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What The Media Isn’t  Telling You
About The French
  Muslim Riots (Part 2)

(Originally published by JTF.ORG on November 30, 2005) One of many French daycare centers burned to the ground by Muslim rioters

JTF has warned for many years about the Muslim terrorist threat to Europe – Hordes of North African migrants cross the Sahara desert in overcrowded trucks to find work in France and other European countries

Last week, JTF discussed the recent Muslim riots in France and how the left-wing, Muslim-loving media – the anti-Western, anti-white, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish media – “reported” or rather failed to report on their extent and savagery. (We have included our November 23, 2005 article, What The Media Isn’t Telling You About The French Muslim Riots (Part 1), in our HOW WE CAN SAVE AMERICA section below.) This week, we will look at “underlying causes,” both as the media sees them, and then as they really are.

Just as the blacks in America, and the Arabs in Israel, have their apologists, so do the Muslims in Europe – British Communists marched side by side with Muslim terrorist sympathizers at a March 2005 demonstration in support of “victory to the Iraqi resistance”

As it did in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina riots, as it always does following the incessant outrages by blacks, Muslims and assorted Third World gangrene in the United States and abroad, the media was predictably quick to put an anti-Western spin on the violence. Every effort was made to whitewash the violence and terror, by claiming that the Islamic murderers and looters and rioters were somehow justified in their actions, and that their crimes were in fact perpetrated by everybody but the criminals themselves.

It is hardly necessary to go through the whole litany of apologies. We have heard it all before, over and over again, ad nauseam. The rioters are not criminals. They are “disaffected” residents of “impoverished” areas, “rebelling” against a “racist” system which ensures that, through no fault of their own, they will never improve themselves. If only given the proper “opportunity,” we are told – if only more billions and trillions were spent on their housing and education and medicine – they would settle down and become willing and productive members of our First World society, eager to work together with us to build a better world.

What do they have in their own homelands? – Slavery is rampant in today’s black Africa, just as it is throughout the Muslim world. (A Gabonese child slave girl sells ice water in the ironically named Libreville (“Freetown”), the capital of Gabon.)
Muslim rappers in France preach anti-Western hatred as viciously as do the black rappers of America and the Arab ones of Israel – A fist-clenching French rapper named Rost is of Togolese origin

Over the past few weeks, we have heard many complaints from the left-wing media and cowardly, self-hating whites of Muslim unemployment, and of the supposedly miserable life of Muslims in wretched, poverty-stricken neighborhoods. But we have not heard much about how the unemployment rate in France among all Frenchmen stands at a whopping 10%. Nor have we heard that the neighborhoods in which the Muslims have been rioting are often 50% Christian.

French Christians, living in the same neighborhoods as the Muslim rioters, face exactly the same conditions of poverty and unemployment but remain law-abiding and productive members of Western society

The Christians – need we bother to add? – have not been rioting, no more than there were riots among whites in America during the Depression or among Jews during the hard times which preceded the foundation of Israel. Only Muslims, blacks and Arabs are possessed of the savagery required to destroy their own communities, and those of their neighbors, when things fail to go their way. And only they are given excuses for doing so by a media which viciously condemns as “right-wing extremism” and “religious fanaticism” mild demonstrations of Western outrage like those of the Minutemen in America and Israel’s right-wing Jewish dissidents.

A horrible image of
African starvation

In fact, the Muslims in France and the rest of Europe, like the blacks in America and the Arabs in Israel, have never had it so good. France’s Muslims have been made citizens by left-wing French governments eager for their votes, so eager that France discriminates not against its Muslims but against its Christians, just as whites are discriminated against in favor of blacks in the United States, and just as Jews are discriminated against in favor of Arabs in Israel.

Like the blacks in America and the Arabs in Israel, the Muslims in Europe are constantly screaming “discrimination” – Born in Algeria, Yazid Sabeg, the only Arab head of a large French corporation, complains of anti-Arab, anti-Muslim discrimination. “People don’t like my face,” he says. “In some circles, the Algerian war still continues.” The head of CS, which works in the sensitive military communications and aerospace industry, Sabeg was investigated for years in the early 1990s after the French intelligence service reported that he was aligned with Algerian terrorists.

Like America and Israel, France has spent fortunes trying to employ the Muslims, to educate their inbred and retarded children, and to clean up the filthy hovels which they have spread over the French landscape. (Parts of Paris, once one of the most beautiful cities, if not the most beautiful city, in the world, have been turned into garbage-strewn, urine-stained imitations of America’s most infamous rat hole, the South Bronx.) Billions have been spent on free daycare, free housing, free education, free medicine, and cushy, make-work federal jobs which are practically sinecures, patronage jobs from which the employees cannot be fired.

The French foreign minister Dominique de Villepin met with rioters to discuss new giveaways in response to the violence – a move which predictably led to even more rioting – Villepin is shown with his boss Jacques “Iraq” Chiraq, and meeting in August 2004 with the imam of France’s largest mosque

The arrogance of the French Muslims almost surpasses their ignorance and violence. It is not, after all, as if they can claim that life was better for them in their nasty Muslim homelands, racked by war, oppression, injustice, disease, poverty, the rape and genital mutilation of women and girls, mass murder, and every other ill which violence and laziness and stupidity and mistrust and envy breed in Third World societies. (At the present time, November 2005, there
are a dozen savage wars raging in the Arab world, none covered in the news.)

America does not need leaders like George Wahabi Bush capitulating to Arab Muslim terrorism – In May 2004, Bush went on the Arab Muslim terrorist television network Al Jazeera to apologize for the American “mistreatment” of Iraqi prisoners. (Bush’s capitulation was witnessed all over the Muslim terrorist world, including in the Israeli city of Hebron, where 500 heroic Jewish pioneers – including valiant JTF ally Noam Federman and Chayil party leader Baruch Marzel – “hold the fort” against 80,000 murderous Arab interlopers.)

Why else would there be – as there presently are – 300 million Muslims poised eagerly on the southern borders of Europe, its new “soft underbelly,” eagerly awaiting the chance to come swarming in? Why else, for that matter, would most of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims salivate at the thought of escape from their own nasty lands of Islam?

The savage Muslim riots which have racked France for the past few weeks are – or should have been – an object lesson for every non-Muslim “infidel,” in America and Israel, in Europe and in every other civilized nation of the globe. After decades of coddling Muslims, after decades of inviting them into France and appeasing them with socialist welfare handouts comparable to the “affirmative action” giveaways of America, the undeserving Muslims of France have expressed their gratitude for French largesse by unequivocally demonstrating that they will stop at nothing to suck an “infidel” nation dry.

Former German Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder told the world in December 2000 that Germany needs more Muslim immigrants – In the months leading up to the Muslim terrorist butchery of September 11th, the German city of Hamburg was home to Egyptian Muslim terrorist Mohammed Atta and his fellow 911 conspirators

Today, Europe is clearly being led down the garden path to destruction by leaders like Jacques “Iraq” Chirac, who once armed Saddam Hussein with a nuclear reactor, and who recently boasted that France’s recklessly lax immigration policies would keep France free of Islamic terrorism; and former German Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder, who complained in the months before September 11th that Germany does not have enough Muslim “workers.”

By the same token, we do not need an Ariel Sharon in Israel, making increasingly “painful concessions” to Arab Muslim terrorists. We do not need a George Wahabi Bush ordering the State Department to encourage even more Muslim parasites to come to the United States.

Chana House, a Black Star bus station and barber shop in the Sahara desert, on the Third World road from black and Muslim Africa to France – The writing on the wall warns against posting and urination
A terrified 7-year-old African girl undergoes the agonizing, brutal, barbaric and dangerous Islamic custom of female genital mutilation, euphemistically called “female circumcision” in many Muslim-loving Western circles

Instead, we need leaders willing to face the problem of Islam realistically, and willing to take the steps needed to deal with its violent and growing threat to world peace and stability.

There is no way to save America from moral and spiritual destruction – which will lead to physical destruction – unless right-wing righteous Gentiles are prepared to lead a massive civil disobedience revolt against the traitors destroying this once great nation.

If we are willing to mobilize now, it is not too late to save America. For the sake of America, Israel
and the West, we hope and pray that we can motivate G-d-fearing American patriots to act.

Africans get the finest Western medical care in France, at no cost to themselves – what do they have in their own wretched homelands? – A disease-stricken African is treated with hot water from a tea kettle, dispensed by a nurse who protects his hand from infection with a plastic baggie
Pakistani children swim in raw sewage during summers when the temperature can easily reach 120 degrees F in the shade

In your heart, you know we’re right. And in your guts, you know they’re nuts.

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Do not depend on others to do your part! G-d only blesses those who do
their own part!

May G-d bless all of our loyal supporters and their loved ones.

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