Is Yesha Israeli-Occupied  Territory
Or Jewish Liberated Land?

(Originally published by JTF.ORG on September 29, 2004) Surrounded by little Arab boys acting as his human shields, an Arab Muslim Nazi terrorist sets a roadside bomb in Yesha (September 9, 2004)

A makeshift Jewish antitank gun from Israel’s 1948 War of Independence – Vastly outnumbered and armed with a handful of antiquated weapons, Israel beat back seven gigantic Arab armies bent on her annihilation

Last week, JTF documented how the Arab world has waged a relentless war of Islamic terrorist genocide against tiny Israel; how Israel in self-defense liberated the Sinai and the Gaza District from Muslim Nazi Egypt in 1956; how Israel – under intense U.S. and Soviet pressure – retreated from the Sinai and the Gaza District in 1957 in exchange for international guarantees and international protection; how the international guarantees and international protection proved worthless as murderous Muslim terrorism escalated until the entire Arab world started a war to destroy Israel in 1967; and how the Arab and Muslim dictators publicly boasted before the whole world that the Arab-Muslim goal is the extermination of Israel and a holocaust against all Israeli Jews. (See JTF’s September 22, 2004 article, Is Yesha Israeli-Occupied Territory or Jewish Liberated Land? (Part 1).)

On May 30, 1967, King Hussein of Jordan – who was always described by self-hating Jews as a “moderate” Muslim dictator – went to Cairo to sign a military pact with Egypt. In the military agreement, Jordan promised to join the all-out Arab war to destroy little Israel.

On May 31st, the Egyptian regime-controlled newspaper Al Achbar bluntly described the Egyptian-Jordanian agreement:

“Under terms of the military agreement signed with Jordan, Jordanian artillery, coordinated with the forces of Egypt and Syria, is in a position to cut Israel in two at Kalkilya, where Israeli territory between the Jordan armistice line and the Mediterranean Sea is only 12 kilometers [7.5 miles] wide…. The military encirclement of Israel by Arab forces … bears out Ben Gurion’s fear that Israel could yet find herself in the vise of a nutcracker.”

The whole world supports the murderous Arab Muslim Nazis and their Muslim Nazi allies, all of whom are dedicated to Israel’s extermination
The map zooms out to show Israel as a tiny island of Jews surrounded by a vast ocean of enemies who will not bear her presence in their midstOn June 4th, Iraq joined the Egypt-Jordan-Syria military alliance to annihilate Israel.

On May 31, 1967, Iraqi dictator Aref declared:

“The existence of Israel is an error which must be rectified. This is our opportunity to wipe out the ignominy which has been with us since 1948. Our goal is clear – to wipe Israel off the map.”

Quoting from Muslim scripture, Jordan’s “moderate” Muslim Nazi dictator King Hussein told his troops to “kill the Jews wherever you find them. Kill them with your hands, your nails and your teeth.”

Facing an Egyptian naval blockade – which, by itself, is a clear declaration of war; facing huge Arab armies marching on her tiny borders; facing constant murderous Islamic terrorist attacks; facing a tightening noose of large Arab military alliances; and facing an Arab and Islamic world openly proclaiming that they would “push the Jews into the sea” and “finish Hitler’s job,” little Israel finally struck preemptively against Egypt and Syria on June 5, 1967.

However, Israel did not strike preemptively against Muslim Nazi Jordan because the self-hating Jews wanted to give King Hussein, the “moderate” Muslim dictator, a chance to stay out of the war.

But Jordan immediately attacked Israel on June 5th. The “moderate” King Hussein gave his army the following “moderate” Nazi orders:

“Kill the Jews wherever you find them. Kill them with your hands, your nails and your teeth.”

Syrian Muslim Nazi dictator Hafez Assad (r.) gave his troops the same marching orders as those given to the Jordanian Muslim Nazis: “Kill the Jews wherever you find them!” – Nevertheless, the Israeli army defeated the Syrian one and liberated the precipitous and strategic Golan Heights

Documents found on Jordanian soldiers who were killed or captured during the war showed that they were given explicit orders by King Hussein to exterminate all Israeli Jews. In every Israeli city or town that Jordanian soldiers captured, they were ordered to immediately murder every Jewish man, woman and child.

The same Nazi orders were given to the soldiers of Egypt, Syria and all other Arab nations.

However, Arab Nazi soldiers never captured any Israeli cities or towns. G-d protected tiny Israel and enabled her to win the most spectacular triumph since the miracles of Biblical times.

On the first day of the war, the heroic Israeli Air Force completely destroyed the entire Egyptian Air Force before Egyptian jet fighters ever got off the ground.

In just six days, Israel liberated the entire Sinai Peninsula, Judea, Samaria, the Gaza District, the Golan Heights and the sacred city of Jerusalem.

Israel quadrupled in size in only six days in a war in which she was outnumbered 70 to 1!

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan in 1967 – Dayan, with the eyepatch, is sitting next to Yitzchak Rabin, an alcoholic who was suspended as Israel’s Chief of Staff on the verge of the Six Day War after suffering a nervous breakdown

The world could not believe it.

A Gentile journalist asked Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Dayan if this was not a great miracle.

Dayan, a typical self-hating Jew, replied:

“What miracle? It was the Israeli army.”

It was this type of arrogant refusal to give HaShem (G-d) the credit that eventually led to Israel being attacked in the 1973 Yom Kippur War as Heavenly punishment for Jewish disbelief.

But putting aside the evil views of self-hating Jews like Moshe Dayan and Ariel Sharon, there is no doubt that tiny Israel’s courageous and noble struggle to survive against impossible odds is the most just cause in the annals of human history.

The entire world supports the Arab Muslim war to destroy Israel. Even America constantly pressures Israel to make suicidal concessions. America’s official position is and always has been that little Israel does not even have a right to her own capital city of Jerusalem.

Because of Arab oil, Arab petrodollar investments in Western countries, and the desire to appease 1.3 billion hateful Muslims, the entire world is constantly scheming to get Israel to create an independent PLO terrorist state in Yesha – which would be national suicide for the Jewish State, G-d forbid.

The Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat looked forward to exterminating Israel in 1967

Never have so many done so much to destroy so few. And yet HaShem Yitbarach (G-d Blessed Be He) saves us from their wicked schemes for thousands of years.

Our worst enemy is the fifth column of self-hating Jews who control the Israeli Government, Israeli politics, the Israeli news media and the rest of the Israeli Bolshevik Establishment.

Just as the worst enemy of America is the fifth column of “New World Order” Bolsheviks who control the U.S. Government, U.S. politics, the U.S. news media and the rest of the U.S. Bolshevik Establishment.

A Jewish mother kissed her children after they survived a shelling attack from Syria in 1957

G-d will not spare America or Israel from horrific disaster unless we – righteous Jews and righteous Gentiles – join together to stand up for justice.

Justice demands that we proclaim that little Israel liberated Yesha in a war of self-defense against Arab Muslim Nazi genocide.

Justice demands that we support the heroic Jews of Israel against the Arab Muslim Nazi jackals who seek the annihilation of all non-Muslims.

Justice demands that we fight to make America energy independent so that we no longer subsidize the Arab Muslim Nazi terrorist war to destroy all of us.

For decades, the Soviet Union built military equipment and donated it to the Arabs to help them in their war of extermination against tiny Israel – The nameplate of an Arab tank captured in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, which inflicted grievous losses on Israel, revealed its Soviet manufacture

Justice demands that we push to get the U.S. or Israeli Air Force to immediately destroy all Iranian Muslim Nazi nuclear reactors, laboratories and factories before the Iranian Islamic terrorists develop nuclear bombs that will murder millions of innocent Christians and Jews, G-d forbid.

Justice demands that we end all U.S. foreign aid to Israel immediately so that Israel will become self-sufficient and truly independent, and so that the Jewish State will no longer be vulnerable to pressure from “New World Order” politicians in Washington.

Most of all, justice demands that we declare that the Bible – not the evil United Nations – is our “road map” in the Middle East: the Land of Israel – from the Nile to the Euphrates – was given to the Jewish people by Al-mighty G-d as part of an eternal covenant that all Jews and righteous Gentiles must uphold.

What the world sees (r.) and what it does not – or will not – see (l.) – The Jews of Israel are called “occupiers” and “aggressors” and are accused of “murdering children” by a world which does not or will not see the truth – that the war of Arab Muslim Nazi genocide against the tiny Jewish homeland was started and is continued by the Arab Muslim Nazis themselves, who have no qualms about slaughtering their own children as long as Jews are murdered with them

There is no “Israeli-occupied territory.” Yesha is G-d-given Jewish liberated land.

There is no “West Bank.” G-d in the Bible calls the sacred Jewish territory west of the Jordan River, Judea and Samaria.

When the New York Nazi Times and the rest of the Jew-hating Bolshevik news media both in America and in Israel claim that Israel “seized” Jerusalem or the Golan Heights in the 1967 war, we must correct their vicious twisting of history.

If genuine right-wing Jews in Israel win seats in the Israeli Knesset in the next election, Israeli Jews will finally hear the uncompromising truth about the justice of little Israel’s noble struggle to survive against an Arab Muslim Nazi world that is irreversibly committed to a new holocaust against the Jewish people.

Only the Hilltop Youth stand for Jewish justice, honor, truth, faith, morality and decency in the face of monstrous Nazi evil.

JTF is proud to be the main U.S. fundraiser for the Hilltop Youth.

Which is why we strongly urge our many loyal readers – both Jews and righteous Gentiles – to immediately do the following four things:

The flag of tiny Israel flies in 1948 against the backdrop of a hate-filled Arab Muslim Nazi mosque

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