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August 28, 2008


By Jim R. Schwiesow

August 28, 2008

“Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.” Zechariah 14:12

He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? Matthew 16:2-3

Today, while surfing the internet I ran across one of those interminably silly arguments, via a written exchange, as to whether the Bible is verifiably true or just a collection of colorful, and obtuse fairy tales. It is interesting that these exchanges always seem to be comprised of a divide between the collective bodies of two groups – those who despise the thought that a sovereign God exists and that He might have any control over the universe, the world or horror of horrors their own personal lives, and those nominal Christians who spin their wheels futilely and vainly with nonsensical contentions and vacuous arguments grounded only in the wisdom and doctrines of men and devoid of an unfaltering, unshakable and unassailable belief in the super natural power of the Eternal Spirit who created a universe of one hundred twenty-five billion galaxies; each encompassing one hundred billion stars. All this is mindful of the old TV commercial in which a little old lady lifts the top of the bun enclosing a hamburger and indignantly exclaims, “Where’s the beef?” Like that scrawny little denizen of the geriatric set a true believer in the eternal almighty and infallible God looks at these delusive and puny proffers and cries out, “Where’s the faith?”

On August 6, 1945 a relatively small, by today’s standards, atomic bomb of 130 pounds of Uranium-235 named “Little Boy” plunged from the belly of an American B-29 bomber and detonated 1,900 feet above the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Three days later another B-29 Superfortress carried a nuclear bomb to Nagasaki, a hapless secondary target that was an unfortunate alternate to the primary target of Kokura, which was obscured by clouds. The Japanese military upon noting that only two aircraft were approaching thought that it was only a reconnaissance mission and no alarm was given. Minutes later a second nuclear device, a bulbous Plutonium bomb aptly called “Fat Boy” descended and detonated 1,500 feet above the city. In two brief and blindingly horrific instances within the space of three days 150,000 people died, incinerated by temperatures exceeding 7,000 degrees Fahrenheit. They died in their tracks; their eyes dissolved in their sockets, their tongues dissolved in their mouths and the flesh was consumed from their bones. They either evaporated into nothingness or dropped to the ground as ashes, which were blown away by fiery winds of six hundred miles per hour. And these were the lucky ones upwards of 200,000 more people of those two cities died slowly, agonizingly and tortuously over the next five years from radiation sickness and cancers.

What is not commonly known is that the Japanese narrowly escaped a nearly complete nuclear annihilation. The then President, Harry S. Truman, had announced that if the Japanese government and military failed to accept the terms for an unconditional surrender they could expect a rain of ruin from the air the likes of which has never been seen upon this earth. In the works were four more nuclear bombs and the argument was not whether they would be used, but whether they should be delivered upon the Japanese mainland as they were readied over the next few months or be held and poured out upon the Japanese people in quick succession. Mankind has within its grasp the wherewithal to annihilate every last living soul upon this earth and the evilness of mind to do so.

Mr. Truman failed to note, upon the delivery of his statement as to the likes of such destruction having never been seen upon the earth, that the event was not unprecedented. Those who believe the Bible know that the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were delivered unto just such a fiery destruction at the hand of God over five thousand years ago in the year 3123BC; the cause – great sin, rejection of God and His laws and a declination to seek His grace in all humility and abject submissiveness.

The Bible contains a chronological recording of the events of the earth and its inhabitants past, present and future. Only the Creator, the Lord God Almighty, has such perspective. The prophets and apostles who recorded His revelations were selected for just such a purpose before the foundations of the earth were laid, and their inspiration – the Eternal God of limitless power – has preserved their work and His word through the ages to this very day. Satan and his minions and the men who serve him have striven mightily to pollute it, pervert it and efface it, but the Word of God stands like a mighty fortress invulnerable and unassailable.

The Bible was given to mankind for his instruction and we ignore it at our peril. Men can laugh at it, scoff at and denigrate the words thereof and denounce it as myth and superstitious nonsense, but that will not erase any of God’s works, it will not circumvent His control over all of nature and current events nor will it prevent every last prophetic word of the Bible from being carried out. God holds the wisdom of men in derision; man’s every prideful worldly self-centered work is as foolishness to Him.

God’s wrath is poised to be poured out upon this world with a fullness of fury and the United States will be the first to fall, while its English speaking allies will either fall simultaneously or succumb to similar judgment in quick succession. This nation has fallen into a depth of depravity unparalleled in our history. It is not necessary to enumerate our sins they are well known. The perverseness of the minds of the people sickens the soul. Government supported vice is rampant, and the people are of a corrupt mind and their hearts are continually fixed on evil. The killing of millions of babies is sanctioned and protected by government decree, as is sexual perversion and various other vices.

“Our feet run to evil, and we make haste to shed innocent blood; our thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in our paths. The way of peace we do not know, and there is no justice in our ways; we have made for ourselves crooked paths.”

Will we change or will we fall?

We have watched trickles of judgments turn into creeks and then into rivers as the country is beset by one disaster after another. Each calamity falls hard upon the heels of another. Coastal cities and states are devastated and ravaged by storms of unprecedented fury. An entire state is set afire by a statewide electrical storm of historical significance and subterranean rumblings portend the soon coming of catastrophic earthquakes. Hundreds of thousands of acres of the heartland are scourged by floods and communities from coast to coast are shredded and torn apart by monster tornadoes.

Unbridled and illegal immigration has destroyed social cohesiveness and injected racial hatreds and dissention into the nation. Crime is rampant, diseases of new and varied kinds are burgeoning and the health of the people is being destroyed by chemical concoctions pushed by the pharmaceutical reprobates in their quest for astronomical sums of money, and the same are promoted by the medical community and celebrity and media shills for the same reason.

Our country is totally bankrupt and in hock for billions of dollars to foreign nations. Our industrial complex has been dismantled by venal corporate elites and moved to foreign shores, and our economy and currency have been decimated and trashed by the treacherous internationalist agents for a new world order.

We have been delivered into the hands of a now fascist government and every last one of our government institutions is corrupt to the bone and oppressively controlling. Government officials meet clandestinely to plan for martial law and the incarceration of dissident citizens to insulate themselves from possible uprisings over their treasonous acts. The pride of our power as been destroyed, and those to whom the deluded citizens of this country have entrusted their security are seemingly moronic blockheads who blunder into wars, or precipitate wars between other nations, by their obtuse and dim-witted activities. They have no concept of the military strength of those who they provoke and grossly over estimate their own nation’s capabilities both militarily and economically.

In short we have been set up by our own iniquity for total destruction.

Prior to modern times it was relatively easy for scoffers of God’s Word to ridicule Biblical prophecy. It was they said physically impossible for a mark to be implanted into the hand or forehead that would either enable or disable ones ability to carry out commerce or control absolutely a person’s access to the necessities of life. And who could conceive of a power that could instantly dissolve the eyeballs in their sockets, the tongue in the mouth and melt the flesh from the bones. It was they said such silliness that argued that the Bible was a work of fiction or at the very least a collection of mythological tales. Modern science, which is worshipped over God today, has brought all that is prophesied in the Bible to the capability of becoming reality. No longer can God’s prophecies be looked upon as science fiction. Fiction they are not and we are about to learn this the hard way.


August 27, 2008

The West Comes Unraveled

by J. R. Nyquist
Weekly Column Published: 08.22.2008

When a civilization begins to unravel, the first action is always internal. It is hidden, spiritual, and unobserved by the public. Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho recently pointed out that Western Civilization has produced more “educated” people than we have positions for. In fact, we’ve educated them beyond their intelligence, giving them tools too advanced for their character, putting a simple life of contented drudgery out of their reach. In other words, we’ve mass-produced a horde of impotent wits, angry because their princely education cannot produce for them a princely sum or a kingdom.

When a civilization is far along the path of unraveling, the barbarians sense the Empire’s growing weakness. They gather at the frontiers. They push, threaten and fuss. Earlier this week the president of Russia, having invaded and looted a small country, warned that Russia would crush anyone who got in its way. Menacing language was used with regard to Poland and Ukraine. In response to this NATO was split. Some member states were unwilling to hold Russia accountable because Russia supplies them with natural gas and oil.

It’s funny how things play out. The price of oil should start rising again. There is a leaky pipeline in the North Sea, and the world’s second-largest pipeline has been damaged in Georgia. Funny thing, too, and most will think it a coincidence; but a Ukrainian patriot recently explained to me that energy prices bottomed out just before the Chernobyl reactor blew up in April 1986, releasing a radioactive cloud that blew across Europe. People who’ve experienced such an event aren’t eager to build nuclear power plants. What better advertisement could there have been for Russian natural gas? And now Europe depends on Russian gas.

The West is ideologically divided. Too many of us believe the Russian lies. We believe, in our simplistic way, that tiny Georgia provoked mighty Russia. We haven’t bothered to find out what actually happened. Here are just a few indications that Moscow planned everything in advance: (1) Last month the Russian army practiced invading a small country; (2) Russia recalled its ambassadors to Moscow for a meeting on July 15 to discuss a new foreign policy concept connected to the necessity of “defending” Russian speaking people in unnamed other countries; (3) Moscow’s South Ossetian proxy evacuated ethnic woman and children before beginning an intense bombardment of Georgian villages; (4) The South Ossetian artillery opened fire at 11 pm, while the Georgian artillery didn’t return fire until 12:30 am; (5) Russian mechanized columns were actually moving into Georgia prior to Georgia’s push into South Ossetia on 8 August ; (6) The Russians were mobilizing ships in the Black Sea weeks before the supposed “Georgian aggression”; (7) Georgian internet sites came under intensive Russian attack in advance of military operations.

Regarding this last point, the New York Times published an article by John Markoff titled Before the Gunfire, Cyberattacks. According to Markoff, “Weeks before bombs started falling on Georgia” someone was attacking Georgian Web servers. Of special interest, there was “a stream of data directed at Georgian government sites containing the message: ‘win+love+in+Rusia.’” Later attacks brought images of Adolf Hitler set next to images of Georgian President Saakashvili, to the Web site of the Georgian parliament. Moscow’s attacks on Georgian government sites began “as early as July 20, with coordinated barrages of millions of requests … that overloaded and effectively shut down Georgian servers.”

Do you still think Georgia started the war?

As incredible as it sounds, the Russian disinformation specialists want you to believe Dick Cheney started the war. On Aug. 14 Russian television served up a poisonous dosage from Dr. Sergei Markov, a senior political scientist at the Kremlin. According to Markov, Dick Cheney wants to help John McCain win the election in November. To this end Cheney is attempting to start a new Cold War with Russia. Given a Cold War atmosphere, McCain would defeat Obama at the polls. Markov further claimed that the U.S. was engineering an armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

While the Russians burn and pillage Georgian towns and villages, strangling Georgia’s economy to the point of collapse, the free world dithers. As one American analyst bitterly remarked, “The Europeans have telegraphed their total capitulation to Russia, and Moscow knows it. The Kremlin has looked into the soul of Europe and found – there is none.”

According to the New York Times, the White House suddenly finds the Russian leadership “deceptive and evasive.” Where have these people been during the past nine decades? When has the Kremlin been anything but “deceptive and evasive”? Nothing is more exasperating than the recent comments of Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who was “not predicting a return to the Cold War.” But the Cold War never ended, Mr. Gates! The Russian side merely repeated the Soviet experiment of Lenin’s New Economic Policy. What Moscow did in the 1920s was accomplished on a larger scale in the 1990s. Do these America Sovietologists have any common sense whatsoever, or has the economic requirements of our commercial culture so overwhelmed strategic common sense that recognizing one’s enemy has become impossible for them?

According to Gates, “My view is that the Russians [are] … interested in reasserting Russia’s … great power or superpower status … in Russia’s traditional spheres of influence.” A correction is required at this point. The Russians are interested in the destruction of the United States.

It is time to understand what we are dealing with.


August 24, 2008

Democrat sues Sen. Obama over ‘fraudulent candidacy’
Lawsuit disputing U.S. citizenship based in part on discredited claims
Posted: August 23, 2008
5:40 pm Eastern

By Drew Zahn
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Philip J. Berg

A prominent Pennsylvania Democrat has sued Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic National Committee and the Federal Election Commission, claiming that Obama is not a natural-born citizen and, therefore, is not eligible to be president of the United States.

Philip J. Berg, a former member of Pennsylvania’s Democratic State Committee and former deputy attorney general of Pennsylvania, filed the lawsuit this week in U.S District Court, asking the court to declare Obama ineligible for the presidency and to prevent him from running for the position.

However, a WND investigation has found that at least part of Berg’s lawsuit relies on discredited claims.

A separate motion was also filed seeking a temporary restraining order on Obama’s presidential campaign until Obama’s eligibility can be verified.

The lawsuit claims Barack Obama’s eligibility is questionable on several grounds, including the allegation that he was born in Kenya to parents unable to automatically grant him American citizenship, that his Hawaii birth certificate is a forgery – a now discredited claim – that he was made a citizen of Indonesia as a child and that he retained foreign citizenship into adulthood without recording an oath of allegiance to regain any theoretical American citizenship.

In short, the suit claims Obama was not born an American citizen; lost any hypothetical American citizenship he had as a child (Editor’s note: This point is not supported by U.S. citizenship law); may not now be an American citizen and even if he is, may hold dual citizenships with other countries. If any, much less all, of these allegations are true, the suit claims, Obama cannot constitutionally serve as president.

Why would a Democrat do this to his party’s own candidate? And why right before the National Convention?

“Eighteen million Democratic Primary voters donated money, volunteered their time and energy, worked very hard and then not only supported Senator Clinton, but voted for her,” Berg stated in a press release about the suit. “All the efforts of supporters of legitimate citizens were for nothing because (Obama) lied and cheated his way into a fraudulent candidacy and cheated legitimately eligible natural born citizens from competing in a fair process.”

Berg explained in a radio interview with Roger Hedgecock of KOGO in San Diego that Internet reports had been persistent over the last several months that Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery and that he may not be an eligible, natural-born citizen. After doing his own careful research, Berg explained, he came to the conclusion the reports were more fact than rumor and that he needed to act quickly, before the election process proceeded.

“I filed this action at this time,” said Berg in a press release, “to avoid the obvious problems that will occur when the Republican Party raises these issues after Obama is nominated.”

School record that lists “Barry Soetoro,” a.k.a. Barack Obama, as Indonesian citizen (AP photo)

However, says it obtained Obama’s actual birth certificate and that the document was indeed real. The site discredited some of the claims of Internet bloggers, such as that the certificate as viewed in a scanned copy released by Obama’s campaign lacked a raised seal. also established that many of the alleged flaws in the document noted by bloggers were caused by the scanning of the document.

A separate WND investigation into Obama’s birth certificate utilizing forgery experts also found the document to be authentic. The investigation also revealed methods used by some of the bloggers to determine the document was fake involved forgeries, in that a few bloggers added text and images to the certificate scan that weren’t originally there.

The Berg lawsuit contends there is enough truth in the various reports to conclude, “Unfortunately, Obama is not a ‘natural born’ citizen.”

The suit alleges that while records exist of a “registry of birth” for Obama in Hawaii (filed four days after his claimed birthday), no records exist of his mother’s stay in any Hawaii hospital, suggesting she may have given birth elsewhere and filed the registration shortly thereafter on American soil.

“Obama’s grandmother on his father’s side, half brother and half sister claim Obama was born in Kenya,” the suit states. “Reports reflect Obama’s mother went to Kenya during her pregnancy; however, she was prevented from boarding a flight from Kenya to Hawaii at her late stage of pregnancy, which apparently was a normal restriction to avoid births during a flight. Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama) gave birth to Obama in Kenya, after which she flew to Hawaii and registered Obama’s birth.”

The claim could not be verified by WND inquiries to Hawaiian hospitals, since state law bars the hospitals from releasing medical records to the public.

Even if Obama produced authenticated proof of his birth in Hawaii, however, the suit claims that the U.S. Nationality Act of 1940 provided that minors lose their American citizenship when their parents expatriate. Since Obama’s mother married an Indonesian citizen and moved to Indonesia, the suit claims, she forfeited both her and Barack’s American citizenship.

However, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence Ann Dunham expatriated. Also, consulting citizenship experts contend that if Obama indeed obtained Indonesian citizenship, it simply would not have been recognized by the U.S., but the presidential candidate would retain his American citizenship.

Even after her divorce and return to the U.S., the suit says, “Obama’s mother failed to take the oath in order to regain her U.S. Citizenship. Therefore, Obama would not have been able to regain his U.S. Citizenship until he turned 18 years (and) after he took the oath of allegiance.”

“Since the oath of allegiance would have been entered in the records of the appropriate embassy, legation, consulate, court or the Attorney General, if Plaintiff is incorrect, then Obama should be able to produce in Court a certified copy of the proceedings, including a copy of the oath administered,” the suit states.

The lawsuit then claims an investigation has shown that in 1981, “Obama traveled to Pakistan using his Indonesian passport. At the time of travels to Indonesia, Obama was 20 years old. He was well aware he maintained his Indonesia citizenship, and failed to regain his United States citizenship. … Even if Obama maintained his United States Citizenship, which he failed to do, he also carries citizenships in Kenya and Indonesia. Obama has divided loyalties with foreign countries. Thus, Obama carries multiple citizenships and is ineligible to run for President of the United States.”

A WND investigation could not find any proof Obama used an Indonesian passport to travel to Pakistan. However, WND noted that Pakistan in 1981 was under military rule and that it was difficult for U.S. citizens to travel to the country without assistance – meaning, it would have been easier to enter Pakistan on an Indonesian passport.

Berg claims his lawsuit is necessary, not only to protect the Constitution, but also to protect the integrity of the Democratic Party.

“If the DNC officers and/or leaders had performed one ounce of due diligence, we would not find ourselves in this emergency predicament, one week away from making a person the nominee who has lost their citizenship,” said Berg in his press release. “The injunctive relief must be granted because failing to do so, (the DNC’s) inaction defrauds everyone who voted in the Democratic Primary.”


August 22, 2008

Stephen FlurryColumnist

Berlin’s Secret Pact With Moscow

August 22, 2008 | From

What it means for the United States and the rest of the world.

Stephen Flurry

In a speech given on Monday to students at Herbert W. Armstrong College, editor in chief Gerald Flurry said that Russia’s attack on Georgia earlier this month signaled the beginning of a dangerous new era in history. As columnist Robert Kagan put it, “Historians will come to view Aug. 8, 2008, as a turning point no less significant than Nov. 9, 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell. Russia’s attack on sovereign Georgian territory marked the official return of history, indeed to an almost 19th-century style of great-power competition, complete with virulent nationalisms, battles for resources, struggles over spheres of influence and territory, and even—though it shocks our 21st-century sensibilities—the use of military power to obtain geopolitical objectives.”

To counterbalance the revival of Russia’s imperialistic aims, as we have been warning over the past two weeks, look for the German-led European Union to rapidly accelerate its drive toward militaristic unity! And as we have been saying for years, this resurgence of both power blocs—called the king of the north and the kings of the east in Bible prophecy—will result in a non-aggression pact between Germany and Russia modeled after the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement.

This has been the lesson of history. As my father told hwac students during his lecture, every time competition intensifies between Russia and Germany, the two historic foes form an alliance with one another. But they don’t last long. The strategic agreements are made just before the outbreak of full-scale war!

Where We Are Headed

Basing his projection on the sure word of Bible prophecy, 47 years ago, Herbert W. Armstrong said that Russia would one day frighten Germany and the rest of Europe to “lose confidence” in America’s ability to protect them from the Russian bear (co-worker letter, Oct. 23, 1961). This, he said, would result in two things: hastening the development of European unification and the establishment of a non-aggression pact between Germany and Russia.

Mr. Armstrong’s flagship publication, the Plain Truth, offered this analysis in May 1962: “When a Russo-German deal is made, you can be sure that the doom of the United States and Great Britain is on the horizon. A German-Soviet agreement—a second Rapallo—would be the greatest disaster which could befall the West.”

After Mr. Armstrong’s death in 1986, the Trumpet magazine lifted his mantle and continued proclaiming his same prophetic warning. Even before Vladimir Putin grabbed hold of Russian power and revived its imperialist goals, the Trumpet declared: “Russia is back, albeit economically wounded, and swallowing its pride momentarily ….”

You would be hard-pressed to find any other news source predicting the resurgent rise of Russia in 1999, when it was entangled in civil war and wallowing in economic impoverishment. The Economist, for example, wrote on Dec. 18, 1999—on the eve of Russian parliamentary elections:

Reform of Russia’s dreadful economy—smaller now than that of the Netherlands—has, for instance, barely been mentioned [in parliamentary debates]. … Cynicism abounds, especially about the corrupt new order that has replaced the coercively deadening old one. It is matched by dismay at the degradation into which Russia has sunk, even though most Russians—Communists included—know that a return to a Soviet-style past is unthinkable.

What a different take than what we had at! “With Russia looming again on the horizon across the Polish plain, Germany gets the jitters,” we wrote in June 1999.

Germany will never trust nato in a European adventure again. Apart from this, Germany has never, ever trusted Russia! So—revive the old Ribbentrop-Molotov pact! … We believe that a similar pact will soon be concluded between Russia and Germany.

Four years later, in August 2003, we wrote,

Russia currently faces a choice between a stronger alliance with the EU or the U.S. Putin is at a crossroads, but political and economic possibilities reveal which direction he will take. Now the strategic partnership between Russia and German-led Europe will further solidify both power blocs’ global weight. It will help propel Europe to superpower status.

Then, just last year, we posted an article under the headline, “Russo-German Pact Imminent.”

In April of this year, we wrote about the prophesied rise of both Germany and Russia. “Germany is conquering the Balkans, and Russia has its eye on Georgia,” we said four months ago. “As these powers compete against each other, watch for a new Molotov-Ribbentrop pact to emerge. It may be that dealings are already under way to conclude such an agreement.”

This week, my father made this statement to our hwac students: “I believe it is very likely Germany and Russia have already cut a deal.” He continued,

I believe Germany may well have been complicit in Russia’s plan to attack Georgia! If Russia formed an agreement with Germany over the Georgia situation, then Russia would know the only possible other nation it would have to be concerned about is the U.S. And Russia knew that America was too weak to do anything about it!

That was Monday. On Wednesday, Stratfor filed this prophetically electrifying report about the crossroads Germany is now at in Europe:

Berlin is now reassessing its allegiances to Washington and nato, which would keep the country locked into the policies it made as an occupied state. Or Germany could act like its own state and create its own security guarantee with Russia—something that would rip nato apart. …

Stratfor sources in Moscow have said that Medvedev has offered Merkel a security pact for their two countries.

Stratfor has yet to confirm the report, but history and prophecy tells us everything we need to know, even if there is still some question about the timing.

What we know is this: Germany’s relationship with nato is nearing its end! As Stratfor notes, “[I]f Germany and Russia make some sort of deal, it will be open season on American influence in Europe.” An independent, 10-nation superpower is rising out of Europe that will soon force all American military personnel to withdraw from the Continent.

Then, the German-led Euroforce is prophesied to turn against the West, catapulting the whole Earth into a nuclear World War iii—so says your Bible!

Now understand the significance of these latest prophetic developments. Over the past two centuries, every time Germany has double-crossed the West, it has first entered into a non-aggression pact with Russia in order to shore up its defenses to the east.

What this means, as my father told our students on Monday, is that the secret non-aggression pact between Germany and Russia—a deal that may already be in place—is not a sign of peace.


August 21, 2008

WND Exclusive
Get ready for another Obama exposé
‘The Audacity of Deceit’ to hit streets in 2 weeks

Posted: August 21, 2008
1:00 am Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

WASHINGTON – Is the other shoe about to drop?

Can Barack Obama take another body slam in the form of a best-selling exposé?

Will the latest in a trifecta of revealing books leave him on the political ropes?

The presidential candidate survived Jerome Corsi’s “Obama Nation” and David Freddoso’s “The Case Against Barack Obama” – though he is bloodied and bruised and taking a dive in the polls.

Now comes Brad O’Leary’s “The Audacity of Deceit,” which focuses on what can be surmised from his record about Obama’s domestic policy prescriptions as president. Among the conclusions drawn by O’Leary, the author of 11 books and a successful media and marketing entrepreneur:

* Obama will be a radical on the abortion issue as signaled by his blocking of emergency medical aid for babies who survive abortion;

* Obama will attempt to ban the use of firearms for defense by law-abiding citizens;

* Obama will raise tax rates up to 60 percent;

* Obama will “transform the U.S. Treasury into the United Nations’ ATM”;

* Obama will encourage high fuel prices and will remove more farmland from production;

* Obama will raise the percentage of Americans who pay no taxes at all, from 30 percent to 40 percent – at the expense of those who do.

* Obama will transfer child-rearing responsibility and authority from parents to the federal government with his “0 to 5” program.

“‘The Audacity of Deceit’ is the perfect complement to Jerome Corsi’s ‘Obama Nation,'” says Joseph Farah, founder of WND Books, which published the book. “I think there is a strong market still for more information on Obama – a lot of material left unaddressed by Corsi’s No. 1 New York Times best-seller.”


August 20, 2008

Surprise! Russia not about to invade Mideast, says new prophecy theory
But an unexpected war is imminent, according to best-selling new biblical analysis

Posted: August 19, 2008
9:59 pm Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

WASHINGTON – Even though Russia has advanced south into Georgia, a best-selling new Bible prophecy book says suggestions this signals an imminent march into the Middle East are mistaken.

Instead, says Bill Salus, author of “Isralestine,” the world is about to be surprised by a different kind of devastating regional war involving Israel and its Arab neighbors.

“Isralestine: The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East,” currently rising to the top of the prophecy charts, says scholars have missed a significant piece of what the Bible reveals about the future of the region. And it has many of them reconsidering their prophetic model for the near future.

“You can set Russia’s recent invasion of Georgia and Israel’s concern over Iran’s nuclear aspirations on the back burner, not that these topics lack importance,” says Salus. “The stage is not adequately set for the highly publicized Ezekiel 38 and 39 Russian-Iranian nuclear-equipped consortia of nations to invade Israel. Psalm 83 comes first, and then Ezekiel 38 follows on its heels like a Goliath shadow. There are two distinct invasions of Israel, one building upon the other, with both occurring sequentially in the Middle East.”

According to Salus, the next war in the Middle East will involve Israel’s closest Arab neighbors – not faraway Iran or Russia, the re-emerging military power to the north. He says a sometimes overlooked or misinterpreted passage in Psalm 83 is the key to understand the next major prophetic development. He says it suggests Palestinians, al-Qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas, Syrians, Saudis, Egyptians and Jordanians will confederate and launch an all-out war against Israel before what has been called the “battle of Armageddon” involving another alliance of Iran, Russia and Turkey.

“Indeed something is very near, but it is not Armageddon,” says Salus.

The theory has many long-time students of Bible prophecy sitting up and taking notice.

The result of this regional war will be devastation for the Arabs who launch it and startling territorial and resource gains by Israel, claims the theory. It is this unexpected development that will precipitate the final showdown involving what has been termed “the Ezekiel invasion.”


August 14, 2008

Gunmaker to feds: Give me my firearm!

‘You have seized company property without any cause or court order to date’

Posted: August 13, 2008
9:20 pm Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

A licensed gunmaker who has reported retaliatory attacks on his work by federal agents upset over his testimony on behalf of a man sent to prison for having a broken gun has ordered the government to return one of his projects.

“You have seized company property without any cause or court order to date. The company firmly demands the return of the firearm in question,” Len Savage told John Spencer and other officials at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in a letter, a copy of which was sent to WND and also later posted online at the War on Guns blog run by David Codrea.

“Therefore please return the property of the company [the firearm in question] immediately,” he wrote.

Savage’s dispute with the federal agency stems from a recent project on which he was working, a project for which he sent a gun repair part that he is developing to the federal government for review.

The part is intended to allow a certain type of gun to be used with a different size, and less expensive, ammunition. Savage, owner of Historic Arms LLC., said his part would convert the caliber of the guns to operate with ammunition that costs 1 or 2 cents per shell, instead of 25 cents or more.

He said such devices are fairly common. But he told WND he was stunned to get a letter from the BATFE that not only was his repair part a gun, it was a machine gun.

That conclusion came after the agency’s testing bureau added some metal pieces, a length of chain, some duct tape and plastic wires to his gun part in order to make it fire a bullet.

“The materials [BATFE] added converted the firearm submitted by Historic Arms, LLC into a machine gun; therefore, the materials constitute a machine gun receiver, a machine gun, or a conversion device,” Savage told the BATFE in an earlier letter. He then told the agency to go ahead with a proposed “forfeiture” plan so that the issues could be heard publicly.

However, in yesterday’s letter, Savage told the federal agency managers, “I have not heard from you or the ATF since our last communication. … Your letter of July 22, 2008, informs the company that you were going to proceed with forfeiture proceedings. The company asked that you proceed without delay.

“The company has not received any notice of proceedings. You have seized company property without any cause or court order to date. The company firmly demands the return of the firearm in question. The company also firmly stands by its finding that the ATF applied testing methods are invalid, therefore FTB classification is also found to be invalid, and not supported by documents issued by ATF or basic common sense.”

He said the agency’s claims to forfeiture are “meritless.”

“Even your own staff documents the fact that a ‘Notice of Manufacture’ [ATF form 2] was filed by the company. There was no attempt to defraud or avoid paying tax. … Therefore please return the property of the company [the firearm in question] immediately,” he wrote.

Savage explained that the multiple components added to his gun caliber modification part very well might have allowed the discharge of a bullet. That’s what happens when a technician adds the parts of an automatic weapon to a part such as his, he said.

But he argued that doesn’t make his repair part a machine gun.

“If the criteria FTB applied to the testing of our latest submission was applied to testing the many caliber conversion uppers that are sold at retail with no restrictions, such as the .22 long rifle MAC upper made by ‘Flemming,’ (1) all of them would fire in fully automatic mode until the ammunition supply was exhausted, (2) there would be no way for the shooter to stop fire,” Savage said at the time.

Savage alleges he’s being targeted by the BATFE because of his testimony against the government when David Olofson of Berlin, Wis., was on trial for loaning to an acquaintance a gun that misfired.

His testimony in the Olofson case harshly criticized the government’s weapons testing procedures. In that case, the defendant was convicted and sentenced to 30 months in jail for loaning a rifle that misfired, letting off three bullets at one time.

The government then classified it a machine gun, and convicted Olofson of “transferring” such a weapon. He surrendered to federal authorities just a few weeks ago to begin serving his term, prompting the Gun Owners of America to issue a warning about the owner’s liability should any semi-automatic weapon ever misfire.

“A gun that malfunctions is not a machine gun,” Larry Pratt, executive director of GOA, said. “What the [federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives] has done in the Olofson case has set a precedent that could make any of the millions of Americans that own semi-automatic firearms suddenly the owner [of] an unregistered machine gun at the moment the gun malfunctions.”

When U.S. District Judge Charles Clevert imposed the sentence, a commentary in Guns Magazine said, “It didn’t matter the rifle in question had not been intentionally modified for select fire, or that it did not have an M16 bolt carrier … that it did not show any signs of machining or drilling, or that that model had even been recalled a few years back.”

“It didn’t matter the government had repeatedly failed to replicate automatic fire until they replaced the ammunition with a softer primer type. It didn’t even matter that the prosecution admitted it was not important to prove the gun would do it again if the test were conducted today,” the magazine said. “What mattered was the government’s position that none of the above was relevant because ‘[T]here’s no indication it makes any difference under the statute. If you pull the trigger once and it fires more than one round, no matter what the cause it’s a machine gun.’

“No matter what the cause.”

Savage told WND shortly after the trial one of the government witnesses against Olofson within the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was transferred to a position of overseeing Savage’s work.


August 12, 2008

Democratic convention chief wants reparations for blacks
Shares controversial ‘liberation’ theology with Obama’s ex-pastor Jeremiah Wright

Posted: August 11, 2008
10:10 pm Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Leah Daughtry

The woman commissioned by the Democratic Party to direct its presidential nominating convention in two weeks espouses the same black liberation theology pursued by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose church presumptive nominee Barack Obama was forced to leave because of its controversies.

Those included Wright’s condemnation of America and a vicious attack on Hillary Clinton from the pulpit, and WND reported when, finally, the Obama campaign announced the candidate resigned his 20-year membership in the church.

Now a profile in the New York Times reveals Rev. Leah Daughtry, a Pentecostal minister who leads a congregation of 20 in Washington, embraces “black liberation theology” beliefs such as the “debt” the U.S. “owes” all blacks for slavery.

The Times describes the congregation in which Daughtry was raised – the House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn, N.Y., where generations of family members, including her father Herbert Daughtry, have preached for decades: “Below the sanctuary, in the fellowship hall, a banner for slavery reparations proclaimed, ‘They Owe Us.’ Fliers recounted Herbert Daughtry’s arrest, a few weeks earlier, as he led marchers protesting the not-guilty verdict in the police killing of Sean Bell, an unarmed black man. His ministry has always combined consuming spirituality with black liberation theology – the theology Jeremiah Wright invoked this spring to defend his controversial sermons – and zealous political activism. Leah holds these forces within her.”

Judi McLeod, a former Toronto Sun columnist, opined it will be “Rev. Jeremiah Wright in a skirt” as Daughtry leads the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

“While the media hounded Wright for his anti-American rants and while presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Hussein Obama divorced him as his personal pastor, Obama’s head will be crowned by Leah Daughtry, who ardently believes in the same Marxist ‘Black Liberation Theology’ preached by Wright,” McLeod wrote on Canada Free Press.

When Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, announced Daughtry’s appointment to the post of convention CEO, he cited her “strong guidance, skilled leadership and counsel.”

Dean noted Daughtry, his chief of staff, previously served at the U.S. Department of Labor as assistant secretary of administration and management during the Clinton administration.

“We are thrilled to have Leah Daughtry leading our 2008 Democratic Convention team,” Dean said at her 2007 appointment.

“I am honored to be a part of this exciting endeavor,” Daughtry said at the time.

McLeod writes, “Like Wright, Daughtry is in your face about her activism,” noting Daughtry told the Capitol Hill publication The Hill in May 2007, “That’s why I work in politics. My family, we’re activists.”

Daughtry said in The Hill interview her Pentecostal faith fits perfectly with the Democrat Party.

“Why wouldn’t it fit?” she asked. “The Democratic Party is full of people of faith.”

“Have you been to our conventions? Music and waving and happiness, it’s perfect,” she said.

Said McLeod: “Some would say with Marxist Momma in the top job, it’s little wonder why Barack Obama is the DNC’s Golden Boy coming to Denver with mainstream media garnered rock star status.”

Daughtry also told The Hill it actually “makes me angry” that the “far right” has cornered the market on religion.

The Times reported Daughtry, 44, “is leading the Democratic Party’s new mission to make religious believers – particular ardent Christian believers – view the party and its candidates as receptive to, and often impelled by, the dictates of faith.”

The paper pointed out Dean himself, during his 2004 campaign, exposed his biblical ignorance by naming Job as his favorite book in the New Testament.

Dean praised Daughtry’s arguments for the party’s acknowledgement of religion and her ability “to connect with people’s inner core.”

Daughtry, who has not named her favorite for the nomination, expressed pleasure over the Democratic leadership’s expressed desire be a party of members of faith.

“I think it’s wonderful,” she told the Times.

The Time said Daughtry’s mission, directed from within Democratic headquarters in Washington and the convention offices in Denver, is essential to transforming the party’s reputation.

The party has commissioned E. Terri Lavelle, an evangelical who told the Times reporter she “accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior in February 1973, to travel to evangelical events around the country to strike up relationships with leaders such as megachurch pastors Rick Warren and Joel Hunter. The party hopes that, at the very least, its desire to listen and engaged with evangelical issues, including abortion, will be recognized, the Times said.

Daughtry supports abortion, as does her father’s church.

“God allows us to choose in the biggest matter whether to accept him in our lives. How then can we take away choice on other profound issues?” she said.

Throughout her Times interview, Daughtry did not put any distance between herself and the black liberation theology of James Cone.

“At the basis of black liberation theology is the understanding that God has a special place in His heart for those at the bottom of the ladder,” said Daughtry.


August 8, 2008

Commentary: Holocaust II?

If polls show John McCain with a substantial lead in the fall, a new Israeli government, led by Mofaz or, following elections, by Netanyahu, will know it can count on U.S. support. Sen. Joe Lieberman, a close friend and adviser to McCain, agrees with the neocon refrain: The only thing worse than bombing Iran is an Iranian bomb.

by Arnaud De Borchgrave
Washington (UPI) Aug 6, 2008

To bomb or not to bomb Iran is now a matter of time, according to the principal players, but none could agree this week on when the clock runs out. For Israel, it runs out before the U.S. elections on Nov. 4. After that Barack Obama may be the next president of the United States, and Israeli powers that be fear he may disassociate himself from any Israeli military action against Iran.

When Israel’s Shaul Mofaz talks, Washington listens, very carefully. “It is a race against time,” he said this week, “and time is winning.” The Iranian-born Mofaz, 60, is now deputy prime minister. He came to Israel at the age of 9, when his parents left their native Iran. He took part in the legendary 1976 rescue mission in Uganda and fought in the Six-Day War, the Yom Kippur War and the 1982 Lebanon War. From paratroop brigade commander, Mofaz kept moving up. Superhawk Binyamin Netanyahu, when he was prime minister in 1998, appointed Mofaz the 16th chief of staff of Israel’s armed forces. He served under four different Israeli prime ministers, and in 1997 Ariel Sharon appointed him defense minister. He may be Israel’s next prime minister.

In Washington last week, Mofaz’s private utterances and public statements were parsed for hidden intentions. Bush administration interlocutors made clear that diplomacy — and economic sanctions — still had many arrows in its quiver. But three sets of sanctions voted by the U.N. Security Council are weak, designed as they were to keep China and Russia in the loop. Today, these two budding superpowers would veto stronger medicine.

China is now Iran’s major trading partner. Russia is selling Iran anti-aircraft systems to defend nuclear installations against an Israeli aerial attack. The financial sanctions Mofaz said must be tightened were already being circumvented through the city-state of Dubai, the new Hong Kong in the Persian Gulf, where Middle Eastern headquarters for major U.S., European and Japanese corporations, and New York and Washington law firms, are now located.

Dubai is also a major entrepot port where goods arrive from all over the world for the planet’s most modern city, which has its tallest building, twice the height of the Empire State Building. Some 300,000 Iranians, mostly businessmen, live there, and scores of diesel-powered fast dhows run shuttle services to Iran, 100 miles away. Watertight sanctions against Iran in Dubai would quickly incur the wrath of the reigning Maktoum dynasty, which is hell-bent on making Dubai the best and finest of everything in the world.

Money is no object. The six Gulf Cooperation Council countries’ oil revenues will be cresting at $600 billion next year. Dubai is one of seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates, whose oil revenues this year are estimated at $100 billion. Construction projects now under way in Dubai total $300 billion. All the “Gulfies” are anxious to remain on good terms with the mullahs in Tehran. Respectfully fearful of Iran, the last thing they want is to become a target of Tehran’s formidable asymmetrical retaliatory capabilities against American targets following Israeli raids against their nuclear installations.

That was the message Dubai’s top Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum delivered to President Bush at Camp David this week.

Hezbollah, Iran’s auxiliary in Lebanon, according to Mofaz, already has rockets and missiles that cover most of Israel. One Iranian nuclear weapon in the nose cone of the mullahs’ latest medium-range ballistic missile aimed at Tel Aviv would effectively wipe out the state of Israel. Iran with a nuclear weapon, said Mofaz, will “deepen and strengthen the global terrorist threat.” Therefore, he explained, Israel will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear capability, “because Israel is not prepared to face a second Holocaust.” Holocaust, of course, evokes the memory of Hitler’s “final solution” that killed 6 million Jews and is now seen in Israel as a mammoth Iranian sword of Damocles.

From right to left, the prevailing mood in Israel is hawkish and uncompromising on Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Even liberal newspapers like Haaretz don’t see a way out unless Iran abandons uranium enrichment and opens itself up to meticulous international inspection.

The mullahs’ aim, therefore, with no ifs or buts, is what Mofaz called “the destruction of Israel.” In 1933, when Adolf Hitler came to power, the world ignored the paranoid rants in “Mein Kampf” about the Jewish peril, a preview of coming horrors Hitler published nine years before. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s inflammatory utterances on the stump, say Jews, are tantamount to talking about a final solution for the Jewish homeland.

Book-ending Mofaz in Washington were Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, rivals to succeed the disgraced, corrupt Ehud Olmert, who said he would resign next month. On Iran, there was hardly a sliver of daylight between the four on Israel’s “existential crisis.”

In early June the Israeli air force conducted the largest exercise in its 60-year history, flying more than 100 fighter bombers more than 900 miles — the roundtrip distance to some of Iran’s principal nuclear targets — with the assistance of midair refueling tankers and helicopters to rescue downed pilots.

The Bush administration’s national security team (minus Vice President Dick Cheney) argues the clock won’t run out until Jan. 20, 2009, when Bush turns the White House over to John McCain or Barack Obama. Some U.S. players maintain Iran is not a political monolith and the clock should be reset to the results of Iran’s presidential contest next June, when a less doctrinaire leader may emerge. Meanwhile, the United States has belatedly engaged Iran with the four other permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany, and is opening a consular section in Tehran.

Hopefully cooler Israeli heads will prevail. An Israeli attack against Iran will automatically unleash the fury of the theocracy against U.S. targets in the Gulf, mining and sinking tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, the world’s most vital oil route, with volleys of missiles. This would automatically involve the United States, which is why some Israeli hawks don’t worry about the red light flashing in Washington.

If polls show John McCain with a substantial lead in the fall, a new Israeli government, led by Mofaz or, following elections, by Netanyahu, will know it can count on U.S. support. Sen. Joe Lieberman, a close friend and adviser to McCain, agrees with the neocon refrain: The only thing worse than bombing Iran is an Iranian bomb.


August 7, 2008

between the lines – Joseph Farah

Obama can’t run a website

Posted: August 07, 2008

1:00 am Eastern

© 2008

Barack Obama’s official campaign website includes charming forum postings from the candidate’s fans along these lines:

* Jews should be “burned” and “thrown in the oven.”

* Israel murdered 6 million Arabs.

* Israel is leading a “Holocaust” against Palestinians.

* Jews control American politics.

If you’re looking to spew anti-Semitic hate, it would seem Obama’s official campaign website is your one-stop shop.

While the campaign refuses to discuss these postings found in a casual perusal of the site by WND, it is worth noting that the policy of the website it to remove offensive content once it is brought to the attention of the site’s administrators.

This policy raises several questions for me as an Internet entrepreneur and journalist:

* I’m not running for president, just running a large news website, but I wouldn’t think of publishing the rantings of the public in an un-moderated forum. If I did, I would expect content like the above to find its way onto the site – if not from WND readers, certainly from those who hate WND.

* If I were running for president, I can assure you I would have standards at least as high as I do for WND content – meaning it is reckless and irresponsible to an extreme to permit such racist, hate-filled content to be published.

* If the Obama campaign is not getting complaints about this content from its supporters, what does that suggest about the character of its fans?

* If Obama can’t run a website, how can we expect him to serve as commander in chief?

I’m serious about that last one.

Keep in mind, Barack Obama has never had a real job in his life. By “real job” I mean one out of government – in the private sector where performance actually counts. By “real job” I mean something more productive than “community organizer.” By “real job” I mean one that requires a basic understanding of the marketplace. By “real job” I am thinking of something that requires making payroll, hiring and firing, evaluating talent, setting company policy.

Obama hasn’t done anything like that in his young life.

Yes, he briefly taught constitutional law, but his public life shows he has no comprehension of the meaning of the Constitution.

He does, however, have a campaign website. Presumably he has something to do with the selection of those who run it – administer it, set policy for content.

Look at the results. What we see on Obama’s website is a massive amount of hate speech. Is that what we should expect from someone who is a frontrunner for the presidency? Is he not troubled by these revelations? Why are those comments still there? Why haven’t they been killed? What are the Obama website managers waiting for? Will heads roll as a result of this embarrassment?

Why are there thousands of postings like those above?

Who’s minding the store?

Who was Barack Obama’s selection for running the website?

Barack Obama has all kinds of ideas about how to make America a better place. But can someone incapable of running a website free of hate speech really likely to improve the quality of life in this country?

Or, God forbid, are these kinds of lunatic postings actually welcomed at