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Sheik Hassan Nasrallah of the Islamic terror gang Hezballah spews his Muslim venom against a backdrop of the Lebanese flag

Beirut, the Lebanese capital, burns during Muslim “holy war” – Click on the image or here for last week’s article on Lebanon
The Arab Hitler Yasser Arafat
preaches slaughter in Lebanon

Last week, we described how Lebanon was created by the French colonialists as a haven for Christian victims of Islamic Nazi persecution; how Lebanon’s Christian majority enthusiastically supported Islamic terrorism to appease the Arab Muslim world and to be accepted as fellow Arabs by the Muslims; how the huge Muslim birthrate turned Lebanon’s Christian majority into a Christian minority; and how the Lebanese Muslims and their PLO terrorist allies then started exterminating the Christians. (See What Happened To Lebanon Can Happen To America And Israel (Part 1) from our JTF.ORG web site of April 6, 2005.)

In Lebanon’s horrific civil war, which raged from 1975 to 1982, over 300,000 Christian men, women and children were slaughtered by the Lebanese Muslims and their PLO and Syrian allies.

A Lebanese Christian victim of Islamic terrorism is dragged by a car near Beirut’s Holiday Inn (March 1976)
Yasser Arafat in Beirut with the Lebanese army (1976)

The Lebanese Muslims, the PLO terrorists and the Syrian Nazi army quickly overran Christian neighborhoods, towns and villages in the first half of 1982.

Lebanese Christian leaders pleaded with America, Europe, the UN and the Vatican to intervene on their behalf. But just as we have witnessed during so many other holocausts in history, the whole world watched in utter silence as Lebanese Christians were being systematically slaughtered. No one lifted a finger on their behalf.

A Syrian tank in Beirut (1976)

No one, except for little Israel.

In June 1982, in response to murderous Islamic terrorist attacks on Jewish communities in northern Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) moved into southern Lebanon.

In 1976, Arab Muslim terrorists cheered as they overran the Lebanese town of Damour and prepared to terrorize its hapless Christian inhabitants with rape, mutilation and murder

However, the IDF did not just liberate southern Lebanon. The IDF sent troops to beleaguered Christian neighborhoods, towns and villages all over Lebanon. The Israelis threw the Syrians out of most of Lebanon, and forced the PLO terrorists to flee to Muslim Nazi Tunisia.

The Israeli army in southern Lebanon

Lebanese Christians had spent decades working with Arab Muslim Nazis to destroy Israel.

But when Israel moved into Lebanon in 1982, the Christians welcomed the IDF as liberators.

Six women were shot to death by their Arab Muslim terrorist rapists during the 1976 Islamic massacre of Christian Damour

The IDF immediately started to arm and train Lebanese Christian soldiers in the Israeli-liberated sections of Lebanon.

Israeli tanks enter Beirut and shell its Arab Muslim terrorist occupiers

However, while the Israeli liberation of Lebanon saved the Christians from complete annihilation, the pathetic weakness of Israeli political leaders turned the Lebanon war into a disaster for the Jewish state.

Phalangist soldier-musicians sardonically serenade the corpse of an Arab girl

Ariel Sharon, then Israel’s Defense Minister, ordered Israeli troops not to fire on Arab Muslim Nazi civilians, even though this insane policy led to massive Israeli causalities.

By tying the hands of Israeli soldiers, Sharon turned them into sitting ducks for Islamic terrorists.

An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) medal for service in Lebanon

All of Israel’s Likud Party leaders – Menachem Begin, Yitzchak Shamir, Moshe Arens and so on – followed the Sharon policy of being “humane” to Arab Muslim Nazi civilians by letting them slaughter Jewish soldiers.

Phalangist – Lebanese Christian – women soldiers
battle Muslim terrorists in Beirut
Left-winger Ariel Sharon turned Lebanon into Israel’s Vietnam by making her brave young soldiers easy targets for Arab Muslim terrorists – Sharon and other left-wing Israeli leaders told their people that their attempt to appease the Islamic enemy in Lebanon represented the hope for a “new order” in the Middle East

In the end, over 1,000 Jewish soldiers were unnecessarily murdered in Lebanon and thousands more were injured. Thanks to Sharon, Begin, Shamir and the Likud, Lebanon turned into Israel’s Vietnam.

George W. Bush is currently tying the hands of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan in the same manner and with the same murderous results.

Christian Phalangist militia pray at a church in Damour after recapturing it from the Arab Muslim terrorists who raped, mutilated and slaughtered tens of thousands of its men, women and children – One pregnant Christian woman, still alive, was found hugging a child without arms and legs. Other Christian children had their eyes gouged out. Several Christian men were found with their genitals stuffed in their mouths.
The beheaded corpse of a victim of Muslim terrorism

Just to prove that Israel did not have to lose over 1,000 of her brave soldiers in Lebanon, we see the example of the Syrian army.

Syria has had occupation forces in Lebanon from 1976 until the present time – a period of 29 years.

Lebanese Christian children slaughtered by Muslim terrorists in Damour, and a Lebanese Christian woman from the same town murdered with an ax

Although the Syrians are absolutely hated by most Lebanese, who would love to kill them, not a single Syrian soldier has been killed by the Lebanese during 29 years of truly oppressive occupation.

The reason certainly is not that the Syrians, like the Lebanese, are Arabs and Muslims. Arabs and Muslims brutally slaughter each other all the time. In Lebanon, tens of thousands of Muslims have been killed by rival Muslims.

The sole reason the Lebanese do not dare touch the hated Syrian soldiers is because the Lebanese know that if Syrian soldiers are attacked, the Syrians will wipe out whole villages in retaliation.

This is the only language Arab Muslim Nazis understand.

A genuine Muslim who practices what he preaches – Islamic terrorist mastermind Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, the spiritual leader of the Iranian-controlled Lebanese terrorist gang Hezballah, waves a rifle in support of world conquest through Muslim jihad. (The logo of Hezballah shows the world dominated by the murderous brutality of crusading Islam.)

By tying the hands of Israeli soldiers in Lebanon and American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sharon and Bush consciously chose to value the lives of vicious, hateful, jealous, bloodthirsty Arab Muslim Nazis over the lives of young Israeli Jews and young American Christians who are loyally serving in their countries’ armed forces.

Bush and Sharon believe that their cowardly appeasement of Arab Muslim Nazi terrorism will reduce the Islamic terrorist threat.

Just as the Lebanese Christians were forced to learn the hard way, the more you appease Arab Muslims Nazis, the more you guarantee ever greater levels of mass murder and terrorism. Every concession, every retreat and every goodwill gesture always leads to more terror, more war, more murder and more bloodshed.

However, we must also learn the demographic lesson of Lebanon. When Lebanon was created as a majority Christian sanctuary in 1944, its population was 56% Christian and 44% Muslim and Druze. Because of the huge Muslim birthrate, the Muslims became the majority by the early 1970s.

As soon as the Muslims became the majority in Lebanon, they started slaughtering the Christians.

Lebanon has always supported Muslim terrorism against Israel, America and the West – Hezballah’s terrorist leader Sheik Nasrallah preaches his murderous Muslim hatred against a backdrop of the Lebanese flag; Hezballah has its own television and radio networks in Lebanon, and a large number of Lebanese parliament representatives are openly Hezballah members

The same thing will happen to America and Israel, G-d forbid.

The Third World “minorities” in America are currently 35% of the U.S. population. When they become the majority, the whites of European origin will face horrific violence. The first target of this violence will be Jews, who are hated and envied by America’s “minorities” even more than other whites.

In Israel, the population breakdown is 52% Jewish; 42% Arab, and 6% non-Jewish Russians. (We are counting Yesha as part of Israel; if Yesha becomes an independent PLO terrorist state, G-d forbid, all of Israel’s problems will be much worse.) We all know what the Arab Muslim Nazis will do to the Jews if they become a majority in Israel, G-d forbid.

Currently, Lebanon is 60% Muslim and 40% Christian.

The only reason the Christian minority is not completely exterminated is because Syria and Lebanon fear
Israeli intervention again to protect the Christians.

Yasser Arafat and some of his Marxist Mexican allies celebrate Iran’s murderous Ayatollah Khomeini – The Beirut meeting was in 1980, during the Iranian terrorist takeover of the U.S. embassy in Teheran; the Mexicans were members of Mecha, a racist and anti-Semitic Hispanic gang which believes that the southwestern United States must become a Mexican state

But Christians clearly have only a nightmarish future in Lebanon.

The black Hitler Jesse Jackson – who called Zionism, the existence of Israel, “a poisonous weed” – hugs the pedophile terrorist Yasser Arafat in Lebanon (1979)

The question is: Will we allow what happened in Lebanon to happen to America and Israel?

JTF wants to help organize a potent movement of right-wing righteous Gentiles in America, similar to the strong right-wing Jewish youth movement that we have succeeded in building in Israel.

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