The Erev Rav Reveals its Ugly


The gruesome images on the left reflect the barbaric behavior of the goons sent by the government on February 1st 2006 to mercilessly beat up the heroic Jews who were defending nine homes in Amona.

Sixty years have past since the last recorded pogrom in 1946 against Jews in Kielce, Poland. Forty two Jews were killed during what is considered the last pogrom in Europe. A number of Polish army officers and security officers are known to have taken part in the attacks. The fact that after the horrors of the Holocaust were revealed in all their hellish details, anti-Semitic Poles could still lust for Jewish blood — is shocking. (For details of that pogrom click here).

Even more shocking though, is the Amona pogrom of 2006. This pogrom will be etched in the historical annals of Jewish suffering. It is  the very first time in recorded history that a pogrom was carried out by Jews against Jews. An historic event of this magnitude no doubt must have been alluded to in our holy books.

Following are 3 amazing prophecies.

1. From the Book of Daniel: Just prior to the Redemption the Israeli government will become increasingly evil and cruel.

2. From the Zohar: The Israeli government, led by the Erev Rav, will bring Hamas to power, and will be led by a pack of thugs.

3. From the Midrash: The Israeli government just prior to the Redemption will be led by a man named Olmert.

You are of course skeptical that all these details were known to our prophets and sages thousands of years ago. Please read on.

First let us deal with the fact that the Arabs of the Islamic faith occupying our lands in Gaza, Yehudah and Shomron have democratically elected the monsters of Hamas to lead them.

Many have commented that this is a positive development. They postulate that now there will be no pressure from the US, the EU, the UN etc. on the Israeli government to relinquish parts of our homeland to our sworn enemies. Perhaps now the supporters of Oslo will awaken to their tragic mistake and realize that through all the concessions we have made and through all the painful hellish suffering our people have endured since the signing of Oslo, we have only hardened our enemies and intensified their hatred.

Wake up my dear brothers and sisters, and righteous Gentiles. I assure you nothing will change! In fact, the Israeli government will continue its race towards granting the evil occupiers of Yesha statehood, parts of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount with uninhibited zeal.

Some childish gimmick will be devised so that the Israeli government can save face. Hamas will be asked to babble some meaningless words about a temporary truce and the march of disgrace will continue. First the Erev Rav government will evict another 80,000 from their homes in the Yehudah and Shomron. Then they will proceed towards dividing Jerusalem. Finally, they will achieve their end-goal of granting Islam full control of the Temple Mount.

The reason is very simple. As we explained in our small book “The Erev-Rav, 3000 Years of Treachery”, the motives of the Israeli government and the Western world in promoting a ‘Palestinian’ state have nothing to do with peace. Therefore even as it becomes abundantly clear that this process will only bring more suffering and death to Jews, nothing will change.

In Daniel Chapter 12 we read: “Things will become clear and in the open. Many will be refined, but the wicked will be even more wicked.” According to the Kabbalists (see Zohar Book 3:153b) this means that at the time just preceding the Redemption regular Jews (and righteous Gentiles) will become more refined. The Erev Rav however will become even more evil, and their wickedness will be fully revealed.

As explained in the aforementioned book, the Erev Rav were converts who joined the Jewish people just as they were leaving Egypt. The Erev Rav numbered in the millions! According to our sages they were not sincere and continually caused the Jews to rebel against G-d. They were responsible for the most grievous sin the Jews were ever involved with, the sin of the Golden Calf. They were also the driving force behind every major movement within Judaism to undermine our commitment to G-d and His Torah. They are power-hungry, selfish opportunists who seek power and glory at all costs, and will stop at nothing to attain their goals.

According to the Zohar and the Holy Ari, (the two most important sources of Jewish mysticism), some souls of the Erev Rav return in every generation to harass the Jews. However,  just prior to the redemption the original Erev Rav will return in full force to seize control of the Jewish people. Their goal is to delay the coming of Moshiach as long as possible. This is because after Moshiach comes they will be stripped of power forever. One of their methods is to keep the Temple Mount out of Jewish hands so that the Third Temple cannot be rebuilt.

They accomplish their goals through falsehood and deceit, convincing the Jews that they are friends seeking their well being. This is explained in detail by the great Gaon of Vilna in a book authored by his disciple Rabbi Hillel of Shklov called Kol Hator, recently republished in Jerusalem. (The book is available in English online here and here.)

Now for a little history. The Zionist movement began to take on serious momentum in the mid 1880s. Many Jews lost their lives in government sponsored pogroms. These vicious attacks convinced even secular Jews that no matter how much they try to shed their Jewishness and assimilate with the non Jews they will never be safe and always be hated.

The Erev Rav saw this as the perfect opportunity to seize power. Their motive in encouraging Aliyah to the Holy Land had nothing to do with the holiness of the Promised Land. They felt like real losers in Russia. After they tried to gain power and prestige by acting like non Jews, they realized that the non-Jewish anti-Semitic populous was not interested in sharing power with the Jew. So they had to seek other avenues to satisfy their egocentric drives.

Religious Jews who yearned to return to their ancient homeland for spiritual reasons were fooled into forming an alliance with these secular Zionists. They felt they can work together for a common goal. Little did they realize that their respective motives were diametrically opposed. Torah oriented Jews were seeking to enhance their relationship with G-d on the holy soil of Eretz Yisroel. Erev Rav quasi-Jews desired to have their own country where they would have control and power.

After a full and productively evil life of about 120 years, the mask has been removed from the Erev-Rav. In the very week in which every synagogue in the world reads the Torah portion which introduces us to the Erev Rav (in the portion of Bo, Exodus 12:38), the clothes have been removed to reveal the ugly nakedness of secular Zionism. In Amona G-d’s holy people faced the cruel worshipers of the Golden Calf, the Egyptian god of power and tyranny.

Should you ask: How can we know for certain  that acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Police Chief Moshe Karadi, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, and everyone else involved in the decision to initiate the pogrom in Amona, including, of course the actual behemoths in police uniform who perpetrated it — are indeed from the Erev Rav? Don’t real Jews have free choice as well? Can’t a full-fledged Jew choose to be cruel?

The answer is: No. Jews can choose to do all sorts of bad things. We are not angels. We have free choice. But a full-fledged Jew cannot be cruel to another Jew. The Talmud (Beitza 32b) tells of a certain Jew named Shabsi who traveled to a village in Babylon and asked the Jews there for some food. They refused to help him. The Talmud continues “It is clear that these people are from the Erev Rav because scripture states (Deuteronomy 13:18) ‘I will give you compassion’. Thus one who shows compassion is from the children of Abraham. One who does not have compassion is not from the children of Abraham.” Now, if denying food to a Jewish stranger is enough to determine one’s genealogy from the Erev Rav, then mercilessly beating children, women and elderly Jews for defending their homes is a screaming testimony to one’s lack of a real Jewish soul.

Let us return to the recent electoral victory of Hamas. It was the Erev Rav that actually brought Hamas to power. From the beginning of Oslo it was clear that no ‘Palestinian’ leader has any true desire to stop the terror. Not Arafat, not Abu Mazen, and surely not Hamas. Why should they? In spite of all the tough Israeli talk, from Shamir until Sharon about not giving in to terror, that is exactly what they all did. The Arabs know that. The Israeli leaders know that. And of course, you and I know that. It is only the brainwashed Israeli public that doesn’t see it.

Sign reads: Every demolished (Jewish) home is a victory for Hamas!

Every Israeli concession was accurately viewed by the ‘Palestinians’ as a victory of terror. Obviously the ‘Palestinian’ masses would vote for the party which openly vows to continue the path which has brought them such impressive gains.

Prior to Oslo only extreme left wing lunatics spoke of a ‘Palestinian’ state. After thousands of Jews were murdered and seriously maimed everyone from the US right wing president to the hawks of the Liked are conceding to the inevitability of such a terrorist state. Obviously terror works. A five year old could have predicted the outcome of these recent elections.

In the Zohar (Book 1, 25a) we find: “During the fourth and final exile the Erev Rav will be powerful leaders. They will bring the weapons of ‘Hamas’ over the Jews. Regarding this development scripture states: ‘The Land is full of Hamas because of them (Genesis 6:11)’. They (i.e., these members of the Erev Rav who are currently the leaders of Israel) are Amalekites.” (Amalek is the most evil nation on Earth slated for complete obliteration after Moshiach comes).


Wicked one! Why do you smite a fellow Jew?! (Exodus 2:13)

The simple meaning of the Zohar is that the Erev Rav are ruthless thugs. Hamas is Hebrew means violent thievery. By forcibly destroying the homes and businesses of almost 10,ooo Jews, with explicit plans to do the same to another 80,000 Jews currently living in Yehudah and Shomron, the Israeli government takes its seat amongst history’s cruel and evil dictatorships. Tyrannical dictators like Stalin robed countless Soviet citizens of their homes and livelihood. Sharon did the same. And Olmert vows to continue in their footsteps. But one can not ignore the clear reference to this government’s achievement in bringing ‘Hamas’ to power.

I find it fascinating that the name of the current leader of the Erev Rav has also been revealed to us by our sages. There is an ancient Midrashic text that is at least a thousand years old. It is called “The Book of Elijah”. It was first published in Saloniki 1743, and recently in Bet haMidrash (Jellinek) and in Otzer Midrashim (Eisenstein).

There we read that the leader at the End of Days will be either Romulus, or Tarmelo.

As explained in the book “The Erev Rav”, Armilus who is the Anti-Messiah (Targum Yonaton to Isaiah 11:4. Pirkei Heicholot 40) is the Spiritual Guardian of the Erev Rav (Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna in Kol Hator).

Armilus, the Hebraic form of Romulus (200+40+10+30+60=340), was the founder of Rome (Edom).

Romulus shares the same numeric value as Peres (80+200+60=340). Shimon Peres is the creator, nurturer and zealous worrier for the current process of unilateral concessions to unrepentant terrorists.

Tarmelo, spelled in Hebrew backwardsis Olimert!

Now you understand everything.  This opportunistic leader of the Erev Rav who seeks nothing other than power is willing to finance Hamas (hundreds of millions of shekels in customs and tax revenues were transferred to the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority), and give them Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. He ignores thousands of Arab violations of illegal building and ignores the rockets flying out of Gaza. Yet at the same time Olmert-Tarmilo is busy sending his goons against the heroic Jews whose lives are permeated with love of Torah and Eretz Yisroel.

In his drunken quest for power he believes that just as Sharon’s support jumped after cruelly evicting 10,000 Jews from their beautiful communities in Gush Katif, he too will score points by cracking Jewish skulls and breaking the hands and feet of our brothers and sisters in Amona.

The very same leaders who convinced Pharaoh to kill all Jewish babies in Egypt for fear that the Jewish leader will strip them of power (as elaborated upon in the above mentioned book) are back again viciously attacking Jews to satiate their lust for power.

To end on a positive note I will share another insight from the Talmud (Shabbat 119b):

“Says Rava, Jerusalem was destroyed because there were no Anshe Amona (people with firm trust in G-d). As the prophet declares ‘Wander through the streets of Jerusalem! Look around, take note, and search her streets, if you can find anyone who acts justly and places their trust in G-d, I will forgive her (Jeremiah 5:1)’.”

Jerusalem was destroyed and we were plunged into this long and bitter Exile due to the lack of people with true faith and trust in G-d. We, on the other hand, will shortly leave our state of Exile and behold the new Jerusalem with our glorious ThirdTemple in her midst thanks to the Anshe Amona, the heroic, G-d fearing Jews who courageously tried to defend Amona from the goons of the Erev Rav.

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