A Government With No Brains and No Balls

By Mladen Andrijasevic January 22, 2008

On June the 22, 1941, the day Nazi Germany attacked the USSR, Winston Churchill said this in his broadcast to the British people: “We shall bomb Germany by day as well as by night, in ever-increasing measure, casting upon them month by month a heavier discharge of bombs and making the German people taste and gulp each month a sharper dose of the miseries they have showered upon mankind.”

How do Israeli leaders react to the 1500 rockets that have been showering Sderot since disengagement, especially the 220 the last weekend? Here is a quote from the Jerusalem Post: “Five Israeli tanker trucks parked at the Nahal Oz crossing on the Gaza border pumped 700,000 liters of fuel to the other side, enough to provide electricity to Gaza City for two days. ” Result: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired five Kassam rockets at the western Negev on Tuesday morning.

Have we all taken leave of our senses? Can the government once and for all make a point, show some resolve and make Hamas taste a dose of the miseries they have showered upon us? How does this government intend to achieve anything when it turns like a weather vane to every word of the “international community’, the same community that remained silent while Sderot was bombed.

The farce with Abbas continues. The day after Israel was bombarded with 90 Kassams in two days, Abbas threatened to resign because of Israel’s “escalation”. No reaction by anybody. We go on listening to Abbas’s Orwellian comments and say nothing. The question is not only that the rockets keep falling and the US and Israel keep living in fantasy of a moderate Palestinian leader. It is that we have utter nonsense thrown at us and say nothing. It is demeaning. Is there no dignity left in this population? What kind of civilization have we become to accept this? The UN Security Council is due to meet this afternoon on Gaza. What should be done?

Stop. This is not business as usual. World opinion matters, but it should be taken seriously and influenced from the top. Its usual reactions must be preempted. The Prime Minister should summon all the foreign diplomats and hold a press conference and make a declaration before the UN starts its absurd meeting with predictable results. The declaration should include a simple statement of fact. That Israel has been showered with rockets and that if the Kassam continue all electricity to Gaza will be cut. If Palestinians prefer electricity to darkness, they have to just stop the rockets.

If any of the Security Council permanent five have a better proposal how to stop it they should apply it to their own territory next time it is the target of rockets. Or hold their next meeting in Sderot.

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