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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Is Sarkozy the Mysterious HaKhShaRO?, Or Arguing With an Archangel

A quick note: I will be on Tamar Yonah’s morning show on http://www.israelnationalradio.com/ this Tu B’Av morning (Monday, July 30th, 2007) in celebration of G-d’s festival of boundless love.

The Medrash Sefer Eliyahu has raised its beautiful head again. An important apparent complicating factor in the medrash might be on the way to being solved. For those who read this blog on a regular basis, several months ago, we discussed the potential rise of Nicholas Sarkozy as the next President of France. Our discussion basically centered around the possibility that he would be one of the three Western mighty “kings” who would come up against the last king of Persia spoken about in the medrash. We were hoping that he would become the “lowliest of the three kings, the son of a slave woman whose name is Gigit, will confront him from the West.” We discussed how it is very unusual to assume that any “end-times” Western man would own a wife as a slave and how that this can only be a reference to a Jewish man marrying a non-Jewish woman since such a marriage is expressly forbidden in the Torah. Of the three nations that are set to go up against Persia, only Sarkozy qualifies. His mother’s father was Jewish, but his mother’s mother was not. Neither Gordon Brown nor Gog W. have Jewish parents or grandparents. Yet, when in the Comments section it was revealed that his mother’s Catholic mother was named Adele and not Gigit or Gigi, I dropped the matter completely because I did not want to stick a square peg in a round hole. It did not make sense, and I therefore decided to put it off to future discussion as the smoke cleared.

Lo and behold, the news has been swift in the last couple weeks. Gog W. and Co. Rice are on a full court press for a Mahmoud Abbas led P.A. State. All this comes about because Hamas has taken over Gaza. The perverted and twisted logic that leads them to suggest such insanity at this time when their failed policy of a P.A. led Gaza has fallen apart, in normal times would not even require a response. These people are either raving mad or are completely controlled by Saudi Arabian petroleum production promises. I choose the latter possibility. By the way, we are not living in normal times. Gog W.’s belief system where he chooses to serve G-d in order to make money rather than the other way around traps him at the 33rd level of purity. The conflict between Western prosperity and doing the right thing in G-d’s eyes leaves him with no other alternative. Prosperity wins out over G-d’s definition of what is right. In short, in the eyes of Gog W., turning on Israel at this time by making a suicidal ultimatum to set up the P.A. state before he leaves office, is normal operating procedure. If Andrew Jackson could displace the entire Cherokee nation from its Smoky Mountain home for no other reason than that they were living on prime Georgia and Carolina farmland, Gog W. can displace 100,000 Jews from their ancestral home across the ocean. The Saudis will continue to try to keep the price of oil below $80 per barrel as a quid pro quo for his efforts. Such is the life of the gilgul of Eliphaz son of Esau, Gog W. Bush. The new twist that has been reported in the last week is that NATO troops will come to secure the piece of Eretz Yisrael in the Piece Treaty that will be signed soon. Wow, Gog will have his hordes not just in Southern Lebanon but in the Wild Wild West Bank. Gomer (The Germans) will be here. Togarmah (The Turks) will be here. For nine months we will call them all neighbor!

This brings me to the final point and back to the first point. I have always been puzzled by the following: Medrash Sefer Eliyahu states it as follows:

Then (the Archangel) Michael said to me, “The appointed time for the End of Days will occur during the reign of a ‘king’, ahem, who will be named HRMLT. There are some that say that TRMLO will be his name.” Rav Simai says HKShRT will be his name. Rav Elazar says Ahashverosh (Xerxes or Artaxerxes) will be his name. Rav Yehudah ben Betira says Koresh (Coresh or Co. Rice) will be his name. Rav Shimon bar Yochai says HaKhShaRO will be his name. The Halakhah (legal ruling) in this case follows Rav Shimon who said HaKhShaRO will be his name.

First and foremost Eliyahu, the second greatest prophet of all time receives a message directly from Michael, the Heavenly Prince of Yisrael, and Second Century Rabbanim and Kabbalists argue with him! Don’t get me wrong! These are great Rabbanim, but no Tanna from the Second Century can argue with Eliyahu HaNavi! What is going on here! Secondly, Xerxes and Koresh are foreign Persian potentates, and by easy inference so is HaKhShaRO. Why would they usurp the reign of Armilus (TRMLO) the Wicked?

There can be only one explanation. Rav Shimon Bar Yochai and his kabbalistic comrades davened. They knew that this TRMLO would be worse than an abomination. If allowed to reign until Mashiach ben David revealed himself, he would easily be the worst elected Prime Minister of any country in all of human history. He has to be stopped. Replace him with a foreign potentate, a Ahashverosh or even better a Koresh, or even better HaKhShaRO. A benevolent foreign potentate would be far better than nine final months of TRMLO. The first letter in the name is a Hey. It can mean “the”. The other four Hebrew letters can easily be unscrambled. By the way the final O is an Aleph. Taking the Khaf and putting it between the Resh and the Aleph gives us SaRKO, the well known nickname of Nicolas Sarkozy. Can he be that benevolent foreign potentate for whom the Rashbi prayed? Time will tell.




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