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Erev Rad
Never before
has someone undertaken
to explain the Evil Forces
that escaped Egypt
the Exodus… until now!

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The Israeli Public has democratically elected a government, which has clearly stated its goal to forcibly evict over 75,000 Jews from their homes, abandon hundreds of synagogues and schools, and hand them over to our enemies who have democratically elected Hamas to lead them.

Have they all lost their minds?!

After declaring an all-out world-wide war against Terrorists and those who harbor them and after spending hundreds of billions, and sacrificing thousands of American lives, is President Bush really proceeding to encourage Israel to grant a wild mob of Terrorists the gift of Statehood!!

What does this say about America’s War on Terrorism?

This book contains awesome revelations about the leaders of the State of Israel. “The Erev Rav” will not waste your time demonstrating that the Israeli government has lost it’s mind. To all who read it, it will be as clear as day. It is a spiritual book that uncovers the cosmic forces that are the source of the bizarre suicidal behavior of successive Israeli leaders.

“The Erev Rav” reveals the dark spiritual forces that propel certain Jews to turn against their own brothers and sisters. Forces that they themselves are not aware of.

Amazing prophetic traditions from the great Biblical prophets and masters of Kabbala are brought to light in this book. But most importantly, you will be empowered, armed with knowledge you can use to take an active role in combating the forces of darkness. Awesome forces that have taken over the minds of most Jews and Gentiles on this planet are now only being revealed in “The Erev Rav.”

Although there are a small minority of sane individuals engulfed in a massive sea of lunacy and cruelty, they can, and will, triumph. As a small ray of light nullifies a vast of expanse of darkness, the knowledge of the true nature of the ugly forces of the Erev Rav is, in and of itself, a powerful blow to the very foundation of these forces of darkness and falsehood.

To understand these powerful concepts of what is going on in the Middle East today,

You Must Read “The Erev Rav” NOW!

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