How Hillary will lead America into hell

Posted: May 02, 2008
1:00 am Eastern

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As November’s election nears, some otherwise right-thinking conservatives and Christians, unhappy with GOP presidential candidate John McCain, have concluded America would actually be better off in the long run with Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the White House for the next four years.

They recount all of McCain’s personal and policy sins. They say, at least if Clinton or Obama is elected, Republicans will unite in opposition to the new president’s wacko policies. But if McCain becomes president and champions bad policies, they argue, Republicans in Congress will be paralyzed, unable to oppose effectively any wrongheaded initiatives championed by a chief executive of their own party. With Obama or Clinton as president, the argument goes, the Democrat-controlled White House and Congress will get all the blame for the inevitable failure of their destructive policies, thus creating a comeback opportunity for a principled Republican in 2012. So it’s better, they conclude, to give the ranch over to the enemy for four years – and then come back chastened, stronger, more energized than ever, and with a new Ronald Reagan as a standard-bearer.

There’s just enough logic to this reasoning to beguile a lot of good people, especially those who have long harbored anger toward John McCain for his many obvious – and sometimes outrageous and even scary – flaws.

However, such analysis is dwarfed and annihilated by a far more devastating factor – something apparently overlooked by just about everyone weighing in on the relative merits of the candidates.

The damage that will occur to America if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is elected president will go far beyond what we can rationally anticipate on the policy level.

Don’t get me wrong. Policy disasters like socialized medicine (radically expanding government and reducing freedom), an untimely retreat from Iraq (betraying our soldiers and the Iraqi people, and fanning the flames of worldwide jihad for another generation), the appointment of pro-abortion zealots to the Supreme Court (resulting in a pro-death high court for the rest of our lives, and no hope of overturning Roe v. Wade) are appalling enough – and more than ample reason to choose McCain over either of the Democrats.

But there’s yet another consequence arguably worse than any of these. Allow me to explain, by harkening back to a previous presidency.

During Ronald Reagan’s administration, he liked to say, “It’s Morning in America.” And I can remember, it did seem like the sun was shining more brightly than usual on this nation, but mostly because of who was in the White House.

Quick story here. I happened to be in K-Mart in the electronics department on March 23, 1983. I remember the date because, while I was strolling around, killing time by checking out a large display of TV sets all tuned to the same channel, President Reagan came on and delivered his historic speech introducing the Strategic Defense Initiative, or SDI, in which he announced that America was going to change policy and actually defend itself against nuclear attack.

I was stunned. On that day, I discovered new hope for America. We were not going to rely forever on Mutual Assured Destruction and the “balance of terror” doctrine. We would actually protect our beloved nation from the Soviets or anyone else threatening us with annihilation. Clouds of cynicism and doubt about my country’s future lifted from my mind, as it did for millions of others. After the national despondency that characterized the wretched, “malaise”-ridden Jimmy Carter era, it really was “Morning in America.”

During Reagan’s presidency, more people came to believe in peace through strength, because Reagan made the case persuasively – and proved it in his actions. More people came to believe America was a great and good nation, because Reagan believed it. More people came to disagree with abortion, because the president disagreed with abortion – even wrote a short book on the subject while in office. And so on.

What I’m saying is, the president is like the father of a big family, and who he is and what he is – his spirit – affects everyone, like the sun. It’s a radiant energy that directly shines on people. Presidents invisibly shape the character and worldview of the country, with a particularly profound effect upon the young, since they are the most impressionable.

This radiant effect works in the negative, too. Bill Clinton’s sexual addiction and utter lack of responsibility and self-control led to the entire world knowing what he was doing with a young intern in the Oval Office. Whereas Ronald Reagan had such respect for the Oval Office that he reportedly never entered it without wearing a coat and tie, Bill Clinton turned it into his private sex club. And the radiant effect of his monumental selfishness was that he infected an entire generation of young people, in high school and even middle school, influencing them to sexually mimic the national trauma of a president exploiting an intern barely older than his daughter.

Now, by virtually all accounts, Hillary Clinton is even less qualified to be president than Bill.

So ask yourself: If Hillary Clinton – widely recognized as a pathologically lying chameleon for whom nothing is sacred but her own aggrandizement – becomes the “father of our country,” just what sort of “radiant” effect do you suppose she’ll have on America?

For that matter, what about an equally dysfunctional “President Obama”? What would be the effect on young people of a leader so deeply and radically anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-military, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion and pro-socialist – and yet who hides his true identity behind a shimmering veneer of faith, hope and love?

Do you have any idea what having a father – or a “father” of the country – like this does to young people?

It drives them crazy.

In a thousand different ways – some obvious, some subtle – it confuses them, it corrupts them, it reinforces everything wrong with them. It literally draws up from deep within them contempt and hatred – and a desire for revenge – because the adults that preceded them in this world, who should have had their best interests at heart, were so clueless and shallow that they elected a lying phony as supreme national leader.

Like all of us, young people are constantly appealed to by both good and evil. The good in them really wants nothing more than genuine virtue and strength in adults – not the fake, sugarcoated variety, but the real thing. Good grown-ups tend to neutralize the appeal of the dark side on vulnerable young people.

Reagan had this quality in abundance. McCain seems to have at least a little of it. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama don’t have a clue. Both would be toxic to America as president, and not just in the realm of public policy, but in the “culture” – the spiritual air we breathe and water we drink.

Just reflect, for a moment, on the bizarre and seemingly inexplicable behaviors of young people we see right now – youths Tasering each other for fun on YouTube. Ubiquitous sexual debauchery at younger and younger ages. The mainstreaming of transgenderism. Body piercing and tattooing at an ever-more pathological level – tongues, lips, eyebrows, deep body parts. Pandemic gang activity and drug abuse. Witchcraft. Satanism. Suicide. (I take readers on a guided tour of this bizarre underworld in the “Killer Culture” chapter of “The Marketing of Evil.”)

Our colleges indoctrinate our kids with leftist poison while corrupting their morals; our news media are cynical, self-centered and cowardly; the entertainment industry is in the gutter; and even many of our Christian churches are shallow and plastic – not, as they should be, a genuine contrast to the corruption everywhere without. When kids grow up around confusion, corruption and hypocrisy, they are tempted either to conform – and become Stepford clones of the same hypocrisy – or rebel and engage in bizarre, destructive behaviors.

That’s the insanity we’ve got now – despite having a basically decent, if very flawed, man in the White House.

But try to imagine Hillary Clinton as president – and Bill as first lady. The toxic cultural/governmental environment would be almost beyond imagination with the elevation of “the queen of darkness” as “father of our country.”

You could expect a radical increase in shocking, self-destructive and criminal acting-out by lost souls lashing out blindly in a desperate expression of revenge toward the contemptible society that could dare elect such a person as president. Perhaps a huge upsurge in mass shootings, such as we’ve seen recently. Or maybe more “bug-chasing” – that’s where people actively try to get infected with AIDS. Maybe homegrown suicide bombers committing horrific terrorist acts – not for Allah, but just for kicks, for non-specific revenge against the human race. No one can say what form it will take, but expect more and more weird, destructive behaviors designed for maximum shock.

Of course, nobody would be able to prove any cause and effect. But remember these words: Elevating a person like Hillary Clinton to the presidency of the United States will unleash hell in America in a way very few of us can even comprehend, let alone remedy.

The preceding article is excerpted from the current edition of Whistleblower magazine, “QUEEN OF DARKNESS.”

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