Defense Secretary Robert Gates: Israel’s time to strike Iran
July 30, 11:17 PM

A recent Wall Street Journal article mentioned that Defense Secretary Robert Gates thinks that now would be a good time for Israel to attack Iran. That is, with Iran’s nuclear weapons program developing quickly (it is possible that they might have nuclear weapons capability by the end of the year), there is a closing window of oportunity for Israel to launch the offensive while Iran is still without such nuclear capabilities. Soon, Israel’s comparative military advantage will be weakened. Therefore, Gates said that it would not be surprising if Israel does attack Iran before the year ends.

What would that mean for the United States? With Israel as a key ally, the United States just might be pulled in to any future conflict. With current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (quite unpopular wars I might add), an armed conflict with Iran would just be adding even more fuel to the fire. Add to that unmanned drone bombings in Pakistan and tension with North Korea and things are looking a bit shaky for the near future.

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