world you created and saw what was going on how would you feel and what would you do ??

This has been going on for years and it can not keep going on like this. To me this is the prelude to Nazi Germany invading Poland, and this is just the very beginning. In WW II there was no way the AXIS powers were able to attack the United States and do much damage.

BUT at this point in time things have changed, now 3 or 4 people can take out 3 or 4 million in the blink of an eye. America has become a paper tiger because of the liberal mindset, they will only learn when its too late. We have already been infiltrated and no one but a select few care.

Its daily life as usual here in America because they can not see the forest for the trees. They are so used to the good life they do not and can not imagine it ever changing. Its the older generation of people like me that really understand and are prepared to defend the constitution of the United States. These younger people have no clue what the constitution really is or means.

To some including members of the government it is just another piece of paper. The largest well armed citizens in the world are the AMERICAN PEOPLE that own 120 million rifles, 70 million handguns, 3 million assault rifles.

Any invading FOREIGN MILITARY coming up through the heartland of America from Panama or Mexico are going to be facing older men and women with very well made rifles used for deer hunting and the finest optics this world has to offer is on many of these rifles.

American sportsman and hunters are not confined to using Geneva approved ammunition, they are going to use the best ammunition that technology and money can buy. Actually this very scenario is what has kept us free. Our freedom is being erroded very slowly and I hope I never live to see it.

The young Americans today on the average do not even know who the Vice President of the United States is. They do not even know who the Secretary of Defense or State is, and the real sad part is that they DO NOT CARE, BUT THEY WILL…

I am suggesting you get your affairs in order and stock your supplies but do not broadcast it on these mindless forums. I really do not know why I try so hard to help people that hate me, they just do not understand.

I am very honest and my work although limited is second to none in quality. We are now in the worst state of world affairs than at any time in my lifetime. In my religion the Moshiac (messiah) can not come until Persia (IRAN) is defeated and that will happen one way or another.

Open your Bible and read ISAIAH chapter 17, verse 1 and see what is says about Damascus, Syria. This has never happened before but it will.

I will continue to write my commentaries on my different bloggers and if you want to find more about what I have written do a google search on Teddy Jacobson.

SEAL YOUR PRIMERS and thanks for reading my commentaries.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and viewpoints expressed are mine alone.


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