The calm before the storm.

Things certainly look as if they are settling down around here (Israel) Egypt under the threat of jeopardizing their military support from the US has promised to stop the arms smuggling into the Gaza Strip by patrolling the border for illegal tunnels. It’s a little to late of course now that Hamas is armed to the teeth and ready for war with the IDF, or at least they mistakenly think they are. In the north we have Hezbollah now moving back into the southern Lebanon area with more missiles and armor than they had before the second Lebanon war, of course under the watchful eye and protection of the U.N.

But we can all rest better at night now that Bush has said that Iran is not building a nuclear bomb that of course means he is admitting that he was been wrong for a few years “again”. Leaving Israel with the responsibility of taking care of the nuclear threat to our survival, and making a pre-emptive strike much like the 1982 strike on the Iraqi nuclear reactor more likely. Many military advisors now think we have waited to long and it should have been done months ago. Others believe that Iran already has the bomb and have simply purchased them from the dissolved USSR where they are up for sale to the highest bidder. In the mean time Russia is shipping large amounts of nuclear fuel into Iran to fuel the reactors they built for the Iranians. Not to mention the Russian anti-aircraft missiles being imported into Iran and Syria by the Russians.

Bethlehem had over 60,000 tourists For the December 25th Christmas Celebration for the first time in over 7 years. Still two more Christmas celebrations to come for the Greek Orthodox and the Armenians as they both have different dates. Of course they were entertained by mostly Moslems with Abbas as the honored guest at the high Mass as the Christians that could have already left their homes and businesses and moved to other countries. What was once a Christian town is now nearly 90% Moslems, the same thing is happening in Nazareth as well.

We read that when they say Peace and Security then sudden destruction will come quickly, so we should know to prepare for that day is approaching far sooner then most are ready for.

Fatah which is Abbas’s organization that Bush keeps telling the world is a moderate Moslem has a new poster for their 43rd anniversary celebration and it clearly shows all of Israel under the control of the so-called “Palestinians”.

As you can see it shows a map of Israel draped with a Moslem keffiyeh clearly stating the same as Hamas that all of what is now Israel will become “Palestine”. They do not want peace or a piece of Israel they want it all and will not surrender their political goal by negotiating. Only by total military defeat can they be made to stop their killing of innocent civilians here in Israel. What is so troubling is why the US and Europe think Israel must negotiate with these blood thirsty Moslems when they don’t. The one thing I noticed is how the US joined the Arab world and placed the lion’s share of the blame of the “Palestinians/Israeli war squarely on the shoulders of the Israelis at the Annapolis meeting. In order for Bush to appease the Saudis and get them to attend the meeting he agreed to keep the Israelis and the Arabs totally separated. It was a meeting where the Israelis had to use the back door and were not allowed to sit near any Arab Leader and told plainly from the beginning that they were not allowed to shake hands or try to shake hands with any of the Arab Leaders. These are also facts that Olmert has attempted to hide from the Israeli public in order to please Bush.

Bush will be here in Israel in a few days and I have only seen one other time when so much preparation has been done in advance of a VIP meeting and that was for the Pope. The streets are being washed and everything along the route that he will travel is being beautified, you would think the King of the world is coming to town.

While all this is happening Russia is sending its Black Sea flag ship Moskva to the Eastern Mediterranean with six Russian war ships lead by the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier and the Moskva guided missile cruiser. This of course is a major concern to the Israeli navy and puts operations in the Med in constant danger of an incident that could kick off the third world war. Not to mention that the US 6th Fleet is stationed on the Turkish coast near Mersin. It sure looks like while everyone is talking abut peace the big guns are preparing for an all out war.

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