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Obama can’t run a website

Posted: August 07, 2008

1:00 am Eastern

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Barack Obama’s official campaign website includes charming forum postings from the candidate’s fans along these lines:

* Jews should be “burned” and “thrown in the oven.”

* Israel murdered 6 million Arabs.

* Israel is leading a “Holocaust” against Palestinians.

* Jews control American politics.

If you’re looking to spew anti-Semitic hate, it would seem Obama’s official campaign website is your one-stop shop.

While the campaign refuses to discuss these postings found in a casual perusal of the site by WND, it is worth noting that the policy of the website it to remove offensive content once it is brought to the attention of the site’s administrators.

This policy raises several questions for me as an Internet entrepreneur and journalist:

* I’m not running for president, just running a large news website, but I wouldn’t think of publishing the rantings of the public in an un-moderated forum. If I did, I would expect content like the above to find its way onto the site – if not from WND readers, certainly from those who hate WND.

* If I were running for president, I can assure you I would have standards at least as high as I do for WND content – meaning it is reckless and irresponsible to an extreme to permit such racist, hate-filled content to be published.

* If the Obama campaign is not getting complaints about this content from its supporters, what does that suggest about the character of its fans?

* If Obama can’t run a website, how can we expect him to serve as commander in chief?

I’m serious about that last one.

Keep in mind, Barack Obama has never had a real job in his life. By “real job” I mean one out of government – in the private sector where performance actually counts. By “real job” I mean something more productive than “community organizer.” By “real job” I mean one that requires a basic understanding of the marketplace. By “real job” I am thinking of something that requires making payroll, hiring and firing, evaluating talent, setting company policy.

Obama hasn’t done anything like that in his young life.

Yes, he briefly taught constitutional law, but his public life shows he has no comprehension of the meaning of the Constitution.

He does, however, have a campaign website. Presumably he has something to do with the selection of those who run it – administer it, set policy for content.

Look at the results. What we see on Obama’s website is a massive amount of hate speech. Is that what we should expect from someone who is a frontrunner for the presidency? Is he not troubled by these revelations? Why are those comments still there? Why haven’t they been killed? What are the Obama website managers waiting for? Will heads roll as a result of this embarrassment?

Why are there thousands of postings like those above?

Who’s minding the store?

Who was Barack Obama’s selection for running the website?

Barack Obama has all kinds of ideas about how to make America a better place. But can someone incapable of running a website free of hate speech really likely to improve the quality of life in this country?

Or, God forbid, are these kinds of lunatic postings actually welcomed at BarackObama.com?

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