Paper Tigers

In a world of compromise I will not.

There can never be a negotiated peace unless there is a defined loser as in WW II when Germany and Italy and Japan surrendered unconditionally.

We had leaders then that fought to win at all costs. We no longer have any Winston Churchills or General Pattons or Presidents like Harry Truman, The list is endless such as General McArthur and General Bradley, sadly the Teddy Roosevelts are long gone.

Our current leaders in both parties are too busy with their personal agendas and its you and me that will eventuall pay the real price. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Israel has been taken over by inferior leaders that have sold their people out, I have a lot of family over there and the major war has not even started yet. The Bible tells it all if you would bother to read it.

In Isaiah Chapter 17, verse 1 it says that Damascus wil be a ruinus heap and will ceast to exist. This has never happened yet but it will. There are so many things I could quote from the Scriptures that are coming very soon but most people do not care.

The average American is only concerned about what will he or she do tonight, what DVD will they watch or where will they go for dinner or what ever. We have bred a nation of Fools. I have no answers as this trend has been started so many years ago it will take an acute attack on us again for people to recognize that there is no way out of what is coming.

We are spread too thin as a military force to handle much more, its all coming to a head. We have some very fine dedicated soldiers and they like all soldiers are trained to kill, but the politicians do not back them up. I am not going to go into real deatail but just check out all the soldiers that are being falsely accused for war crimes and being held in San Diego, Ca.

This problem with IRAN and SYRIA will not go away, they want us all dead. You will either fight them now or you will fight them later. Its your choice. It will be easier now before they get nukes that can be delivered thousands of miles.

I have lived in the best of times, but those days are long gone. We are known to cut and run through out the world because of our previous leadership. Most of Islam does not respect us as a nation of fighters, instead they all think we are a paper tiger. ARE THEY RIGHT ?? I will let you answer that question.

The American people are the best equipped army with excellent small arms of the world. When and not if they attack us they will have a terrible price to pay from the American people that are still Patriots in defense of our liberty and the protection of the constitution of the United States.

We should have closed our borders 20 or 30 or 40 years ago, now its too late because our enemies are here and they already, in my opinion only have their weapons here to be used against us.

I could go on and on and on but its of no use because not many of you want to listen to reality.  If you do not own a firearm you will become a victim,  its as simple as that.  There is no reason to tell anyone what you have in order for your very survival.  JUST GO AHEAD AND GET YOUR SUPPLIES NOW.


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