Pakistan, Dubai And
The Nuclear Terrorist Threat

(Originally published by JTF.ORG on March 8, 2006)

George Bush warmly greets Pakistan’s Muslim terrorist military dictator Pervez Musharraf, whom Bush refers to as an “ally” (March 3, 2006)

In a fabulous palace built with Western petrodollars, U.S. Army General Richard Myers confers with the tyrant of Muslim terrorist Dubai, whom Myers calls an “ally” in America’s war on terror – The painting on the wall is of the tyrant’s father, who ruled Dubai when it gave aid and comfort to Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and the 19 Muslim terrorist hijackers who slaughtered 3,000 innocent Americans on September 11th

Pakistan is the only Muslim nation in the world with nuclear weaponry. On its eastern border, Pakistan faces its longtime enemy, Hindu India. India has a much larger and more sophisticated nuclear bomb arsenal than Pakistan. If not for the fact that Pakistan feels constantly threatened by India’s nuclear weapons, the Pakistani Muslims would already have found a way to share their nuclear secrets with the Islamic terrorist organizations that they sponsor. But because of the threat of Indian nuclear retaliation, Pakistan has felt compelled to conceal its efforts to spread the nuclear cancer.

However, even while trying to conceal their attempt to spread their nuclear terrorist knowledge, the treacherous Pakistani Muslims have done everything imaginable to assist as many enemies of the United States as possible in acquiring nuclear bombs.

Israel is also selling out to the Arabs – In February 2005, self-hating left-wing Israeli deputy prime minister Shimon Peres backed a plan by United Arab Emirates real estate magnates to buy the property of Jews about to face expulsion from the Gaza District and northern Samaria

Pakistan’s chief nuclear scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan, provided enough nuclear technology secrets to Communist terrorist North Korea to enable the North Koreans to develop at least two nuclear bombs. And Khan was the chief source of nuclear bomb technology secrets for the Muslim terrorist nations of Iran and Libya. The Iranian Muslim terrorist regime is now perilously close to developing nuclear bombs.

Because of their fear of American and Indian retaliation, the Pakistanis have tried to be careful about how they spread their nuclear terrorist poison.

Pakistani children, dressed as Islamic suicide bombers, march in support of the Iraqi Muslim terrorists murdering American soldiers in Iraq

Pakistanis in Lahore demonstrate for
Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda

When Khan was caught red-handed stealing Dutch and German nuclear secrets in 1976, he quickly fled back to Pakistan, which claimed that it knew nothing of his activities. However, the Pakistanis refused to extradite Khan to the Netherlands even after he was convicted in absentia by a Dutch court of stealing blueprints for uranium centrifuge, which is essential for the construction of nuclear bombs. In order not to hurt their trade relations with Pakistan and other Muslim terrorist nations, the Dutch eventually overturned Khan’s conviction on a technicality.

For decades, Communist China provided massive overt and covert nuclear technology aid to Pakistan. The Chinese technology transfers cost many billions of dollars.

George Bush has looked into the eyes of Pakistani Muslim military
dictator Pervez Musharraf and found an “ally” in the war on terror

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) funded Pakistan’s purchase of Chinese nuclear technology and Chinese nuclear secrets. Yes, the same United Arab Emirates that will control six critical U.S. ports, if George Wahabi Bush has his way.

As a result of the massive Chinese nuclear technology aid, Pakistan developed nuclear bombs and conducted its first successful nuclear explosion on May 28, 1998.

But the Pakistani Muslim serpents were not satisfied with having their own nuclear bombs. As mentioned earlier, they were determined to spread the nuclear terrorist plague to as many enemies of the United States as possible.

Funded by Saudi Arabia, Dubai and every other wealthy Arab nation, madrassas in Pakistan have turned out millions of brainwashed Muslims eager for the chance to bring a nuclear weapon into America’s ports – The students escape a life of starvation on Pakistan’s streets in exchange for long years spent memorizing the Islamic bible of terror, the Koran

The Pakistanis wanted to be able to spread the nuclear bomb technology without getting caught. So their two chief nuclear scientists, Abdul Khan and Mohammed Farooq, made contact with three notorious terrorist nations – North Korea, Iran and Libya – and offered to provide them with both the technology and the knowledge needed to build nuclear bombs. In addition to Khan and Farooq, virtually all of Pakistan’s senior nuclear scientists were involved in assisting North Korea, Iran and Libya in the development of nuclear weaponry.

Although the Pakistani Muslim terrorist regime now claims that these scientists acted on their own, there is no way that the scientists could have transferred so much technology during so many transactions without the full knowledge and approval of Pakistani military dictator Pervez Musharraf. Whole shiploads of Pakistan’s most advanced nuclear technology were repeatedly sent to North Korea, Iran and Libya. There was so much technical equipment that entire nuclear factories were constructed from it in the rogue states to which it was sent.

Pakistani Muslims gleefully dance in the streets, days after September 11th

The claim that the scientists were able to transfer the most sensitive technology that Pakistan possesses from Pakistan’s tightly guarded nuclear laboratories without the regime’s approval is absurd. Equally absurd is the claim that virtually all of Pakistan’s senior nuclear scientists were able to participate in this effort without the regime’s knowledge.

Indeed, now that this monstrous effort to spread the nuclear plague to as many anti-American terrorist nations as possible has been exposed, and Khan and the other scientists involved have publicly admitted that they provided vital nuclear technology to three different outlaw regimes, the Pakistanis have taken no action against these scientists, further proving that the Pakistani government itself was the initiator of these criminal transactions.

Muslim terrorist military dictator Pervez Musharraf rules Pakistan with an iron fist

Pakistani Muslim terrorist nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan, the “father of the Islamic bomb” and a devout Muslim, established a nuclear black market network with the full cooperation of his own nation, the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates, all “allies” – according to George Wahabi Bush – in America’s war on terror

In Pakistan, the government routinely kills people, after brutally torturing them, for committing the most minor offenses. If these scientists had found a way to steal Pakistan’s most sensitive nuclear technology from Pakistani laboratories without the approval of the regime, and then got caught, there is no doubt what their fate would have been. Instead, the scientists are constantly praised as almost god-like heroes by the Pakistani government-controlled news media.

This is the same Pakistan that George Wahabi Bush consistently refers to as our “ally” in the war against Islamic terrorism and the spread of nuclear weapons. The Pakistanis deserve an academy award for not bursting out laughing every time they meet with Bush and other “brilliant” American politicians.

Muslim terrorist nuclear proliferator A.Q. Khan meets – after the exposure of his nuclear black market operation – with Pakistani Muslim terrorist military dictator Pervez Musharraf – During the meeting, which took place on live Pakistani television, Musharraf accorded Khan every deference due to an Islamic terrorist folk hero, which is how the rogue nuclear scientist is regarded by Muslims around the world. (Musharraf wore a military uniform to symbolize his wholehearted agreement with Khan’s dream of slaughtering every non-Muslim “infidel” through the spread of nuclear weapons.)

Pakistan’s Muslim terrorist military dictator Pervez Musharraf (l.) is helping Iran to build nuclear weapons – Musharraf met in Islamabad in December 2002 with Iranian Muslim terrorist dictator Mohammed Khatami

When the Pakistanis decided to help North Korea, Iran and Libya build nuclear weapons, they received the assistance of Dubai in arranging the massive technology transfers. Using the Dubai black market, which is actually controlled by the nation’s corrupt emirs (Arab rulers), the Pakistanis were able to conceal their efforts to the point where Communist North Korea received enough technology to build at least two nuclear bombs.

Yes, this is the same Dubai which is part of the United Arab Emirates and which will be given control of six American ports under the plan proposed by the Bush administration.

Pakistan’s nuclear program was developed by the Red Chinese and funded by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

A month before September 11th, Taliban leaders met in Pakistan, one of the world’s only three countries to have formal relations with the Afghani Muslim terrorist mass murderers who openly supported and gave safe haven to Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda

Many Bush supporters have been annoyed at JTF for our condemnation of George Bush as a traitor who serves the interests of the multinational corporations rather than the interests of the American people. We always hasten to add that the Democrats are also traitors who serve the interests of the same multinational corporations. The vast majority of politicians in both major parties are lying frauds who could not care less about the future of the country.

A massive investor in Western media and other business ventures, Saudi billionaire Prince Walid Bin Talal recently gave millions of dollars for the establishment of twenty Muslim terrorist madrassas in Kashmir, where tens of thousands of innocent Hindus have been slaughtered by Muslim terrorists seeking to wrest the province from India, its rightful owner

Will this insane and treasonous Dubai port deal finally wake people up? For the sake of the once great United States of America, we certainly hope and pray that people will finally recognize reality and decide to fight to take this country back.

There is no way to save America from moral and spiritual destruction – which will lead to physical destruction – unless right-wing righteous Gentiles are prepared to lead a massive civil disobedience revolt against the traitors destroying
this once great nation.

America’s leaders are traitors who have offered her on the altar of Muslim terrorist petroleum – Dick Cheney and Saudi crown prince Abdallah “exchange courtesies” during a visit of state. (Too bad that Cheney didn’t go hunting with Abdallah!)

What the stylish Muslim terrorist wears when he smells like a camel – Pakistani men’s shops in Lahore sell Osama Bin Laden cologne

If we are willing to mobilize now, it is not too late to save America. For the sake of America, Israel and the West, we hope and pray that we can motivate G-d-fearing American patriots to act.

In your heart, you know we’re right. And in your guts, you know they’re nuts.

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