Bush throws tantrum after failing to hoodwink Arabs:

Tehran Times Political Desk

TEHRAN — Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohamamd-Ali Hosseini said on Monday that U.S. President George W. Bush’s latest anti-Iran remarks were a result of his failure to convince Arab governments to support the Zionist regime.

Addressing the leaders of the United Arab Emirates on Sunday, Bush branded Iran as the “world’s leading state-sponsor of terror”. He said Tehran threatens nations everywhere and that the United States was “rallying friends around the world to confront this danger before it is too late.”

“Bush’s remarks show his frustration and failure in the last months of his presidency. Since he has failed to convince Arab and Muslim countries to support the Zionist regime, he is putting the blame on others,” Hosseini argued.

He added, “Bush should know that the world’s intense hatred of his policies has a real and logical root which is undeniable and should not spark annoyance and meaningless and repetitious verbal attacks.”

The U.S. president’s efforts to isolate Iran “show that he is unaware that relations between regional countries are indissoluble and that the greedy powers’ unilateralism is unable to influence their destiny.”

Hosseini asserted that Middle Eastern states are determined to expand their comprehensive relations.

He said the U.S. president is displeased about Iran’s success in addressing ambiguities over its nuclear activities and is seeking to undermine the growing cooperation between the Islamic Republic and the International Atomic Energy Agency through unfounded allegations.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman advised Bush to respect the demands and the civil rights of U.S. citizens, to adopt a logical foreign policy, and to stop inflicting excruciating torture at the Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prisons.

Bush is once again pursuing the baseless policy of U.S. neoconservative leaders, which led to the “historic and unforgivable mistake” of attacking Iraq and the expansion of terrorism and insecurity in the region, Hosseini said.

Apparently, the Bush administration has not learned its lesson from failure in the region, but the U.S. president has lost all credibility in the eyes of the world due to his baseless remarks, he added.

———Bush’s efforts to strain Iran-Arab ties doomed to failure

Iranian Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki has said Bush’s efforts to strain Iran’s relations with the Arab states would be doomed to failure

“Bush is trying to strain Iran’s relations with the Persian Gulf states, all to no avail,” Mottaki told Aljazeera TV aired on Monday.

There is no anti-Iranian public sentiment among the Persian Gulf littoral nations, he stated.

The minister emphasized that “Bush’s endeavors will get nowhere, because currently Iran has promoted its relations with the regional states through cooperation and political negotiation.”

Now Iran is cooperating with Persian Gulf littoral states even in security fields, he added

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