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July 31, 2007

1 July 2007 11:05


By Andrew Grice, Political Editor at Camp David

Published: 31 July 2007




Gordon Brown has paved the way for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq by telling George Bush he would not delay their exit in order to show unity with the United States.

After four hours of one-to-one talks with the US President at his Camp David retreat, Mr Brown told a joint press conference he would make a Commons statement in October on the future of the 5,500 British troops in the Basra region.

The Bush administration, under mounting domestic pressure to produce an exit strategy from Iraq, has been nervous that a full British withdrawal would add to the criticism. But Mr Brown made clear – and President Bush accepted – that Britain would go its own way, even if that gave the impression the two countries were diverging.

Mr Brown’s willingness to pursue an independent British policy in Iraq will be seen as an important break with Tony Blair. Mr Brown said the two leaders had had “full and frank discussions” – diplomatic code for some disagreements.

President Bush heaped praise on Mr Brown after their first meeting since he became Prime Minister, playing down suggestions that Mr Blair’s departure would weaken the strong US-UK partnership. Revealingly, Mr Brown did not return the personal compliments, instead focusing on the historic links between the two countries and predicting they would get even stronger. This reflected his desire for a more business-like relationship with the President, instead of the strong personal bond forged by Mr Blair.

The two leaders also had to paper over their different approaches on how to respond to terrorism. While maintaining a united front, Mr Brown told President Bush that the fight could not be won by military might alone, and called for a “Cold War-style” propaganda battle in the Muslim world.

Deliberately avoiding the phrase “war on terror,” Mr Brown said: “Terrorism is not a cause but a crime – a crime against humanity.” In contrast, the President spoke of “this war against extremists and radicals”. But he said of Mr Brown: “There is no doubt in my mind that he understands the stakes in the struggle.”

On Iraq, Mr Brown insisted Britain would honour its responsibilities but admitted there had been problems with political reconciliation and that the reconstruction effort had taken longer than expected.

He said that Britain’s decision in the Basra region would be based on the military advice from its commanders on the ground. Later, British officials insisted that the departure timetable was not being accelerated and said it was too soon to speculate on the plans that would be set out in October. Initially, they would mean handing military control to the Iraqis and moving to “overwatch”.

However, President Bush acknowledged that a British withdrawal could take place while the US remained in Iraq because, he said, decisions would be “results-orientated”. He said America could be there for “a long time”. He added that America’s next moves would be decided after a report in September by General David Petraeus, the US commander in Iraq, on the “surge” of US troops in the Baghdad region.

But despite their differences over Iraq and terrorism, the two leaders agreed to work together to end the stalemate over a new world trade agreement, to resolve the crisis in Darfur and impose a new round of sanctions against Iran unless it halts its nuclear weapons programme.

Bush on Brown

* “I would describe Gordon Brown as a principled man who really wants to get something done.”

* “Not a dour Scot …not an awkward Scot…a humorous Scot.”

* “He’s got a strong commitment to helping people realize the blessing of education. I thank you very much for that vision.”

* “He’s a glass half full man.”

* [Referring to the death of Brown’s 10 day old baby in 2002]

“He’s a man who’s suffered unspeakable tragedy – it’s strengthened his soul.

I was impressed.”

Brown on Bush

* “We have had full and frank discussions. We have had the capacity and ability to meet yesterday for two hours to discuss person-to-person some of the great issues of our time.”


July 30, 2007

WND Exclusive

Traffic ticket data shipped to Mexico
California drivers are outraged, fear theft of confidential details

Posted: July 28, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2007

The Orange County Superior Court in California is outsourcing the processing of traffic tickets to a California company that sends the information through a Nogales, Mexico, subsidiary, raising public concerns of identity theft and complaints of language problems that allegedly lead to months of administrative errors in processing paperwork.

The controversy broke this week on KFI AM-640’s popular John and Ken radio show when an unidentified law enforcement officer called the show and broke the news.

Many listeners of the show were outraged to learn information from traffic citations was being sent to Mexico, where Mexican workers had complete access to a driver’s personal information.

The next day, calls and e-mails from angry listeners besieged the Orange County Board of Supervisors.
In a first attempt to stem the growing controversy, the Orange County Superior Court issued a press release affirming that since March 2006 the court has outsourced the processing of traffic ticket citation data to Cal Coast Data Entry, Inc., a company headquartered in Cerritos, Calif.

The Cal Coast website affirms that the company operates an office in Nogales, Data Center de Nogales.

The Orange County Superior Court press release further explained that Cal Coast scans Orange County traffic tickets electronically in its California office, but the data is transferred electronically in encrypted form to the company’s Nogales facility where the data is entered into a computerized database by Mexican workers.

The court’s press release tried to reassure the public that Cal Coast’s Nogales facility is a secure, state-of-the-art facility with 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week security guards, as well as video cameras and facility access restricted to badge holders.

According to the website of the Orange County Superior Court, it has the responsibility to process traffic citations for law enforcement agencies in Orange County, not the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

Later, Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby made an on-air appearance by telephone on the John and Ken Show, again attempting to deflect the criticism.

Norby explained to the radio audience that the Orange Superior Court was responsible for the Cal Coast contract, not the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

On air, Norby affirmed that complete driver and vehicle information that was included on the traffic citations was being sent to the Cal Coast office in Nogales, including driver’s license numbers, driver’s addresses, vehicle license plate numbers, and vehicle identifications.

“The County Board of Supervisors has no control over this contract,” Norby told the radio audience, “and we are just as concerned as your listeners are.”

“This is obviously sensitive information,” Norby said in the radio interview, expressing his own outrage. “Driver license information has to be kept as closely guarded as possible and outsourcing this kind of information out of the country is something that this Board would never support.”

Norby told the radio audience he had discussed the situation with Mike Duval, the California State Assemblyman in north Orange County. He said Duval expressed interest in having the California state legislature sponsor legislation to prevent outsourcing California driver’s license information to Mexico in the future.

Callers to the show complained that they were experiencing months of delays and numerous errors due to language difficulties in tracking down where their traffic tickets were, making sure the tickets were registered in the Orange County Superior Court database, and in correcting data entry errors that were showing up in the tickets at court.

Cal Coast declined comment on the situation.


July 27, 2007

HOW TO STOP SHARON AND THE BOLSHEVIK ELITE FROM DESTROYING ISRAEL   (Originally published by JTF.ORG on August 4, 2004) Over 200,000 Jews joined hands on July 25, 2004 to form a “human chain” that extended from the Western Wall (HaKotel HaMaaravi) in Jerusalem all the way to the northern end of the Gaza District in order to protest left-wing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s plan to unilaterally hand over all of Gaza and northern Samaria to the PLO terrorist mass murderers.

The huge demonstration accomplished little.

Israel’s huge July 25, 2004 “human chain” demonstration stretched from the Western Wall to the northern end of the Gaza District
The massive demonstration, attended by 200,000, accomplished little to stop Ariel Sharon’s diabolical plan to dismember the tiny Jewish homeland

A Jewish kindergarten and Arab Muslim terrorist rockets – While mothers with their small children watched from a distance, Orthodox Jewish medical workers cleaned the blood at a kindergarten in Sderot where a June 2004 Arab Muslim terrorist rocket attack murdered two innocent Jews, one of them (r.) a 4-year-old boy, and wounded more than 20, including other children

Massive “human chains” and massive rallies will not stop Sharon, the anti-Zionist news media and the rest of Israel’s Bolshevik Establishment from carrying out their diabolical plans to forcibly expel 8,500 heroic Jewish pioneers in Yesha from their homes.

Israel’s ruling elite – the news media, the judiciary, the educational establishment, the multinational corporations and the political parties – have decided to create an independent PLO terrorist state in the Jewish Biblical lands of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District (known collectively in Hebrew as “Yesha”).

The ruling elite wishes to establish a PLO terrorist state in a last desperate attempt to appease the Jew-hating world and to appease 1.3 billion Muslims who are determined to exterminate the tiny Jewish nation and her 5 million Jewish inhabitants.

If their final act of ultimate appeasement fails, and the Muslims continue their genocidal war to annihilate Israeli Jewry, then the wealthy and well-connected Israeli elitists can always flee to America or Europe as the Arab hordes overrun little Israel.

An Arab Muslim Nazi with a cell phone and a Hamas terrorist headband dreams of Israel’s annihilation

Of course, the 95% of Israeli Jews who are not wealthy, well-connected elitists will be unable to escape and will be annihilated in a Muslim holocaust, G-d forbid.

If their final act of ultimate appeasement is a failure, wealthy and well-connected Israeli Jewish elitists can always live in America and Europe, leaving the rest of Israel’s Jews to be annihilated in a Muslim holocaust, G-d forbid – Waiting to welcome the elitists with open arms will be self-hating left-wing Jews like George Soros, who has used his billion-dollar financial empire to fight for black terrorist rule in South Africa, who wrote an anti-American book called The Bubble of American Supremacy and who is the deep pockets behind many of “Hanoi John” Kerry’s political attack dogs

The elitists call themselves “post-Zionists.” Meaning that Zionism – the existence of an independent Jewish State – is not needed any more.

What is needed are lucrative business deals between Israel’s billionaire multinational corporate titans and their multinational corporate counterparts in America, Europe and Asia. If an independent Jewish State is bad for business, then who needs an independent Jewish State?

Shimon Peres wants Israel to become the “Hong Kong of the Middle East,” an international emporium wherein Jewish scientific and technological prowess will be put to the use of the Arab world – The only catch? That Israeli Jews give up their 4,000-year-old dream of a Jewish homeland and put themselves at the mercy of their Arab Muslim terrorist enemies. (Israeli Jewish scientists would still work on military projects like the Arrow, a sophisticated anti-missile missile system recently tested on a California firing range, but for the benefit of the Arabs instead of the Jews.)

That is why former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres – Ariel Sharon’s best friend – has urged that Israel become “the Hong Kong of the Middle East.”

Hong Kong is a wealthy trading center in Asia, but has no sovereignty. Hong Kong is part of Communist China, which benefits immensely from all of the international trade.

Similarly, Israel can become a part of the Muslim Middle East, Peres argues, by creating a trading center in which Jewish brains and technological prowess will benefit the entire Arab world. In exchange, Israel will only have to make one small concession: an independent Jewish State will no longer exist, and the 4,000-year-old Biblical dream of a miraculously resurrected Jewish homeland will be forever abandoned.

The self-hating, left-wing Shimon Peres – Ariel Sharon’s best friend – wants Israel to join the Arab League but has been told by its Muslim terrorist leaders that they do not accept Jews or other non-Muslims – In March 2004, Peres called the assassination of Hamas terrorist leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin by the Israeli military “a mistake”

To implement his anti-Zionist “vision,” Peres proposed when he was Prime Minister that Israel become an Arab state and join the Muslim terrorist League of Arab States. However, to Peres’ great disappointment, the Arab League rejected the Peres offer. The Arab League told Peres that only Muslims are permitted to join their organization.

Colette Avital, a Knesset member from Shimon Peres’ socialist Labor Party, openly suggested that Israel give up her sovereignty and independence

Collette Avital, a member of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) from Peres’ socialist Labor Party, openly suggested several years ago that Israel surrender her sovereignty and independence. The anti-Zionist Israeli Establishment news media treated the Avital proposal in a very serious and positive manner.

Although Ariel Sharon fraudulently misrepresented himself as a “right-winger” in order to get elected Prime Minister, Sharon shares the anti-Zionist views of Peres and Avital in their belief that Israel must surrender her sovereignty.

By making it clear that he will never disobey the United States and George Bush, Ariel Sharon has transformed his office into that of an American puppet willing to make suicidal concessions whenever his White House masters demand them

Sharon has openly made it clear that he will never do anything without U.S. permission. He has thus officially transformed the office of Israeli Prime Minister from that of a sovereign leader of an independent nation to being a mere puppet of Washington.

Since Washington seeks to appease Arab oil sheikdoms and Islamic terrorism by making little Israel a sacrificial lamb, that means that Israel as a dutiful puppet state must be willing to make the utterly suicidal concessions that America demands of her.

Ariel Sharon wants the Jews of Israel to allow the creation of a Muslim terrorist state in the Jewish Biblical heartland – Arab Muslim Nazis pray for the destruction of America and Israel under the PLO terrorist flag

When George Wahabi Bush says that an independent PLO terrorist state must be created in the Jewish Biblical heartland of Yesha – even though such a move would be national suicide for Israel – Sharon tells the Jews that they have no choice and must always obey Washington.

Next week, G-d willing, we will prove that Israel can not only defy U.S. pressure, but in fact she has achieved her greatest historical triumphs – in the 1948 and 1967 wars, for example – by defying Washington’s pressure. (Be sure to see next week’s JTF.ORG article, How Israel Won Her Greatest Victories By Defying U.S. Pressure.)

The Hilltop Youth, Baruch Marzel and the Chayil (Valor) Party, and Jewish dissident Noam Federman are the real right-wing activists who will organize effective resistance to Sharon’s suicidal surrender, G-d willing.

Threats to world peace? – Heroic Jewish pioneers – threatened by ethnic cleansing from their homes in Yesha, to make room for a PLO terrorist state – instruct their children in the ancient art of spinning wool. (The wool is sheared; washed in soap to remove the lanolin (fat); and carded (fluffed) before being spun into thread using the venerable distaff and spindle.)

Every time Sharon has ordered the army and the police to uproot Hilltop Youth communities, thousands of Jewish heroes arrive at the scene to engage in vigorous but non-violent physical civil disobedience. As a result, Sharon has thus far been unable to expel the Hilltop Youth from their “illegal” outposts.

Each expulsion involves huge numbers of soldiers and police in a very traumatic and painful experience for those doing the expelling. As soon as the difficult expulsion is completed, the Hilltop Youth begin rebuilding the uprooted community.

Since Sharon started his evil campaign to expel the Hilltop Youth, Hilltop Youth communities have only grown and expanded.

When Sharon attempts to carry out his expulsions in the Gaza District and northern Samaria, the Hilltop Youth and the Chayil Party will be ready, G-d willing, with tens of thousands of Jewish heroes who will ferociously resist.

An Egyptian Arab woman calls for the death of America and Israel – She is holding a poster of Sheik Ahmed Yassin, assassinated by the Israeli military in a March 2004 rocket strike
A crowd of heroic Hilltop Youth gather by night, at a makeshift outdoor synagogue near Hebron, while preparing to resist their ethnic cleansing by Israel’s Bolshevik authorities

Since five soldiers or police are needed to expel and arrest each protester, Sharon will need hundreds of thousands of soldiers and police.

Sharon does not have hundreds of thousands of soldiers and police available for the expulsion.

The Hilltop Youth are depending on JTF’s supporters to fund their massive resistance.

If we have enough funds, we can defeat Sharon’s monstrous plans, G-d willing.

Which is why we strongly urge our many loyal readers – both Jews and righteous Gentiles – to immediately do the following four things:

Threats to world peace? – Desperate for “peace” with the Arab Muslim terrorists – and under pressure from Washington – Israel’s evil rulers want to cleanse Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District of her brave pioneering Jews

First, if you are a wealthy Jew or a wealthy righteous Gentile, and you have wealthy friends and associates, you can hold a fundraising cocktail party for JTF. Even if you are not wealthy – but have wealthy friends and associates – you can organize a cocktail party. If you wish to hold a cocktail party, please contact JTF.

Second, make out a generous check or money order (which can be anonymous) to “JTF” and send it out right away. If you prefer, you can mail a cash donation.

Third, zealously spread the word about the JTF.ORG web site. Posting portions of JTF.ORG on popular internet message boards is especially effective. We do get many new hits when we are posted.

Fourth, please remember to include the “Jewish Task Force (JTF)” in your will.


July 25, 2007


(Originally published by JTF.ORG on March 29, 2006)

A Wisconsin aurora, partially
obscured by a cloud bank
A high-resolution image of the
famous Horsehead nebula in Orion

This subject is much too involved for just one article or for even a thousand articles. Which is why the great Jewish sages and scholars of the Talmud and the Midrash composed many volumes of brilliant analysis to decisively prove that there is a G-d, that there is only one G-d, and that He is indeed the G-d of the Tanach (the Bible).

This article will very briefly only begin to scratch the surface of the most important subject in the world.

First of all, the universe could not possibly have been created from nothing.

Lenticular clouds over
California’s Mount Shasta
A cosmic “jewel box” illustrates the incredible size and splendor of our universe – Nearly every object in the photograph, a deep field exposure by the Hubble space telescope, is not a star but a galaxy, composed of anywhere from a billion to hundreds of billions of stars. (The region shown, despite its incredible wealth of massive objects, is so tiny a fraction of the entire sky that it can be covered by a dime held at seventy feet from the naked eye.)

It is absolutely impossible for nothing – a complete vacuum – to create something. Nothing has no power to create. Nothing has no ability to create. No creation can emerge out of nothing.

Therefore, something created the universe. And something always existed. Because if there had been a time when nothing existed, then there would never and could never have been any creation.

A desert in the California mountains,
in gorgeous springtime bloom

For example, you cannot create a number out of zero. If you multiply a number by zero, the result is always zero. If you add zero to an existing number, the value of the existing number will remain unchanged. Which means zero does not even have the power to add any value to that which already exists.

Yellowstone’s Grand Prismatic Spring – The brilliant colors are caused by sulfur allotropes and various species of sulfur-eating bacteria, each species capable of living at a different temperature in the hot spring’s steaming waters. (The closeup shows the wooden walkway for park visitors, a number of whom can be seen admiring the spectacle.)

And if you subtract zero from an existing number, the value of the existing number will remain unchanged. Because zero also lacks any power to detract from the value of that which already exists.

Flabellina, a “simple”
ocean dweller

Therefore, even with our very finite understanding of the universe, we know for sure that atheists who assert that the world was created from nothing are definitely wrong.

Something always had to exist. If there had been any period of time when there was nothing, then nothing would have to remain nothing forever, because nothing cannot create something. Nor can something emerge or evolve out of nothing.

The lilac-breasted roller
Aristotle said that even the humblest – and seemingly ugliest – creatures have a beauty for those with eyes to see how wonderful is divine handiwork – The “tongue” of the common housefly, used for sucking up liquids, is a fleshy protruberance along whose surface run dozens of chitinous tubes, which the creature is capable of “zipping” and “unzipping” by means of thousands of microscopic ball-and-socket fasteners

Since something always existed, there has to be something that is timeless, that was always here. By definition, anything that was always here and that is completely timeless is infinite. And anything that is infinite has unlimited power.

Thus, there has to be a Being with unlimited and infinite power. There has to be a G-d. Otherwise, the universe could not possibly exist.

And there has to be only one G-d. For if there were two gods, each god’s existence would limit the power of the second god. Only one Being can have unlimited and infinite power.

If G-d has unlimited and infinite power, then He is perfect. Since He is perfect, He does not need anything. He did not create the universe because He needed it, but rather because of his altruistic love. G-d wanted to share with lesser beings the greatest possible good, which is G-d Himself.

It looks – and behaves and sounds – like a hummingbird, but it is actually a nectar-drinking hawk moth (Macroglossum stellatera)

The glory of the universe is absolute proof of G-d’s existence and His infinite power.

A Mediterranean
spotted helmet crab

G-d created each human being to be completely unique. There are billions of people in the world, and yet no two human beings have the same fingerprints. All of our many body parts are unique to each one of us. This demonstrates how uniquely important and precious each of us is in the eyes of a loving G-d Who made sure to create all of us with our own individual characteristics.

We all have many billions of cells and molecules that are too tiny for the human eye to see. Yet all of them somehow come together to produce the crown jewel of G-d’s creation, which is human life.

Of all works, mankind is surely the most remarkable

The same G-d Who created so many tiny things that enable us to exist, also created things so huge and so vast in the universe that the most advanced telescope could never begin to see them.

The sun is 110 times the size of the planet Earth. The temperature in the center of the sun is tens of millions of degrees Fahrenheit.

M82, the Cigar galaxy, is an “exploding” cigar – Its massive black hole, a million times larger than the sun, is spewing debris tens of thousands of light years (tens of quadrillions of miles) into space. (Astronomers now know that many galaxies, including our own, rotate around central black holes, but little is known about their physics.)

Our sun is only one star. We live in a galaxy full of stars known as the Milky Way.

In our galaxy alone, there are over 100 billion (100,000,000,000) stars, many of which are much larger than the sun.

The incredible vastness of our universe – The Tadpole galaxy, in the upper left-hand corner, nearly collided with a larger galaxy. As the two objects moved apart, a long streamer of stars was drawn out from the Tadpole by the larger galaxy’s massive gravitational field. The streamer is presently an incredible 250,000 light years long, each light year – a measure of distance, not time – being 6 trillion (6,000,000,000,000) miles.

And there are billions of galaxies in the universe.

There can be no doubt: there is a G-d, He is all-powerful and infinite, and He is One.

This article is just a sample of the type of things that we discuss on our daily JTF Hebrew internet programs in Israel, which are now listened to by thousands of young Israeli Jews. Our programs are inspiring young Jews to return to Torah Judaism, and to fight to save the sacred
Land of Israel.

Man is only beginning to unlock the secrets of the universe – In a phenomenon known as the “Einstein lens,” the faint curved slivers are distant galaxies whose appearance has been distorted by the massive gravitational force of a nearby galactic cluster. (Einstein theorized that light bends in a gravitational field, a theory not proven until several years after it was proposed.)

That is why the evil Bolshevik traitors of the Israeli government have indicted heroic JTF broadcaster Noam Federman, the spiritual leader of the valiant Hilltop Youth. Noam has been charged with a 25-count indictment for merely exercising his right to free speech, which does not exist for Jewish dissidents in Israel.

Now that Noam has been released on bail pending his trial, he wants everyone to know that he intends to continue to broadcast on JTF despite the threat of imprisonment that hangs over his head. JTF is so proud to be supporting this brave and saintly Jewish leader. All of us, both Jews and righteous Gentiles, should be supporting him and the Hilltop Youth.

Despite his arrest by Israel’s Bolshevik authorities, heroic Jewish dissident Noam Federman will continue his JTF broadcasts

JTF supports the political activities of the Hilltop Youth, and therefore is not tax-deductible.

The Voice of Jewish Activism (VJA) is strictly non-political. It supports the educational efforts and the humanitarian needs
of the Hilltop Youth and right-wing Jewish dissidents and therefore is tax-deductible.

Your generous checks and money orders made out to “VJA” can be sent to:

Heroic Jewish dissident Noam Federman intends to continue his broadcasts on JTF despite the threat of imprisonment which hangs over his head

POB 650327
Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

We need loyal, idealistic, Torah-true Jews to lead the struggle against the traitor Sharon’s suicidal plan to create an independent PLO terrorist state in the heartland of Biblical Israel.

We have the Torah-true leaders and we have the thousands of young idealists. But they need more money to conduct such a huge and sophisticated campaign.

In the historic struggle for Israel’s survival, this is the moment of truth.

Jewish women observe Israeli police and army brutality at Amona

Which is why we strongly urge our many loyal readers – both Jews and righteous Gentiles – to immediately do the following four things:

First, if you are a wealthy Jew or a wealthy righteous Gentile, and you have wealthy friends and associates, you can hold a fundraising party for JTF (which is political but not tax-deductible) or VJA (which is tax-deductible and non-political). Even if you are not wealthy – but have wealthy friends and associates – you can organize a fundraising party. If you are interested, please contact us.

Mounted Israeli police mercilessly beat heroic Jews
at the February 1, 2006 siege of Amona

Second, make out a generous check or money order (which can be anonymous) to “JTF” or “VJA” and send it out right away. If you prefer, you can also mail a cash donation.

Third, zealously spread the word about the JTF.ORG web site. Posting portions of JTF.ORG on popular internet message boards is especially effective. We do get many new hits when we are posted.

Fourth, please remember to include the “Jewish Task Force (JTF)” and/or the “Voice of Jewish Activism (VJA)” in your will.


July 24, 2007

WND Exclusive

Congressional posse rides to help jailed border agents
Tancredo amendment would cut funds keeping Ramos, Compean behind bars

Posted: July 24, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern
By Jerome R. Corsi
© 2007

Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo.

WND has obtained a copy of an amendment Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., plans to introduce tomorrow in an effort to get former U.S. Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean released from prison immediately. Tancredo, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, plans to attach his amendment to H.R. 3093, the appropriations bill for the Departments of Commerce, Justice and Science, stating that no funds appropriated in the bill may be used to carry out the 11- and 12-year sentences imposed respectively on Ramos and Compean by the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas.

“Americans have been waiting months for the president to right this wrong, and I am not going to wait any longer,” Tancredo said in a press release. “It’s time that the Congress took matters into its own hands.” 

A jury last year convicted Ramos and Compean of violating federal gun laws and covering up the shooting of a drug smuggler as he fled back to Mexico after driving across the border with more than 700 pounds of marijuana. U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton’s office gave the smuggler, Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila, immunity to serve as the government’s star witness and testify against the border agents.

Tancredo’s amendment is grounded in Article I of the U.S. Constitution, which provides Congress with the absolute authority over spending matters.

Carlos Espinosa, spokesman to Tancredo, told WND that while the “Get-Out-of-Jail-Now” measure is unconventional, it is not unprecedented.

“This wouldn’t be the first time Congress has stepped in and used its authority under the Constitution to overturn a brainless decision by a federal court,” Espinosa said.

On July 23, 2003, the House approved 260-161 an amendment to an appropriations bill introduced by Rep. John Hostettler, R-Ind., that prevented the Bush administration from using any funding to enforce a the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision court decision that barred the display of the Ten Commandments by Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore at the state judicial building. Ultimately, the controversy was resolved when the Alabama Supreme Court intervened Aug. 24, 2004, and voted unanimously to overrule Moore.

Espinosa said the amendment’s aim is to affect an immediate “congressional commutation of sentence” by withholding the funds need to keep Ramos and Compean in prison.

Tancredo’s measure adds to the congressional pressure for pardoning or otherwise releasing Ramos and Compean that has built since President Bush issued a commutation for the 30-month sentence of former White House aide Scooter Libby.

On July 20, Rep. John Culberson, R–Texas, and 20 of his House colleagues sent a letter to President Bush requesting he immediately commute the Ramos and Compean sentences.

Culberson and his House colleagues tied their argument to President Bush’s July 2 praise of Libby when issuing the commutation of that sentence. Bush characterized Libby as a first-time offender with years of exceptional service who had been handed a harsh sentence.

Culberson and his 20 House associates wrote that, “Ramos and Compean were outstanding Border Patrol agents (Ramos had been previously nominated for Border Patrol Agent of the Year) and were handed extremely harsh sentences while key pieces of evidence, including evidence of a second load of drugs that was brought into the country by the drug smuggler after the shooting, were not presented to the jury.”

“These agents were unjustly prosecuted for doing their job,” Culberson says in a statement on the homepage of his House website. “This case has created a chilling effect along the border, and law enforcement personnel tell me they are now hesitant to draw their weapons. It is undoubtedly harming national security at a time when terrorists are attempting to enter and target the United States.

“Since President Bush recently commuted the sentence of Scooter Libby because it was too harsh,” Culberson argues on his website, “he should do the same for Ramos and Compean. We will not rest until they are returned home to their families.”

As WND reported, following last week’s hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sens. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and John Cornyn, R-Texas, co-authored a letter also asking President Bush to commute the agents’ sentences.

Taking questions from members of the Chamber of Commerce in Nashville Thursday, President Bush declined to promise to pardon Ramos and Compean.

“I’m not going to make that kind of promise in a forum like this,” Bush said at the event, which focused on his budget.

The president defended Sutton as “a dear friend of mine” and called him a “fair guy” and “even-handed,” according to a White House transcript.


July 23, 2007


DEBKAfile reports: US Air Force B-2 Stealth bombers will soon be fitted with newly-developed 15-tonne Massive Ordnance Penetrator bombs

July 23, 2007, 1:34 PM (GMT+02:00)

New Massive Ordnance Penetrator bomb

New Massive Ordnance Penetrator bomb


American military sources say the gigantic new bunker-blaster is designed to hit fortified underground targets such as Iran’s uranium-enrichment facility at Natanz.

It will be capable of drilling through many meters of earth or concrete. When it falls from a high altitude, the MOP – composed of 20% explosives, 80% hardened metal – will punch a hole in the toughest protective casing before exploding in depth. It is GPS guided.

DEBKAfile’s military sources reveal that Israel’s RAFAEL has upgraded its US-made SPICE air-to-ground missile, adding a stand-off precision guidance kit.

This kit has been cleared for the US-made BLU-109 penetrator warhead, carried by Israeli warplanes, which is rated one of the top-line US weapons capable of hitting fortified targets from the air or warship.

Its effective drop range has been extended from 60km to 90km enabling Israeli warplanes to release the missile to target from outside enemy territory without being exposed to air defense fire.

The Israel-made PGM cannot be jammed since it does not depend on coordinates which can be falsified. After the targets are loaded into the bomb’s computer and dropped, it navigates and guides itself without pilot intervention and cannot therefore be diverted in mid-flight.

The unveiling of these super-weapons comes shortly after satellite pictures showed new digging efforts in the mountains just outside Iran’s Natanz facility. Analysts worldwide believe a tunnel complex is under development.


July 21, 2007


DEBKAfile Exclusive: Ahmadinejad follows up Damascus talks with a council of war in Tehran Friday with Hizballah, Hamas and Jihadi Islami leaders

July 21, 2007, 4:28 PM (GMT+02:00)


Our Iranian and intelligence sources reveal that the Iranian president flew out of Damascus Thursday with this group saying: “I prefer cooler places but this region faces a torrid summer of victories.”

Aboard his plane were four HIzballlah leaders, Secy-Gen. Hassan Nasrallah, defense chief Imad Mughniyeh, chief of staff Ibrahim Aqil and chief of special operations Unit 1800 Hajj Khalil Harb; and Jihad Islami’s Abdallah Ramadan Shalah and operations chief Zaid Nahle.

Head of Hamas’ Damascus HQ Khaled Meshaal did not join the party flying to Tehran to avoid giving his Saudi and Egyptian friends the impression he was in Iran’s pocket. Either he flew there earlier, or else assigned a Hamas representative based in the Gulf to represent his moement at the council of war in Tehran.

As for Syria’s role, DEBKAfile’s military sources reveal that 20 high-ranking Iranian officers were on the Iran president’s flight to Damascus, headed by defense minister Mustafa Najar. They did not join Ahmadinejad’s talks with Syrian president Bashar Assad. Instead, they were driven to Syrian General Staff headquarters, where they were awaited by Syrian defense minister Gen. Hassan Turkmani, chief of staff Gen. Ali Habib and corps commanders.

Our intelligence sources believe this conference was in fact round one of the council of war which continued in Tehran Friday with Hizballah and Palestinian terrorist chiefs.

The most urgent decision facing the Iran-Syrian alliance concerns Lebanon and how far they can go to get rid of the pro-Western Siniora government in Beirut. Both Iran and Syria understand the United States and France will not stand for its ouster by military or terrorist means. But time is running out. The international tribunal is about to be installed to start hearing the Hariri assassination case and must be stopped before Assad and aides are prosecuted. Tehran and Damascus must decide quickly whether to focus on subversive action inside Lebanon or resort to diversionary tactics such as fomenting trouble against Israel on the Golan, from the Lebanese border or from Gaza.

Before Ahmadinejad and party departed Damascus Thursday night, they visited two important Shiite shrines and prayed for victory in the near future. Witnesses heard the Iranian president sobbing loudly.

DEBKAfile sources refute the Shawq al-Awsat claim Saturday, July 21,that the Iranian president rewarded Assad for abandoning its quest for a peace track with Israel by one billion dollars for arms purchases from Russia and North Korea – plus Iranian backing on Lebanon issues. The arms Iranian-funded arms deals have been in progress since the beginning of this year, long before Ahmadinejad’s Damascus visit.


July 21, 2007



July 19, 2007
Bush did it again.
Posted: Tuesday, July 17, 2007
written by jerry golden
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It would seem to me that someone would have said the following but so far I haven’t heard anything concerning the words of President Bush.  As so many call me a Bush basher anyway I guess it is now up to me to bring this out. 


I heard Bush say on CNN that the Israelis must reduce their footsteps in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria).  I don’t know about you but that seemed like a weird choice of words for the President to choose.  In fact, I will say it straight out, it is words that fly in the face of God and His Word.  For we read where God spoke to Joshua very plainly concerning this Land that God calls His.  Joshua 1:3 EVERY PLACE THAT THE SOLE OF YOUR FOOT SHALL TREAD UPON, THAT HAVE I GIVEN UNTO YOU, AS I SAID UNTO MOSES.  God’s Word goes on to say in the following verses the land He is speaking of, the promised boundaries of our inheritance.


But now we are hearing Bush say that we Jews should reduce our footsteps on this land, for he has seen fit to give it to the Arabs who choose to call themselves “Palestinians”.  Who does this man think he is, and how can he possibly believe that there is any possibility of Israel having peace with those sworn to kill us. 


This so-called moderate terrorist “Abu Mazen” that Bush keeps speaking of Graduated from the Moscow University by writing his dissertation for his PH.D on Holocaust Denial.  Since 1993 he was been the brains behind the PLO and Hamas terrorism.  He has said on numerous occasions that the goals of Fatah and Hamas are the same they simply have different ways of destroying Israel, his is by phases and Hamas is by terrorism. 


Abu Mazen was Arafat’s right hand man, and was directly responsible for handling the finances for the 1972 Munich massacre where 11 Israelis were murdered by his PLO.  Yet we now have an Israeli Prime Minister willing to forget even that.  His Fatah Organization the head of terrorist organizations like Aksa Martyrs Brigades and others has killed more Israelis than Hamas.  All the incitement in the PA schools that teach all the “Palestinian” children to prepare to be suicide bombers is approved and designed by him. 


This man who is a graduate of the Moslem Brotherhood that was formed and directed by the Nazis is not a partner to peace but our enemy who wants more than anything in this wicked world to destroy Israel and kill the Jews.  He is another Arafat in a business suit. 


In summary I will say again Bush’s Two State Solution and his adopted Saudi peace plan that he calls his Road Map is part of his sell out of Israel to his Arab oil partners and family friends.  Bush is the most deadly enemy Israel has ever had; in fact, I am convinced he is the worse thing that has ever happened to the USA and the rest of the world.  Bush’s statement that Israelis must REDUCE THEIR FOOTSTEPS, tells us volumes if we have ears to hear. 


Once again we will see Gen. 12:3 in its total reality and if I lived in the US I’d hold on for the ride for God never lies, and it rains on the just and the unjust alike.  The fires, droughts, floods, and horrible storms haven’t got through to Mr. Bush yet, but it has many others. 


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for our son Joel who will be back in active duty from the 22nd of this month.  He and his soldiers are a very special unit and when they are called it is important.  Pray for this Ministry and your part in it, so much depends on your obedience to the touch of the Ruach Hakodesh. 


Shalom, jerry golden


July 18, 2007


DEBKAfile reports: Bush’s Middle East peace conference plan peters out after telephone conversation with Saudi King Abdullah

July 18, 2007, 11:16 AM (GMT+02:00)


Our Washington sources report that the White House tried to play down the importance of the proposal put forward by President George W. Bush Monday, July 16, after Saudi King Abdullah said he would not attend. White House spokesman Tony Snow said it was too early to say where or when the conference for discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would take place. “I think a lot of people are inclined to try to treat this as a big peace conference” said. “It’s not.”

Neither could it be. According to DEBKAfile’s Middle East sources, the president could have known before he unveiled his conference plan that not only the Saudi ruler but also Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, both key regional players, would not be coming.

Neither goes along with Bush’s boycott of Hamas. Washington’s total rejection of the Islamist terrorists who seized the Gaza Strip was highlighted in his speech. hat morning, Egyptian intelligence minister Gen. Omar Suleiman arrived in Washington to try and persuade White House advisers to rewrite some changes into the speech. No chance, he was told.

Middle East sources note that the Bush Middle East statement had the effect of accentuating the gaps dividing the very Arab rulers most needed to back peacemaking. Three opposing camps emerged more clearly than ever:

Oneb.> The US, Israel and Jordan, who are convinced that an uncompromising boycott of Hamas will bring down its Gaza government and restore the rule of Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah.

Two. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco and most of the Gulf emirates object to this boycott and advocate power-sharing between Hamas and Fatah because they are convinced the latter will never recoup its military strength either in Gaza or the West Bank.

Three. Iran and Co. – Syria, Yemen and Hizballah, whose solid backing for the Palestinian Islamists is expressed in cash, arms, advisers and combat training.

By concretizing these gaps, the Bush speech has motivated the three camps to prove its path is the correct one. Therefore, Camp One while backing Abbas all the way will find it harder than ever before to isolate Hamas. So long as the extremist rulers of Gaza benefit from the support of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran and Syria, the massive US-Israeli cornucopia of cash, benefits and concessions showered on the Salam Fayyad government in Ramallah will lend Fatah rule not much more than a limited and artificial lease of life.