August 17, 2007

By The Way… It’s TEOTWAIKI Time

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It’s time for a little reminder since events are accelerating and affecting more and more people in wider and wider swaths.

There is a myth that “debt will be forgiven” during the collapse period. Some people have even engaged in building debt in the hopes of this mythical “promise”.

This myth is already being revealed as being false with the rising number of foreclosures and subprime failures. For those who are losing their homes, their personal collapse has now occurred. They are not being allowed to stay in their homes either.

Debt forgiveness will not be happening. Collapse is here, right now, for those who are no longer able to keep their heads above water.

Too many Americans are simply treading water, wrongly assuming that something will ‘improve’ in their lives to keep them afloat for a while yet longer. The economic outlook already reveals that this is a losing proposition (for nearly everyone). There is no relief on the horizon (or on the planet) to bail us out.

There is another myth in all this that bears mentioning because it is related to the first.

The collapse I often write about is a process, not an event. Collapse is also something personal. It need not be global, national or even regional. It need not even affect your city.

Many crash watchers are looking for a global or national “event”. You need not look far, in fact, the event(s) have already happened. It is already TEOTWAWKI for those caught in their own personal collapse; what we are witnessing now is the accelerating disintegration of society and civilization, consuming more and more people as it grows.

If you’re looking for TEOTWAWKI, then you’ve already found it. You are already immersed in it, it’s happening everywhere around you and will soon be knocking on your door too.

Everyone alive today is faced with this reality. Each of us manages to survive only one day longer because we’ve managed to keep our heads above the swirling tide of destruction whirling around us.

But then that destruction visits you in the form of a personal collapse. It need not visit anyone else (and often doesn’t). Your neighbors may remain unaffected until it’s their turn. The only difference between you and them is the personal situations and circumstance. They may have more money then you, more connections, more help, more assets or even be a little bit smarter and planned ahead a bit better. If they have these things, they may last longer before the tidy bowl flush sweeps them away too with the rest of humanity.

But nobody, and I mean nobody has the money, connections or wit to avoid the cumulative destruction of the chained events that is now happening. Nobody will be unaffected by climate change and rising sea levels (which are predicted to rise much more rapidly then expected). Nobody will be unaffected by an economic meltdown and the collapse of the economy. Nobody will be unaffected by the war in Iran (trust me on this one). Nobody is unaffected by the growing police state.

And there are many, many more events. Peak oil and the collapse of personal transportation. Environmental degradation and the collapse of the Amazon. Drought and the depletion of local aquifers. Nobody will be immune to hyper-inflation.

For the most part, we expected to cope with these changes because they are expected to occur gradually and we can have the time to adjust. But some of these events aren’t ‘adjustable’, they won’t allow us to adjust. We would need the resources we don’t already have. We would also need time that may not exist. When that happens, we’ll have our own collapse when they hit us personally.

Residents of Las Vegas will be without water in just 3 short years. For the residents of that city, their personal collapse can be put on the calendar (if we last that long, I don’t think we will). Australia is also in drought peril.

If you’re facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, you’re personal collapse is just a matter of weeks or a few months away. Personal collapse can come in many forms and can happen in an instant. And we’ve all come to expect that the System itself will continue to support us and give us time and opportunity, even assistance in recovering from a personal collapse. But what if that were no longer true? What happens with the System itself fails, like it is doing now?

“TEOTWAWKI” means “the end of the world as we know it”, but it should probably be spelled “TEOTWAIKI” – “the end of the world as I know it”. In that regard, TEOTWAIKI has already occurred for each and everyone of us because nothing we’ve grown accustomed to and built our individual lives around, is going to last much longer. It’s already “the end of the world” – we’re just getting used to the idea.

Our forward momentum and faith in the System is the only thing keeping most this world going. But there are some things that are totally outside the realm of human control, like the environment. Peak resources already occurred over 30 years ago (oil, fresh water, fish from the sea, coral reefs, forests and many other resources that have long since been destroyed). Once used up and consumed, they’re gone, some of them forever.

For these resources, their consumption (and destruction) spelled TEOTWAWKI decades ago, we just didn’t realize it. Our own personal TEOTWAIKI was forestalled, because we still had momentum and growth, but only because of the very long supply lines and natural stockpiles of resources that still existed.

If we had instantaneous reactions and responses from the natural world for example, we would be stunned at our consequences of our actions. The simple act of eating a Big Mac, or buying a can of paint, or driving to the supermarket would reveal itself in the death of thousands of trees, air and water pollution and the penned suffering of animals.

We are not only removed from these actions and consequences, we’ve put them completely out of our minds. To us, they’re “not real” and only barely perceived. Yet that same denial is why TEOTWAIKI will come visit each and every one of us personally.

All human actions have consequences. Collective human actions have devastating consequences (and many individual ones too). For decades, we’ve been living on the gravy train here in America, buying and selling, making love and making war, consuming and polluting, building and destroying, flying and driving, surfing and skiiing, acting like it was just going to last forever and ever.

The consequences of these actions are now indelibly written into the landscape of the planet we call home. And the reaction to these human actions is making itself felt all over the world. We may have a little time with which to adjust to these reactions, and we may not. But the event everyone is looking for is already here – TEOTWAWKI has arrived (by our own hand I should add).

When will your TEOTWAIKI arrive? For some, it already has. For everyone else, soon. Very soon. Nobody is going to get out of this one.

Read (and listen) to the news. The daily evidence is piling up everywhere faster then it can be absorbed. TEOTWAWKI is here, right now, ongoing and knocking on a door near you.

What does TEOTWAWKI mean to you? Isn’t it when your life falls apart with no chance of a “normal” recovery? Isn’t it when the prospects of improving your personal situation are over? Hasn’t that already happened?

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