Defeat Obama – Advice For Voters

By Webster G. Tarpley

Here are three suggested guidelines for voters in the general election.

1. Defeat Obama at all costs, since an Obama victory would put a crypto-Weatherman foundation operative and Trilateral Wall Street puppet into the White House, taking this country and the world towards catastrophe.

2. Defeat all members of Congress who supported the $700 billion derivatives bailout for Obama’s backers at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase.

3. Do everything possible to avoid a one-party regime controlled by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid cabal, which would impose a modern version of the Mussolini fascist corporate state, building on the state- sponsored compulsory cartelization embodied in the first installment of the bailout. The realistic goal is to obtain divided government, partisan paralysis, as much gridlock as possible, and a legislative standoff to provide time for the maturation of the necessary New Deal programmatic alternative to the current Democratic and Republican leaderships. We must avoid a Democratic Senate majority so large that opposition filibusters become impossible.

Obama is by far the greatest evil in sight. He would ride into power on the back of an artificially-induced mass movement of fanatics, lemming, Kool-Aid drinkers, and personality cultists who are devoted not to a set of issues or a program of government, but to the worship of Obama as savior and messiah. Obama’s fanatical following could then be organized as a Green Corps, Homeland Security Corps, etc., and proceed to crush the forms of social organization which would be capable of mounting a future challenge to Obama’s regime. This dynamic recalls the growth of fascism in Italy between 1919 and 1922. Fascism is emphatically not what Jonah Goldberg and Naomi Wolf say it is; the reality of fascism is a grass-roots, anti-authoritarian, anti-establishment movement with strong leftist and radical elements, controlled by bankers and financiers with the help of a charismatic demagogue ­ just as we see with Obama.

The Obama campaign represents a massive attempt to manipulate, divide, fragment, demoralize, and disorient the American people. His methods embody an unprecedented assault on human freedom and human reason. Obama, building on the wreckage of 8 years of Bush, seeks to break the will of the American people to resist the dictates of the Wall Street derivatives merchants. Obama’s stock in trade is collective guilt and political blackmail. He is the most sinister and scurrilous presidential candidate since Aaron Burr. He is not a natural born citizen of the United States, as the Constitution prescribes. Obama is a foundation-funded poverty pimp by training. Obama’s original backer is the convicted felon Rezko; his resident chaplain is the racist foundation provocateur Jeremiah Wright; and his sponsors and best friends are the foundation-funded Weatherman terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who will dominate Obama’s kitchen cabinet. An Obama regime is a leap into the abyss.

If he could seize power, Obama would have a far greater ability than McCain to break strikes, bust unions, and impose sacrifice and austerity, especially under the auspices of the global warming/cap and trade hoax, to finance bailouts for Wall Street. He would provide US imperialism with a radical face lift, energizing the Brzezinski-Soros strategy of courting confrontation with Russia, China, Pakistan, and Sudan, using pretexts based on human rights and humanitarian concerns. No folly is greater than antagonizing Russia and China, countries which can and will defend themselves from foreign aggression using ICBMs and hydrogen bombs. Obama would give US imperialism a demagogic, even pseudo-revolutionary, second wind. Obama is clearly the most dangerous imperialist politician in sight.

McCain, by contrast, has no fanatical following of any kind, not even among right-wing Republicans, where he is barely tolerated. He would come into office as a tired old lame duck destined to serve one term and no more. He would be a transitional figure, locked in partisan combat with a resentful Democratic majority doubly enraged by the failure of their planned Obama coup. Because of McCain’s ideas about earmarks and pork barrel spending, he would also be in conflict with many Republicans. With McCain in power, the political impact of the current world economic and financial depression will be directed against Republicans, unless McCain shifts towards New Deal measures, which ­ as a loose cannon — he has done with his Home Owners’ Loan Corporation to stop foreclosures, which is more of the New Deal than anything Obama has proposed. The greatest threat to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid comes from Obama- Pelosi-Reid-Soros-Rockefeller, not from McCain facing a Democratic Congress. Similarly, there is no reason to fear McCain’s Supreme Court nominees, since the Democrats will be able to Bork these nominees in the Senate if they really want to.

For those interested in reforming the Democratic Party from within, it is imperative to vote against Obama so as to oust the Dean- Brazile clique as retribution for their outrageous behavior in illegally handing the nomination to Obama, the darling of Wall Street and the Wall Street media whores, rather than to Hillary Clinton, the clear choice of Democratic primary voters. All the rotten elements in the Democratic Party have attached themselves to Obama, like iron filings to a magnet. If Obama can be defeated, these elements can be largely purged, and a more viable Democratic Party might emerge.

McCain is a traditional, garden variety Republican politician who oscillates between conservative and outright reactionary policies. Obama, by contrast, evokes the fascism and personality cultism of the young Mussolini. Much of Obama’s appeal is based on widespread hatred for Bush, Cheney, and the neocons. Such hated is understandable, but it is a great mistake to be so blinded by hatred as to ignore the evidence that things will be considerably worse under Obama; the lesson of 1922 Italy and 1933 Germany is that a fascist is incomparably worse than any reactionary, but the difference may not be evident to many people until it is too late. Those who think that nothing could be worse than Bush-Cheney need to read Biden’s Seattle remarks of Oct. 19, where he promised a generated international confrontation with Russia during the first six months of the Obama regime, with the righteousness of the US position being in doubt. Implicit here is a return to false flag terrorist provocations, now targeting the new enemies’ list of Russia, China, Sudan, or Pakistan, along with the possibility of more Georgia-style aggression against Russia by US puppet states, probably in eastern Europe. Biden also promises economic decisions by Obama that will be so hated by the American people that the standing of the new regime in the polls will collapse within the first year, just as occurred with the previous Trilateral puppet, Jimmy Carter.

Biden leaves no doubt that Obama is the bringer of international confrontation far more dangerous than anything the neocons could manage, and that he will seek crushing, brutal, devastating reductions in the remaining US standard of living. The class instinct of Joe the Plumber is correct: Obama hates the American blue collar working class, and must be viewed by them as a class enemy. After Biden’s Seattle speech, nobody can claim that they did not know what horrendous policies Obama would implement.

No matter what happens in the election, we will need to rebuild the anti-war movement, which has been largely wrecked by the Obama machine. The arena of new threats is not primarily the Middle East, but rather the borders of Russia, as the insane Saakashvili-Georgia adventure shows. The entire US foreign policy establishment is hysterically dedicated to settling accounts with Russia. This is the current form of efforts by the London-New York-Washington elite to impose an Anglo-American imperial world order for the next hundred years, and these efforts are doomed to explode in all our faces. McCain is nearly as bad on these issues as Obama, with both being advised by members of the Brzezinski clan. But McCain cannot mobilize 200,000 German lemmings at the Brandenburg gate, cannot appeal to Africa to kick out the Chinese, and thus would be a weaker imperialist. Anti-war forces must accordingly regroup to oppose a new round of adventurism on a far vaster scale, no matter what emerges from the elections.

This is a time for strategic voting. Voting for a candidate is neither a sacrament nor a marriage. Third party candidates provide an alternative in some states, and any of them is far better than supporting Obama. The task is clear: to mobilize as many voters as possible to stop Obama’s seizure of power, and to prevent a one- party state. Once again, we must be active, or else we may be radioactive ­ with Obama.

Webster G. Tarpley is the author of Obama ­ The Postmodern Coup: The Making of a Manchurian Candidate and Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography, both available from

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