by Carolina Mendoza

John McCain: George Soros’ Useful Idiot?

February 02, 2008 01:00 PM EST

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” George Soros

Many believe George Soros is out to destroy America’s Constitution and sovereignty. From the anti-2nd amendment gun control group, Americans for Gun Safety to the anti-free speech McCain-Feingold Finance Reform Act, John McCain has been carrying out marching orders from Soros, enriching his Reform Institute and his campaign coffers while riding Soros’ coattails to national prominence as the mainstream media darling, ‘Maverick’ Senator McCain.

The ambitious Soros has a goal of rewriting the United States Constitution by the year 2020. He has funded efforts for a world-wide gun ban instituted through the United Nations as well as borderless nations, legalizing illicit drugs and his ultimate goal of a world government controlled by the U.N. Does John McCain share his lofty goals?

The McCain-Feingold legislation was an idea devised by the brilliant Mr. Soros. The Act stopped ‘soft’ money contributions to the Democrat and Republican parties, as well as putting limits on free speech by not permitting a candidate’s name to be used in ads 60 days prior to general elections and 30 days prior to primary elections. This Act bankrupted the Democratic Party because, unlike the Republican Party, the Democratic Party was primarily financed by ‘soft’ money donations from large groups such as Unions. The Republican Party, by contrast, receives most of its funds from individuals in the form of ‘hard’ money, small donations.

George Soros had discovered a way to make the Democrat Party beholden to him through an obvious loophole (large enough to drive a Mexican truck through) in the law, establishing what is known as 527 groups, after the section in the tax code. With Democratic donations dried up after the passage of McCain-Feingold, George Soros and his billionaire buddies founded several 527s privately and stealthily. 527s are unlimited in terms of contributions, unregulated, and can be used to run politic ads and fund other activities related to issues. Therein lies its brilliance. It could be said that George Soros now owns the Democratic Party because he controls the money they once received through big donor donations. And, thus he controls the agenda. He has established what is now considered the ‘Shadow Party’, a party within the Democrat Party.

When Soros was looking for a vehicle to bring this scheme to fruition, who was standing with his hand extended? Senator John McCain. And, richly rewarded he was. During the 2000 political season John McCain and Russ Feingold attended the two so-called ‘Shadow Conventions’ that Soros sponsored. McCain, who is desperately attempting to retain his false title of ‘Republican’, was the keynote speaker at the ultra-liberal Philadelphia convention while Feingold spoke at the Los Angeles event. Low and behold, in 2001, John McCain founded the Reform Institute largely funded by a huge donation from George Soros’ Open Society Institute and his Tides Foundation.

The Reform Institute from which John McCain resigned in 2005, no doubt to pursue his run for the presidency, is dedicated to advancing the Soros agenda despised by most Conservatives and many mainstream Americans. Their goals include amnesty, a borderless North America dissolving a sovereign USA, open Republican primaries which would have Democrats and Independents determining the Republican Presidential Candidate, thereby putting the final nail in the Republican Party’s coffin. For examples of how the institute feels regarding mass amnesty of illegal aliens in the United States, look at the student art work awarded for mocking the border fence, posted by Michelle Malkin, who has shined light on the Soros/McCain connection over the past week.

Most damning is McCain’s Reform Institute fellow, Juan Hernandez, who is an open-border lobbyist and former Mexican government cabinet member. Working for Presidente Vicente Fox, he was the Director of the Office of Mexicans Living Abroad. He is described in his bio at McCain’s Reform Institute as being an American, but actually has dual citizenship with Mexico and has feverishly lobbied for amnesty. Juan Hernandez with his extremist views on illegal immigration and open borders, is also the John McCain presidential campaign’s Hispanic Outreach Director. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to see that McCain has never veered off of his path to amnesty.

America’s 2nd Amendment is on the McCain-Soros’ chopping block. According to an interesting observation posted on the blog, The Provocateur, Soros’ definition of a terrorist rarely strays beyond considering the word semantically equivalent to any “American citizen who owns a firearm” . Soros is funding many, if not all, anti-gun groups in the United States and throughout the world via his financial support of anti-gun bans which he initiates in the United Nations. Why? According to Judge Napolitano, in his book Constitutional Chaos, the original intent of the 2nd amendment was not only to protect the citizenry from intruders and other criminals but more importantly from the government itself. Napolitano also points out that every government takeover has been the result of a disarmed citizenry.

A little known fact is that McCain has quietly endorsed George Soros’ anti-2nd amendment gun control position, going so far as to do an advertisement for the Soros funded pro-gun control group, Americans for Gun Safety. Campaigning against gun shows to promote the McCain-Lieberman Gun Show Control Bill of 2004, the advertisement carried multiple misleading statements as explained by Dave Kopel writing in the National Review Online in an article titled, “Gun Games: Truth is a casuality of the anti-gun cause.” The McCain-Lieberman Gun Show Law would have greatly expanded the Brady Bill and the Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) while continuing to fund new gun control laws. Important to note is that the highly respected Gun Owners of America has been exposing McCain’s anti-2nd Amendment agenda for quite some time. Read GOA’s Take on John McCain and John McCain’s Gun Control Problem. Prior to 2000, the beginning of his relationship with Soros, McCain went from being a supporter of the 2nd Amendment to being a lead sponsor of anti-gun bills.

McCain has consistently taken positions against Republicans and Conservatives in Congress, often flip-flopping on formerly Conservative positions. Do Republicans want their Presidential nominee, this so-called ‘Maverick’ McCain, who is beholden to the likes of the George Soros and what many believe is a campaign against our US Constitution and sovereignty?


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