‘Spectacular’ Terror Attacks This Summer

Several news reports indicate that al-Qaida is planning a “spectacular” terror attack — of 9/11 proportions or greater — this summer.

In the wake of recent terror activitiy, including the attempt to blow up JFK airport using a fuel line, and the news out of Britain of car bombs, it appears al-Qaida may be significantly ramping up their activities.

A little noticed book tells the remarkable story of al-Qaida’s plans to acquire and detonate weapons of mass destruction on U.S. soil.

The book is called “The Day of Islam” and NewsMax editor Christopher Ruddy says, “It’s the most important book to be written so far in the war on terror.”

Ruddy adds: “Though “Day of Islam” reads like a thriller, it gives trememdous insight into what al-Qaida has really been doing and their future diabolical plans.”

Authored by former FBI consultant Paul Williams, after the book was published several events seems to confirm the book’s predictions.

First, FBI Director Robert Mueller, to NewsMax and in other public venues, has warned that al-Qaida is racing to detonate a nuclear device here in the U.S. Mueller has stated the likely targets are New York and Washington or both.

Second, the JFK fuel plot was uncovered after the book’s release. The New York Post revealed in the wake of that terrorist plot that the hidden mastermind behind the plot has not been caught. His name is Adnan el-Shukrijumah.

He is one of the FBI’s most wanted. Adnan has also been called the “fixer” behind 9/11. Captured al-Qaida operatives have revealed that bin Laden has tapped Adnan to lead the next major attack against the U.S.

Interestingly, “Day of Islam” is the first book to detail Adnan’s role and his shadowy activities.

Please find out more about “Day of Islam” — Go Here Now — or read the information below.


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