Bush Lays Ground For Back Door Draft
Lee Rogers

The Bush administration now looks as if it is preparing the ground work to implement what many have referred to as a back door draft. Recently the administration has issued muster orders to a group of Army veterans who are in the Individual Ready Reserve otherwise known as the IRR for short. The IRR is a list of veterans who have served their time on active duty, but are on a list for a period of time and subject to recall in case of a national emergency. Initially it was reported that the Army was only doing a pilot muster which would consist of a group of 5,000 veterans who lived around particular military bases. Now according to a large group of angry Army veterans who have written posts on different military based Internet message boards, it appears as if this was a lie and the muster order is much wider spread than was originally let on by Army officials. The Army has rarely called for a muster of IRR members and many believe that this could be a precursor to another IRR recall.

The Army has previously attempted a recall of the IRR with many who were recalled refusing to show up. The Army finally abandoned the recall after it received a great deal of bad press for the call up disrupting the lives of those who have honorably served. The Marines also issued a limited recall of their IRR last year.

The following was reported in the Stars and Stripes regarding this new so-called pilot muster.

The pilot muster will begin in mid-July and run through August. IRR members who are ordered to report for this summer’s pilot program will go to one of four Reserve centers: Tacoma, Wash.; Fort Totten, N.Y.; Fort Meade, Md.; or Los Alamitos, Calif.

According to posts by current members of the Army IRR, they have received muster orders to report to local military bases besides the four Reserve centers. Here are just a couple of them.

I am one of the 5,000 to be mustered and I have 3 months left in my obligation. Unlike this article my orders were not for any of those locations. It was, instead, at a reserve center nearby.

Oh, and this crap about all 5,000 living within a 50 mile radius of one of four bases is not true. We do not live anywhere near Washington, New York, Maryland OR California. The letter specifies my husband report to El Paso, Texas. Furthermore, if the Army is having such a hard time tracking down their IRR soldiers then how the hell are they managing to get these muster letters to the right people?

This muster order shows again that the Bush administration is getting increasingly more desperate to find people willing to serve and that they are now seriously considering converting the IRR to another reserve pool in an effort to continue their failed policies. The fact that they lied about the scale of this muster has angered many veterans especially after the military has issued countless stop-loss orders preventing people from leaving the service after their active duty contract had ended. Many veterans feel as if they have been betrayed and lied to by the Bush administration and have openly stated that they will not participate in the muster or return to active duty if recalled from the IRR.

Other veterans have cited Dick Cheney’s numerous deferments in the Vietnam War, Bush’s dubious service in the Air National Guard as well as the broken Veteran’s Administration system to show the hypocritical nature of the muster and their failed policies in Iraq. The war in Iraq which has now lasted longer than World War II has clearly destroyed the morale of the U.S. military from active duty components all the way down to Reserve and National Guard units. Foreigners have and are even being considered to join the U.S. military which many believe is a pretext to turning over our military under the authority of the United Nations.

The continued use of stop-loss orders on active duty personnel and now this muster order shows that the Bush administration is only over in Iraq to expand American imperialism and to rob the Iraqi people of their resources for multinational corporations. Bush’s approval ratings are at all-time lows with the American people dead set against the continuation of this war, yet his policies go against everything that the American people support. The use of depleted uranium, the implementation of torture facilities and the draconian Iraqi police state implemented by American forces leads to the conclusion that Bush and many of his high level cabinet officials and Generals should be investigated for war crimes. The administration’s troop surge has been a total failure and this IRR muster is obvious preparation for a future back door draft of IRR members. It becomes even more ridiculous when there have been reports of the U.S. actually being responsible for terrorism in Iraq which appears to have been to further enflame tensions between different ethnic groups. This sort of insane ass backwards policy is nothing more than treason.

Bush has betrayed not only the American people but those who have volunteered to protect and serve to defend the Constitution with their lives. Unfortunately for the Bush administration, it doesn’t look as if there are many veterans in the IRR who are willing to serve what is now an obviously unjust war filled with all sorts of corporate corruption. If they do in fact conduct a back door draft with a future IRR recall, it appears as if the percentage who will actually report will be about as low as Bush’s approval ratings. The same goes for this muster.

The bottom line is that an investigation into Bush’s war crimes needs to occur now, as well as an immediate withdrawal from Iraq. An impeachment of both Cheney and Bush would go a long way to start this process. How much more of this bull shit are the American people going to put up with from this obviously corrupt and criminal administration? The empty suits in Congress on both sides of the aisle are mostly traitors who have abandoned the American people in the face of this tyranny. Congress needs to investigate the real purpose of this so-called muster, put an end to it and get our military out of Iraq now.

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