Amona Down – Now Olmert needs to go down.
Written on 02/01/06 at 19:54:18 EST by TooJewish
EditorialsThe Sharonian Occupied state of Israel, under the Gestapo-like “Leadership(?)” of Ehud Olmert has once again turned against the Jews of Israel and used violence to further their political agenda.

Olmert proved once again, but without as much style and class that the Sharonian Occupier still lives on when he and the rest of the traitors in IL had the Police instigate confrontations with the Citizens living in Amona.

The actions of Olmert prove he is not the same Olmert who was Mayor of Jerusalem but now a sold-out fool who shouldn’t be washing the Knesset floors but somehow is in there “running things”.

Sharon had something Olmert will never have.  As much as I can say Sharon turned traitor to Israel before he was stricken with his stroke, he did it in such a way that you cant really blame him.
Sharons reign as Prime Minister proved that a minimum of 90% of the politicians in Israel are dirty and corrupt.
When things looked bad, he would change dance partners and keep the government together with promises and lies.
As Sharon ran the country and the country started to turn against him, he played the political game as a champ and even though he should have been thrown out of the Knesset and arrested for all of the illegal actions he is guilty of, such as the backroom money deals, casino agreements, theft of property.  Lieing to the citizens of Israel and Stealing Jewish land to give it over to our Hitlerite Hamitic Enemy.

Sharon being a traitor doesn’t feel so bad because he didn’t do it alone.
He managed to show the Israeli people who aren’t blind, and the rest of the world just how pathetic the “polticians” in Israel are.
Its not enough he played one end on the other, and had interlopers amongst all parties playing his game, taking control of the country in an unfair and incorrect manner.

He even had the nerve to go public with this when he formed the Kadima Party!!!!

Look at Kadima?  What is it???  a Group of “Ideological Centrists” who came together from the other government groups to move Israel forward into a brighter day?

NO!!!  Kadima is the spotlight on political corruption in Israel.  The major players who were all working against the Jewish people and against Israel as a country all now formed PUBLICLY under one umbrella of “power”???

Sharon, during a little meeting with Peres falls ill and ends up with a 2nd stroke…
Makes one wonder…  Peres at it again?  c’mon man, dont be so obvious when you play your old “Rabin” games again!!!

Who ends up in charge?  Ehud “the Hood” Olmert.

A once respected mayor, now a disrespected joke. Olmert has now proven himself a traitor to the Jewish people by his antisemitic actions of backing the enemies of Israel above protecting his own citizens, as well as his anti-Jewish actions of removing Jewish people from Jewish land and destroying Jewish property Illegally.
But thats OK…  Cause Olmert here can just get the den of vile snake traitors…  you know, the Supreme Court to rubber-stamp anything these traitors want to happen.

What the last while has shown is that Olmert is no leader but a sad follower.  Only problem is he now has noone to follow and is not worthy or capable to lead.

The current Government of Israel is a sham and must be crushed.  Only problem I see now is, when will the rest of Israel wake up and see the folley of the way of the traitors in power and get rid of these low-lives?

A Free and Jewish Israel must be Strong and proud to be “Israel, the Heart and Soul of the Jewish People”.
And not just the “Israel” of today filled with “Israeli’s” and not proud Jewish citizens who understand what is correct.

Olmert a leader?  no thanks, even BiBi is better then this!!!

Israel needs a revolution, the Citizens need to stand up and say, enough is enough, we are Jewish and Strong and will crush anyone that comes to kill our citizens.
Then the true battle will begin for the Jewish soul when Israel Judifies itself and actually decides to fight in the “right” and not bend over the rear to the “left” like the traitors are doing today.

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