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Friday, April 20, 2007

Leaving Lavan’s House before it falls

This is a short post before Shabbat to answer some questions on where is Lavan’s house. There are two countries whose flags are red, white, and blue on which the white prevents the red from uniting as one. Those two countries are the United States and Great Britain. The red on the flags is Edom. The white is either the pure and decent people that make up the country which prevent Edom from completely devouring Ya’akov in the countries, or it is Lavan the Aramean who also desires to devour Ya’akov. The blue is both the Ya’akov that lives there in exile and the desire of both countries to have the blessings that G-d bestowed on ancient Israel. Now that America’s national version of former Louisianna Governor Huey Long, former President Bill “Dog Face” Clinton, has served his full eight year term, the white on America’s flag now fully represents the “House of Lavan” with whom Edom must unite in America in order to be elected. While the two Gogs that have been elected are surely from the House of Edom (Gog Sr. as Esau himself and Gog Jr. as Eliphaz, his son). Slick Willy was surely from the House of Lavan, maybe the reincarnate of the old slickmeister himself. (Thank you to Rush Limbaugh for the nickname Slick Willy.) Now that the Hilly Billy show wants to return to the White House in the person of Ov and Yidoni expert, Hillary Clinton, who communes with the souls of Eleanor Roosevelt and other prehistoric feminists, the House of Lavan wants to return to power in the White House (the House of Lavan).

It is now time to leave the protection of the House of Lavan on Ya’akov Avinu’s two year journey home. The descending value of the gurgling dollar will make it more and more difficult to leave the guilded American cage. It is now gurgling because in the Spring of the 20th year of Ya’akov Avinu’s presence in the House of Lavan, he was told to go home. It took him two years to get there, but he started on his way that fateful Spring. Twenty years ago the first Intafada broke on the world scene during the last declining year of the Reagan Administration. Gog Sr. as VP took control of his ailing from Alzheimer’s disease boss’s foreign policy to use the Intafada as a whip against the Jews of the Holy Land. A year later the gilgul of Esau himself, Gog Sr., became President and immediately recognized Yassir Arafat as the “elected” ha ha leader of the peaceful Palestinian oppressed folk. When Ya’akov wanted to leave Lavan’s house six years earlier, Lavan himself informed him that a significant amount of Lavan’s fortune came from Ya’akov Avinu’s presence in his midst. When Ya’akov left Lavan’s house, Aram became a second rate economic power. By the time the Hilly Billy show or the Barack Obama show comes to power in America, this could very well be America’s fate again.

The dollar is gurgling. The shekel because it is so dependent on the American broken reed will also gurgle, but as we approach Esau and Amalek (Gog W. as Eliphaz and the Euro and Iran as Amalek) one more time to escort them to Mount Seir for their final judgement, starting this Fall after Yom Kippur, the eye of HaShem will rest on the Land of Israel with his Divine protection forever. Amen!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Fall of the House of Lavan

I spoke with Reb Lazer Brody today. I told him about my writer’s block, and how I have swung from one situation of high anxiety to another over the last month. He has set me straight with a strong dose of emunah and bitachon (faith and trust in HaShem). Somehow everything that is pressing on me at this time will work itself out if I connect to the Infinite. I have decided to press onwards before people start pelting me with stones for my absence. I have decided to press onwards, but first of all I want to apologize to my readers for my delays in writing. I have promised, and I have not delivered. I will try to rectify this now. I am going to the States for three weeks in about ten days to visit my family. What a time to be going, just before the onset of the intensification of Gog UMagog here in Eretz Yisrael. During that three week hiatus I will hardly be able to write anything extensive. So I better write now.

The principle thing to remember at this time is that our greatest key towards success during our final teshuvah efforts before the world turns topsyturvey is emunah and bitachon. It is the key to happiness when so much that we think that we can control is turning upside down. It is also the key to our ultimate ability to function on all of our cylinders when the external circumstances in our lives do not go our way and spiral out of our control. I will try to implement this more on a personal level and remind others that as chaos begins to reign even in “stable” America, you will need to start functioning like Israelis who live with chaos on a daily basis. For instance, we are now in the throes of one our annual rites of passage, this year’s week-long postal strike. As the dollar continues to plummet, I am sure that Americans will soon need to adjust to their new Israeli life-style. Better do it with emunah and bitachon than do it like the unhealthy Israeli who does without such ties to his Creator.

Enough said. How has the Full Remembrance of Ya’akov affected you? You are probably saying that it seems like nothing permanent has really changed. If you said this you would be really wrong and out of tune with your spiritual environment. You might say that the British hostages were let go, and the crisis with Iran petered out into a whimper. Yet, if you think for one minute that the British are going back to life as it existed before the capture of their seamen, you would be wrong. To understand what is happening we must consult the Zohar on this subject on a page that this blogsite has often quoted before. Back toVaYera 119a.

Rav Shimon discusses the following verse: ‘And I will remember my covenant with Ya’akov and also my covenant with Yitzkhak, and also my covenant with Avraham will I remember, and I will remember the Land (of Israel)’ (Lev. 26:42). “The name Ya’akov,” he said, “is written in full with a letter Vav. For what reason? In the first place as an allusion to the grade of Wisdom, the realm where Ya’akov dwells. But the chief reason is because the passage speaks of the exile of Israel, intimating that the redemption of Israel will come about through the mystic force of the letter Vav, namely, in the 6th millenium, and, more precisely, after six seconds and a half thereof. In several previous writings including the Seceret of the Vav in Hashem’s name, I discussed with you how that year was 5666 (1906), more precisely on the Seventh Day of Pesach after noon. The historical event of that year was the establishment of Seudat HaMashiach on the last day of Pesach, which outside the land of Israel is the eighth day of Pesach. This establishment was by the Rebbe Reshab of Lubavitch.

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