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Rev. Manning of Harlem webcast – He gets it: Obama an illegal alien. Excellent presentation!

Posted on Tuesday, November 25, 2008 1:12:41 AM by BonRad

FPeeper “seekthetruth” had this url of NICE LITTLE WEBCAST in comment early in thread under another title I can’t find now and its getting late and this definitely deserves its own thread:

My comment: Nov 25 08 webcast ‘Rev Manning is VERY much up on this! He is doing it without notes! He’s emphasizing all right points- ESPECIALLY the 81 Pakistan trip. I’d change a few things but he’s got it pretty well down.

Thanx so for the link/post seekthetruth- 1st time I’ve encountered the man and his disposition is VERY good. His plea: Why are you doing this America? …said numerous times in EXCELLENT voice, temper, cadence, you name it. BARACK OBAMA IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN AND THE 1981 TRIP TO PAKISTAN WAS IMPOSSIBLE (I add for anyone NEAR being a regular US citizen-just to make Farah and WND happy as per their Aug 23 disclaimer they seem to have shed without acknowledgement-do correct me if I’m wrong, as alaways ) UNLESS IT WAS WITH INDONESIAN PASSPORT. I do think Manning mis-speaks in that he says there is utter & irrefutable proof of it that I’ve seen from semi-serious looks at Berg’s matter. I don’t see matter as presentable with verifyable chain of custody now, or else it’d be produced w/ scan into website. I’d have to listen again but think this is only mistake he makes to my mind. Prior to this, he properly “builds the case” as he notes generally accepted (by COLB-chasers, and he even cites the thin paper required for the 2007 laser copy per the Polarik finding) scenarios but he dismisses them without stating their bearing (and leaves open they on their own merits could condemn). But he and I agree on the real damning crux: dual citizenship in Indonesia and acknowledgement of such by time he was already well legally an adult, which is what he emphasizes in his later short presentation.

What CAN be said on the 1981 Pakistan trip is that there can be no other conclusion, and thus IS an utter and irrefutable conclusion. Doubling this condemnation is the Selective Service registration card forgery (clear failure to register at required time) , and say you get another half point on the blockage of college entry admission records to Occidental College, and another two quarters total for same for Columbia and Harvard. Its TRIPLY sure IMHO. All the excuses go away ( he was just a kid…, Soetoro adoption + /or marriage +/ or divorce not traceable in US…, everyone in that Pacific Rim (before we called it that) world at the murky time who had any cash and was sufficiently cavalier could find and hold old passport…., student taken with fancies into bad ideas as so many then…, didn’t know he had to re-patriate in civilly acceptable manner-between 18-21 per then-applicable law – per Berg…, ).

He quite simply deliberately and maliciously did not remand his Indonesian status and renewed at five year intervals (his 15th year at least- I’m using Manning here, just not up on this one) the Indonesian passport.

Its as correct as saying a man was shot by another in an enclosed room at a time when police (who had been called by witnesses who remained at the scene) were present and were surrounding the place, all hearing the eventual survivor threatening the eventual victim. They all hear the shot and police enter to see the gun and a dead man on the floor, powder burns on the standing shooter’s hands, bloodspatter being utterly and irrefutably consistent with shooter as standing and victim as lying dead.

What a stinking dirtball Barack Obama is. A snake. “Office of the President Elect”. A stinking, putrid, slimy joke.

This Harlem minister does so very well in temper I can’t compliment him enough.

Just wish he’d drop the re-naming of Harlem as “Atlah”, no matter where he got it. Keep it for the website if you want, Rev. You’ve done a great job here!

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