Denial Everywhere 

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What do you see when you drive by a construction zone? Growth? Development? New homes? Those freshly paved streets leading to someplace else “interesting”? More construction perhaps?

How about that new highway addition? Or that newly widened thoroughfare, improving traffic flow? Do you see progress? Civilization charging ahead? The advancement of mankind? The great grand USA?

I see the classic signs of denial. I see ignorance. I see wasted dollars, wasted lives and wasted effort.

What I don’t see is the point. Why always more? Why always constant growth and expansion? Why not “enough”? Why not some conservation and consolidation instead? Why not now, especially since we know that energy supplies are dwindling? Why not ever?

Denial isn’t a badge of honor, or a degree of achievement. Denial indicates arrogance, ignorance, the inability to learn and understand and a high degree of outright selfishness. Denial is, in other words, an entrenched, dangerous, stupid and ridiculous position with severe side effects that can have devastating consequences for everyone, even the unborn.

The implied assumption in many human activities is the concept of unlimited growth. Yet even an orangutan can understand resource limits. Humans believe that these limits can be disregarded, or even overcome through technical wizardry, which is simply another way of leveraging the still-limited resources in new ways.

Yet the logical fallacy of unlimited growth is seemingly lost on deniers. Deniers believe that there will be no setbacks, no problems that humans cannot manage to overcome, no reason to change or reverse course or direction, and to constantly forever be pushing ahead. They demand everything be bigger, better, faster, taller, brighter, cheaper and newer with an insatiable, voracious appetite. Such transparent gluttony!

As one of the seven deadly sins, you’d think gluttony and the wanton waste deniers promote would condemn them to an eternal hell. That’s probably true, but they won’t be going there alone, they’re insisting on taking the rest of us there with them.

When I see all these new “developments” mentioned above, and there are many, many more of this kind, which rightly should be called destructive practices, I see the inability to maintain these new infrastructure developments in less then ten years. If this proves to be true (and I haven’t seen any evidence otherwise), this makes these ‘final developments’ of mankind extremely expensive – and extremely foolhardy.

They may well prove to the worst investments in all of human history. New infrastructure development is extremely energy intensive, requiring huge quantities of energy to develop, maintain and service. This will only worsen as energy continues to increase in costs.

Most of this energy is derived from oil. As oil continues to rise in costs, there is a perceived “need” to hurry up and build even more (useless) infrastructure before it’s too expensive to plunder, I mean build any more.

Of course, the viewpoint of the deniers totally fails to consider the long-term maintenance costs required, or even more sobering, who’s even going to need this infrastructure in a decade or so.

What will really fry your pickle is when you stop and consider how much of our infrastructure simply cannot be maintained anymore when it becomes cost-prohibitive. Then all that expensive infrastructure development becomes worthless junk, suitable for nothing and nobody. It’s going to be a literal hell of a legacy left behind for the survivors, mute and silent testimony at the sheer folly of men.

There are modern-day examples we can examine to demonstrate how this will probably happen. Detroit for example, has become a ghost town as it’s manufacturing sector left or closed its doors, leaving behind entire city blocks vacant. Square miles of empty buildings, vacated by everyone except rats and cockroaches. No longer being maintained, they are the first buildings destined for ruin.

Population flight is a common theme in the ghost towns of today. The decline (or destruction) of economic activity always results in a the flight of human capital which chases the money supply. Connecting all that economic activity to the price and availability of oil isn’t the least bit of a stretch of the imagination. In fact, not doing so is extremely irresponsible and inaccurate. Yet deniers never seem to figure this out.

Many abandon the dying cities because of the personal impacts the declining economic activity has upon their lives. Cincinnati for example, has now eclipsed Detroit in the flight of human abandonment.

Other factors can cause cities to die. Perth, Australia is facing abandonment because of the lack of water. Climate change is in reality a much bigger factor then peak oil / peak energy and always will be. The world can learn to live again without oil, but if the climate becomes uninhabitable, there won’t be anyplace to go. Some islands like Tuvalu and Torres Strait are already being evacuated due to rising sea levels. But deniers can’t even agree to these facts, insisting instead on their ‘natural causes’ and occurrences that would have occurred anyway.

Some cities will die from their water supplies melting too fast and rushing off into the sea. Already, predictions are that glacial ice is melting 3 times faster then scientists thought only one year ago. The lack of future runoff for cities, towns and villages that depend upon these glacial streams will cause further human migration from locations dependent upon these water flows.

Despite the ever-increasing evidence that our world is running out of affordable energy, and climate change will create huge cataclysmic changes to our world, the obvious courses of action we should be taking remains off-topic. Deniers are everywhere, especially in the halls of power, and they’re getting mighty upset that their applecart is about to tip over.

One of the darlings of the anti-global warming movement, Richard S. Lindzen receives payment from some of those who would benefit the most from his anti-warming stance:

“Lindzen, for his part, charges oil and coal interests $2,500 a day for his consulting services; his 1991 trip to testify before a Senate committee was paid for by Western Fuels, and a speech he wrote, entitled “Global Warming: the Origin and Nature of Alleged Scientific Consensus,” was underwritten by OPEC.”…“In 1991, Western Fuels spent an estimated $250,000 to produce and distribute a video entitled “The Greening of Planet Earth,” which was shown frequently inside the Bush White House as well as within the governments of OPEC.” The Great Global Warming Swindle Is Itself A Fraud And A Swindle

Dr. Lindzen is a member of the Advisory Council of the Annapolis Center for Science Based Public Policy, which has received large amounts of funding from ExxonMobil and smaller amounts from Daimler Chrysler, according to a review Exxon’s own financial documents and 990s from Daimler Chrysler’s Foundation. Lindzen is a also been a contributor to the Cato Institute [see “Organized Crime” below], which has taken $90,000 from Exxon since 1998, according to the website and a review Exxon financial documents. He is also a contributor for the George C. Marshall Institute.

Lindzen is oft quoted – “There is a clear attempt to establish truth not by scientific methods but by perpetual repetition”, but you’re not supposed to notice his own repetitious claims, or what his real “motives” are. The reality is, many climate change deniers are much too close to big business to be considered above reproach.

The “startling” conclusion of all this is denial is big business (but we all know that, right?). Denial IS big business in the truest sense of the word. It’s how business is done – it’s how things get built, resources get exploited and civilization as we know “it” continues. None of ‘this’ would have been possible without a strong streak of denial running through human consciousness. But then again, none of this was necessary either.

But could they be right? Could global warming be a hoax?

Hardly. You only need to look at how the Earth’s climate is changing to realize that something is wrong. Even better, old photographs of the Earth’s glaciers resoundingly prove that the planet is heating up. Photographs do not have political agendas or deep pockets, they can speak clearly for what they portray, our world is changing, very rapidly.



However, if you feel the need to examine the other side of the question, you can start here with some propaganda, err videos on the Great Global Warming Hysteria. While getting your infotainment infusion, pop another beer and check out what’s on television tonight.

Denial seems to be a growing spectator sport in America, but I fail to see what this will accomplish, except to help ensure the death of every living thing on Earth. It’s the only possible outcome of passivity and business as usual. But despite this rather negative side-effect, denial continues to enjoy a widely popular following.

Nothing seems to get through the armor-tough dull headed awareness of the deniers. You can’t chisel it, chip it or even blast it out of place, its tenacious grip is fully entrenched in the firm, resolute belief that they can’t possibly be wrong. The world that they embrace and perceive is the only world which they are willing to even consider, all else is either backwards, primitive or obsolete.

Which make the deniers an exceedingly dangerous people. They’ll gladly give life and limb as they march ahead, munching and crunching and eating their way towards planetary destruction, taking you and me with them. Their self-appointed tasks seems to be to rape, plunder, purge and destroy as much of the planet as fast as they can. They wear business suits and overalls, and they inhabit farms and offices the world over. They are your neighbors, family, friends and coworkers. They might even be your spouse.

They are convinced that their’s is the only right way any human should live and are dead set on making sure that their reality is the only reality for all humans, and they’re very willing to go to war to demonstrate that belief. They respect only what their hands have wrought, everything else is simply a “resource” for exploitation, including you. Their modus operandi mantra seems to be procreate, work, eat, consume, die.

Unfortunately, the deniers are the ones who are in control of our world. They hold the offices of power and run the corporations. They also inhabit many of the higher and lower institutions of learning, ensuring that future slaves, err citizens are properly taught and raised on how to produce, consume and procreate. They’ve a strong interest in perpetuating the status quo and ensuring their own positions on top of the heap of humanity.

Their life’s blood is the raw resources of the earth. Secretly, they have a great fear that they might be discovered as planetary plunderers and they’ll expend huge sums of money to ensure that they are not, but they don’t always hide it so well.

The reality is, modern civilization is a denial of natural living. The artificial constructs of the modern civilized world are all designed to take away the ability, right, freedom and opportunity to live any other way and to place all of these liberties into the hands of someone else, who stands to gain from their total control.

In other words, modern civilization is about ownership, slavery, control and profits. It’s extremely important for the deniers to continue to promote this perception, thus their bull-headed arrogance and ‘disbelief’. Their vested and pampered interest and existence in civilization is directly tied to their pocketbooks and not their intellect.

More civilization isn’t necessary or even desirable, I dare say we’ve done enough damage already. We should instead be thinking about how to preserve what we’ve already got and how to make the transition to a world without such encumbrances. Deniers consider this heresy to their religion of consumption and constant growth.

There is a rather strange belief that many climate change deniers express. They claim that climate change “hoax” is all about gaining control over the world’s natural resources. What this means to them of course is that they fear that they will lose control over these resources, since they are the ones who already control them. Ideally, if that were to happen, the applecart they’ve built really would tip over and spill all the apples they’ve collected, but I’m not holding my breath.

Stewardship of the Earth does not belong in the hands of capitalists. No man can serve two masters, only one will be obeyed and the other will be ignored (or derided). Climate change deniers have chosen their master, the god of mammon. It’s evident in everything that they do. They neither respect the planet, you or even each other. Their god requires the continued sacrifice of the Earths’ resources and they’ll fight you to the death to get them.

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