Super Tuesday: ‘It’s the economy, stupid’

Primary states lost 1.5 million manufacturing jobs under Bush

Posted: January 30, 2008
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Jerome R. Corsi

© 2008

Group says more than 900,000 U.S. jobs have gone to China

The 24 states holding primaries in next week’s Super Tuesday have lost 1,568,600 manufacturing jobs in the seven years since President Bush took office, according to statistics provided WND by the Alliance for American Manufacturing, or AAM.

“In the Super Tuesday states, “It’s the economy, stupid,’ is what voting is going to be all about,” Kerri Houston, senior analyst at AAM, told WND.

“It’s also about ‘It’s the defense, stupid,” Houston said, “given how many U.S. defense suppliers have now been outsourced overseas.”

“The Department of Defense now has graveyards full of broken-down equipment, including tanks, airplanes and missile launchers that are out of action for lack of a part,” she continued.

“Republicans who have opposed unions for decades don’t want to talk about outsourcing as a problem, because they are afraid the unions would come back if the jobs came back, and the Republicans are happy to see Democrats denied campaign contributions that would be coming out of union dues,” Houston emphasized.

“But when the military can’t find steel, tires or metal parts, and military procurement demands the Department of Defense look for a U.S. manufacturer, we’re out of luck,” she said. “The part the military needs may today only be made in China.”

According to AAM data, the 24 Super Tuesday states have lost 914,400 jobs across all sectors to China alone while Bush has been in office.

“Jobs and the economy will be the top issues that drive voters to the polls on Super Tuesday,” said AAM director Scott Paul. “The manufacturing jobs lost under the Bush administration were good-paying jobs that can’t really be replaced by lower-paying service sector jobs.

“The presidential candidates would be wise to directly address these issues,” Paul advised, “and let the voters know what they will do to strengthen American manufacturing, challenge China’s unfair trade practices and reform our broken trade policy.”

In the Super Tuesday states, Montana and West Virginia are involved in the Republican primaries only, and Idaho, Arizona and Kansas are Democratic primary states only.

The 19 states with both Republican and Democratic primaries on Super Tuesday are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah.

“The whole idea of the Bush tax refund being an economic stimulus is going to be received with skepticism in the Super Tuesday states,” Houston cautioned.

“The U.S. Treasury has to borrow from China the money to use in paying out the tax refund,” she noted.

“Then what are people going to do – use their refund check to buy goods that are made in China?” she asked. “Unfortunately, the Bush administration is not going to mail back the jobs lost to outsourcing along with the refund checks, whenever they finally arrive.”


Will we see an earthquake?

Winograd report’s effect depends on response of Israeli public, politicians

Sima Kadmon
Published: 01.30.08, 14:18 / Israel Opinion

It will not be an exaggeration to assume that some people could not sleep last night.

Bereaved parents who have been waiting for long months to find out what shattered their world; Reserve soldiers who for a long time now have been trying to understand why the political leadership disappointed them; Government ministers who are all responsible for the decision-making process; The former IDF chief of staff, the former defense minister, and most of all the prime minister, whose entire term in office almost has been in the shadow of that war.

How did he sleep at night, our prime minister? What went through his head during those long hours, with strong winds pounding against the windows of his home? Does his stomach turn with concern? Does his heart pound? What does he feel in those hours, the last hours before the publication of the final report on the events of the summer of 2006, which left so much anger and confusion in their wake around here? And sadness. Plenty of sadness.

When the Winograd Commission members present their conclusions regarding the Second Lebanon War to the public this evening, another chapter in this unfinished war will end. Yet it is doubtful whether Justice Winograd’s conclusions would put an end to it. A thorough and intense investigation that took a year and a half and pertains to the decision-making processes that accompanied this controversial war would not put an end to the army’s self-reflection mode or to the disquiet and agitation experienced by the political establishment.

Nobody, with the exception of the five Winograd Commission members, knows what the full report to be presented to the public today contains. What we do know is that as opposed to the interim report, this one will offer a system-wide view and address the conduct of the military and of the political leadership, rather than the conduct of one person or another.

Prepare for disappointment

In other words: commission members will not be placing a knife or a loaded gun on the desk of any of the main characters. What they will do is place a gun at the hands of the Israeli public. We will not see heads roll in the commission’s summary today. The commission has left this task to the public arena.

Will we see an earthquake as some people predict? It is doubtful whether such shock can be prompted yet again following the interim report. And following the High Court’s intervention, we can assume that the final report will be more moderate than the previous one, and that the wording will be cautious in all matters pertaining to specific figures.

If someone hopes for an earthquake, he may be disappointed.
And if an earthquake indeed materializes, it is not the commission members who will cause it, and not the report they will present to the public this evening. What could cause such earthquake is the interpretation given to the report by the politicians: Those who would be glad to replace the current government, and those who fear such change.

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